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It's okay not to know all the answers. It's better to admit our ignorance than to believe answers that might be wrong. Pretending to know everything closes the door to finding out what's really there.

-Neil deGrasse Tyson
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WalkThru - Downloading MP4 Videos
As of April 2013, we no longer support the Amicron Video Player. You may download and use it, but we will no longer be supporting it. Click here for instructions on how to download your video files directly.

By default, our Video Software uses Windows Media Player and Windows Media Video (WMV) files. Windows Media Player comes with every version of Windows and generally works well for most users. However, some people have been having problems playing our WMV videos on their systems due to Microsoft's fluctuating support for different WMV video standards. In addition, other folks with non-PC devices (such as iPads and Androids) have expressed a desire to download videos they can use as well.

Because of this, we have converted all of our video files over to the MP4 video format. This is a more universally accepted format that plays on a wide range of devices. Once you download the MP4 video files, your PC (or other device) will then use whatever appropriate video player you have on your system to play our videos.

Important Note

You must have separate video player software installed on your device that can play MP4 video files. Our Amicron Video Player software will download and organize the MP4 video files for you but it will NOT play them. It will launch your default video player to actually watch the video files.

Windows PC Users

Generally the built-in Windows Media Player will play MP4 files on most PCs, so you'll have nothing further to download. There are some alternative video players available. See below for details.

Android Users

The default Android player on my personal phone and tablet plays our MP4 video files just fine. However, I do also recommend the MX Player which does a great job on a wide range of video formats. Note that I can use the Online Theater just fine with my Android devices. No need to download anything. If you do want to download the videos for offline viewing, just use a PC with the Amicron Video Player to download the MP4s and then transfer them over to your Android.

iPad / iPhone Users

We don't officially support Apple products. I'm not an Apple person myself, so I don't have any Apple products to test my videos on. However, based on information from my other students, and my faithful assistant Alex, I'm told that the latest version of my Online Theater works just fine on the iPad. He has put together a step-by-step WalkThru for iOS users. Click here for instructions. You'll have to download the MP4 video files using a PC or my Online Theater, but then you can transfer the MP4 videos over to your iPad. You can read the full discussion about this in my Forums.


Make Sure You Have the Most Up-To-Date Version

In order for the Amicron Video Player to work with MP4 files, you have to have at least Version 12.63. You can see the version number in the Title Bar at the top of the application. If you have an older version, make sure you download the update. The software should give you instructions. If not, visit the Manual Download Page.


Once you have the most recent version of the Player installed, click on the My Account button in the bottom-right corner.


Then click on My Courses.


Click on the course you wish to download.


Very Important...

The default format is WMV which works fine for most people. However, if you want to switch over to MP4 files then click on the WMV link next to where it says Video Format.


This will switch you over to MP4 files. Now you can click on the green bar at the bottom of the window to download the course.


You'll see the familiar Download in Progress window as all of the MP4 videos are downloaded from our server. Once it's finished, you'll see the course in your course list. Double-click to open it.


You will now see a list of all of the video files for this course and the Student Forum window. To play a lesson video, just double-click on it (or click on it and click on the Play Selected Video button). The video will now launch in your default MP4 video player application.


Since this opens a separate application, you can do whatever you want with the video. You can move it, resize it, full-screen it, etc. Whatever your video player application supports, you can do. To play the next video, just double-click on it.

There is a button to open the folder where the video files are stored. Click on the Open Video Folder button.


This gives you easy access to the MP4 files. You can move them to your Android or iPad, double-click them to play them directly here, or do whatever you want to them (except share them... remember our courses are sold on a per-user basis, so no sharing. Thanks).


If you use the Amicron Video Player to launch the MP4 files, however, you will still have access to the right Student Forum discussion for that specific lesson - so that's one benefit of still using our software.


Alternate Media Player Software

If your PC still doesn't like our WMV or MP4 video files, you can download and install the VLC Media Player. It's a free, open-source video player that works beautifully on most systems. There are versions available for Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and more.


OK, that's about it. If you have any questions, please contact me.


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