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Access Fiscal Year Seminar

Learn how to perform fiscal year calculations in Access

This seminar will teach you how to perform Fiscal Year (also called budget year or financial year) calculations in Microsoft Access.

1. Learn how to calculate a simple fiscal year
2. Create sales totals with an aggregate query or report grouping
3. Calculate fiscal year not based on the 1st of a month
4. Determine fiscal year for multiple companies in the same database

Watch this video to learn more about this seminar:


Access Fiscal Year Seminar
Description: Learn how to perform Fiscal Year calculations in Access
Versions: I will use Access 2010, however the lessons are valid for all versions of Access back to 2000 with some minor cosmetic differences.
Pre-Requisites: This course stands alone, however you would benefit greatly from having first taken my Access Beginner and Expert lessons.
Running Time: 40 minutes
Cost: $39.99 - Order multiple courses to receive a discount up to 50% off


What's Covered

We're going to start out by learning how to calculate a simple fiscal year. We'll look at a company with a FY starting June 1st. You'll learn about the MONTH, YEAR, and IIF functions.


Next, we'll learn how to calculate totals by fiscal year using both an aggregate query and a report sorting & grouping level.


What happens if the company's fiscal year doesn't start on the 1st of a month? We'll learn how to write our own custom VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) function to calculate fiscal year data based on any start date. You'll learn about functions, parameters, return values, nested if/then statements, and more.


Finally, we'll learn how to manage a database that has to be able to calculate totals for multiple companies with different fiscal year start and end dates at the same time. This is great for accountants, attorneys, consultants, and large financial departments.


This is the perfect seminar for anyone who needs to learn how to perform calculations and generate reports based on fiscal years in their access databases. Of course, if you have any questions about whether or not this seminar is for you, please feel free to  contact me. I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have.


Access Fiscal Year Seminar Outline

00. Intro (1:59)

01. Simple Fiscal Year Query (9:17)
Create Order Table
Simple Fiscal Year starting 6/1
YEAR function
MONTH function
IIF function

02. Sales Totals by Fiscal Year (5:47)
Aggregate Query
SUM of Sales by Fiscal Year
Order Totals
Order Report
Group and Sort
Group, Sort, and Total

03. Fiscal Not 1st of Month (10:19)
Create your own Function
Public Function MyFiscalYear
Function Parameters
Function Return Value
IF THEN statement
DAY function
Nested IF statements

04. Multiple Companies (9:50)
Variable Fiscal Start Month Day
Additional VBA Parameters
Tables Joined in Query
Orders By Company By Fiscal Year

05. Review (2:17)




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