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YouTube Copyright Update
By Richard Rost   Richard Rost on Twitter Richard Rost on LinkedIn Email Richard Rost   8 years ago

youtube copyright problemFor those of you who didn't see yesterday's post, some joker decided to copy all of my videos on YouTube and upload them to his own channel, complete with ads that he could profit from. Well, it looks like a sternly worded warning and having YouTube pull down some of his videos has worked. First, I sent him the following cease and desist email:

LEGAL NOTICE: Your channel is in violation of my copyright

Just so you're aware, I'm in the process of reporting you to YouTube for copyright violation. I've already initiated steps to have your videos taken down, and I'm forwarding this information to my attorney to see what legal action can be taken against you. If you TAKE YOUR CHANNEL DOWN immediately and stop using my videos, I will not proceed with further legal action.

I also proceeded to file about half a dozen Copyright Claims on YouTube, and they were very quick to take down the offending videos. Problem is that their form takes a LONG time to fill out, and they insist that you file a claim for EACH video. I was planning on doing a few a day (or making one of my slave laborers, er... I mean children... do it) but events worked out in my favor.

I received a reply from him saying:

Can you give me the video links that belongs to you? Videos'll delete.
Take the vieo Links
Thank you.

I was going to reply with "uhm, EVERY VIDEO ON YOUR CHANNEL is one of mine! All 90+ of them!" and I decided to check his channel just to make sure that was, indeed, the case. When I got there, it was empty. Apparently he did the right thing and removed them all before I had to get really nasty.

I'll also have you know that I tried contacting him by YouTube email a few days ago when I first noticed that he had done this, and I didn't get any reply. That's why I went ahead with a "stronger" message. Thankfully, that worked.

YouTube does a great job of investigating claims like this and removing videos that infringe upon copyright very quickly (within hours). So I will give them kudos for that. Unfortunately, having to report EVERY video is really time consuming. There's nothing in place to stop this guy from uploading my videos all over again to another channel, forcing me to have to report them all over again. YouTube should have a way to report users or channels that are breaking the law, and those whole channels get shut down.

Anyway, looks like this is a SCORE of one point for the good guys. Now I can get back to work...

Good for you Richard You tube is how I found yo Upload Images   Link  
damian b 
8 years ago
Good for you Richard!!  You tube is how I found you, I just hope it was your channel.

Reply from Richard Rost:

Well, if you're here, all is well. :)
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