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Web Database Seminar
By Richard Rost   Richard Rost on Facebook Richard Rost on Twitter Richard Rost on Google Plus Richard Rost on LinkedIn Email Richard Rost

Take your Web site to the next level... build a database, connect it to your Web site, and display interactive pages to your users! Allow users to view, edit, delete, and add information to your Web site, and more.

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Course Link: Web Database Seminar
Keywords: web database asp access
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Web Database Seminar Comment from gel @ 1/8/2015
Hi Alex,

what i mean is that the form will be the same as vb that it has a button "print" then the print options will show. thanks

Reply from Alex Hedley:

Hi Gel,
I'm not sure of your question.
Which Form? An Access Form or a Form on a webpage?
This course is more about putting the details of the db on the web and viewing it in a browser.
If you want to learn about Reports in an Access db and printing those you'll want another course.

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Web Database Seminar Comment from gel @ 1/8/2015
Hi Rick! just want to ask if printing of reports are also covered here in details...i find your tutorials easy for me to understand..anyway even its outdated i still able to upload and create web pages using classic asp...i knew it will take some time for you to continue the asp lessons.

Reply from Alex Hedley:

You can just print the webpage.
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Web Database Seminar Comment from leroy a d @ 2/8/2013
Why isnt "Web Database Seminar  
"On The Ordering Page I dont see anything on it just on this page?

Reply from Richard Rost:

I believe it's listed under the ASP courses.  I need to double list it under Access too.  
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Expression Web Comment from  Patrick Hoffmann @ 7/25/2012
Hi Richard,
I've heard you say that you are using Frontpage for your web design. I use to use Frontpage 2003 but no longer have the software, so I was wondering what you thought of Expression Web instead of Frontpage for web design work.


Reply from Richard Rost:

Honestly, I'm not too happy with it. I have Expression Web 4 on one computer, and it's got some nice new features, but I still prefer FrontPage 2003. I use FP for the bulk of my design work. EW just seems to clunky and clumsy. Maybe I just need to get used to it... but I've been using it on and off for a year now and still think FP is better. But, what are we going to do? Microsoft has dropped FP, so we best get used to EW, eh?
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Comment from  Brent @ 3/28/2011
Microsoft Hosting, I set permissions on database to 777
I get a 500 internal server error

my dsn name is access_test.dsn and my datbase file is test.mdb, my access_db folders permissions are also set to 777

my file reads as follows:


dim Conn
set Conn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
Conn.ConnectionString = "DSN=access_test"

Dim rs
Set rs = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
Dim SQLStr
rs.Open SQLStr, Conn


response.write "First test Name: " & rs("TestName")

set rs = Nothing
set Conn = Nothing


Reply from Richard Rost:

Try the alternative method on this page:

Go down about half way down the page and watch lessons 15 and 16. It doesn't require a dsn.
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Comment from  Brent @ 3/28/2011
I do not use Microsoft Front Page, I use Coffee Cup HTML 2010 for my html editor. My hosting is goDaddy, What GoDaddy is saying is that the code you use in your lesson requires full access, is there a way around this. I can not proceed any further with the lessons since I cant get a basic connection to the database.

Reply from Richard Rost:

I also use GoDaddy for one of my servers. In fact, the 599CD Theater is hosted on a GoDaddy server ( You must have just gotten a tech rep who doesn't know what he's talking about (happens ALL the time to me... and not just with GoDaddy).

Do you have MICROSOFT hosting or their Linux hosting? With Microsoft hosting, FrontPage will automatically set up the READ/WRITE permissions you need for the folder that contains your database. This is one of the reasons I love FrontPage (now Expression Web).

Even without FP, however, you should still be able to use their file manager to go in and set the permissions for your database folder so that the Internet User account (your server) has access to WRITE to the database folder. Without write access, you won't be able to write information to your database file. Can you READ info from the database and display it on your web page?
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Comment from  Brent @ 3/27/2011
I contacted my server people and the code you had me upload will not work is what they are telling me: Below is what they wrote me

"This example describes using ASP/ADO to connect to an Access Database.

