Learning is not attained by chance, it must
be sought for with ardor and diligence.
-Abigail Adams
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JOBS @ 599CD  


Outside Sales Reps

I am currently looking for outside sales reps to sell computer training products to the corporate, government, non-profit, and education sectors. I offer an excellent commission structure. This is a highly untapped market. I just don't have the time to build connections and make sales to big organizations because I'm busy making new tutorials... which is what I want to focus my time on.

If you're a self-starter, good with people, and want to work from home, then contact me using the form on the bottom of THIS PAGE.


Handbook Authors

UPDATE: I do not currently need any additional authors. I have a team of three authors working for me right now who are doing an excellent job. However, if you would like to get on my list for the future (in case one of my current authors can't write anymore, or if we get real busy) then please read on...

I occasionally need someone to write computer training handbooks for me. It's not difficult work, but I don't have the time for it. All you have to do is watch my training videos, paraphrase what I say, and include a screen shot. It's that easy.

Here is a sample of one of my handbooks, so you can see what I'm looking for:

Word2007 Basic Level 1 Handbook

Here is a link to the course video files, so you can see how the videos look:

Word 2007 Basic Level 1 Videos

Each course is roughly an hour long (60 to 80 minutes). It takes me about 2 hours to write one handbook. The template for each handbook is already laid out. All you have to do is type in the text, copy a screen capture, and that's it. Most of our handbooks end up about 50 to 70 pages in length, just like the one above.

I will pay $50 for each completed handbook. So, if you're even a moderately proficient typist, and you can complete one in 2 hours, you'll be making $25 an hour. Not too shabby.

You will be working as an independent contractor, not as an employee. You can work from home, set your own hours, and all that jazz. I will give you access to download the video files, and when you're done you just email me back the handbook. It's that simple.

Obviously you should be good with English, but you're not writing Shakespeare. You're only paraphrasing what I say. You don't have to copy it word for word (unless you want to - that's your call). The purpose for my handbooks is so that my students can follow along with them as they watch the videos and refer back to them after class. They don't have to be extremely descriptive - just give the basics.

If you're interested, please contact me using the form on the bottom of

Thank you.


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