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Microsoft Access Expert 17
By Richard Rost   Richard Rost on Twitter Richard Rost on LinkedIn Email Richard Rost   8 years ago

Microsoft Access Expert Level 17 is 1 hour, 37 minutes long. In this class we will continue working with Action Queries. We will also do more with Union Queries, and we will begin working with Crosstab Queries, which are very similar to Excel PivotTables. We will create a project to tie all of the Action Query techniques we've learned together by archiving old unpaid orders from our system to a backup archive. Topics include:

- Archive Old Unpaid Orders
- Select & Mark Orders w Update Query
- Create a Form to Review Orders
- Append to Archive Table w Macro
- Backup Customers, Orders, Details
- Add "Write-Off" Notice to Customer Rec
- UNION Query for Reporting on Both
- More with Embedded Button Macros
- CrossTab Queries (like PivotTables)

Click here for more information on Access Expert Level 17, including a course outline, sample videos, and more. This course was recorded using Access 2013, but is also valid for Access 2007 and 2010 users. This class follows Expert Level 16. The next class in the series is Access Expert 18.

Enter Parameter Value Upload Images   Link 
Robert Taplin 
44 days ago
Hi Richard,
After adding the last query to the macro for the "Archive Old Orders" button, I get a "Enter Parameter Value" description box when I click on the Archive Old Orders button. I have reviewed the E17-3 video for the order of the seven open queries in the macro and rechecked the UpdateOrderWriteOffQ. The error number is 2950. I even deleted UpdateOrderWriteOffQ from the macro and added it again. I closed the database and Access--reopened everything and still get the message. I don't have to enter anything into the description box of Enter Parameter value. I just click ok and it runs and makes the updates. I check the OrderT and the description field is updated.
Scott Axton
43 days ago
Robert -
Richard has said many many times - 99.99% of the time when you get that error there is a misspelling or other typo.

Try running the queries individually manually to see which is giving you the error.  The "Enter Parameter Value" message is telling you exactly what the problem is.  The reason you get that (unless you intentionally put it in there to get user input ) is because access is telling you - "Hey I can't find that item - Please put in the value you want from me".
Scott Axton
43 days ago
Check out this link for more help:
Robert Taplin
43 days ago
Good Morning,
I deleted UpdateOrderWriteOffQ and recreated it--no joy. I didn't think it would make a difference with only two fields in the query and using the dropdowns to pick them. I deleted all open query commands from the macro, closed the database, reopened, and put all commands back in the macro = it now works. Macro malfunction? It works now, that is what counts.
Scott Axton
43 days ago
Hard to say with out seeing what you had then vs what you had now.
Glad you got it sorted!
Scott Axton
43 days ago
Is your database in a trusted location?

On the web found this:
Primary Reason Behind Access Database Error 2950

MS Access Error 2950 is received when a macro calling a Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) function is run in MS Access database 2007 or higher. The primary reason behind the occurrence of this error is that the database from which the macro is run is not trusted by MS Access. By default, Access opens databases that are not trusted in the Disabled mode. In the Disabled mode, executable content is disabled.
Robert Taplin
43 days ago
Good Afternoon,
It is in the trusted folder that was created in the Beginner series on my laptop.
Richard Rost
42 days ago
I hate macros. :/
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