NOTE: This code requires full trust and will not work on hosting accounts running ASP.Net 2.0/3.0/3.5/4.0.

Dim oConn, oRs
Dim qry, connectstr
Dim db_path
Dim db_dir
db_dir = Server.MapPath("access_db") & "\"
db_path = db_dir & "yourdatabasefile.mdb"
fieldname = "your_field"
tablename = "your_table"

connectstr = "Driver={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)};DBQ=" & db_path

Set oConn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
oConn.Open connectstr
qry = "SELECT * FROM " & tablename

Set oRS = oConn.Execute(qry)

if not oRS.EOF then
while not oRS.EOF
response.write ucase(fieldname) & ": " & oRs.Fields(fieldname) & ""
end if

Set oRs = nothing
Set oConn = nothing


What can I do to get a connection to my server? I have taken your ASP 101 course and it works with all your examples there with the response.write etc.
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DSN Less Connection Comment from Richard @ 11/10/2010
IMPORTANT NOTE: If you don't have your own Windows server (perhaps you're leasing space from a hosting company) you can still set up a web-based Access database if you're using Microsoft FrontPage or Expression Web. I cover that in detail in my Web Data Synch Seminar. Here are two lessons from that seminar that will show you how to do it:

  - LESSON 15: Acquire Data on a Web Page
  - LESSON 16: Data Collection Page
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Comment from  Benjamin Berks @ 5/17/2010
I was able to set my access database to the IIS server on windowsXP pro.  To do this I just saved my access file (created in the previous clips), to the location on my computer I wanted the DSN to point to.  Then, I selected PROGRAM > CONTROLS.  Then, click "Administrative Tools" and the TAB "Data Sources (ODBC).

Next, click tab "System DSN" and ADD button.

Next, scroll thru drivers to "Microsoft Access Driver".

Next, in the field 'Data Source Name', I enter "SkillsTest".

Next, click on the Database "Select.." button.  And surf to the location on the computer I have the access file saved and click OK.  

Now when the ASP page calls the DSN "SkillsTest" it will connect to this locally saved file thru the IIS server on MicrosoftXP Pro.
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Comment from Richard Rost @ 1/3/2010
James, essentially you would add that "TimesTaken" as a field in the Test table. Then, at whatever point you want (when the test is started, finished, etc.) you would increment the counter. That would involve opening a connection to the table and adding 1 to the value in there.
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Comment from james delaverson @ 1/1/2010
You advise..create a field in database...then "increment that counter"...doesn't that mean that I have to write in the field in the database? and do I use rs.update to do it?
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Comment from Richard Rost @ 12/25/2009
James, I'm sorry but I don't understand your question. Can you elaborate, please?
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Comment from james delaverson @ 12/24/2009
Richard, am a little confused. I know how to make a field. I know how to increment a counter, but I don't understand the relationship between the field and the counter. Do I use "rs.update" like in adding "new test" or is this something different.
Merry Christmas. No hurry for the reply. Thanks.
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Comment from Richard Rost @ 12/20/2009
James, anything is possible. Just add a "times taken" field to the Test table, and then any time the test is accessed (or finished - your choice) then increment that counter. Don't display it for anyone but you.
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Comment from James  @ 12/16/2009
Immediate success. Opportunities for this project is keeping me very busy. I was wondering how difficult it would be to put a counter on each test so I can tell which one is most popular. I use this program as "test your knowledge" exercises. I would like the counters to be displayed in the "Admin" user area & not available to the public. Thanks
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Comment from Richard Rost @ 2/5/2008
When you enroll, you get your choice of having it shipped on CD, watching it online, or downloading the files (which can be burned on a CD if you want). The only difference is the CD adds shipping & handling charges. Order Online
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Comment from Mary Gleeson @ 2/1/2008
I would be interested in enrolling in this course seminar. Can it be ordered on CD or online?
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