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Our ISP is Down, Kinda
By Richard Rost   Richard Rost on Twitter Richard Rost on LinkedIn Email Richard Rost   9 years ago

UPDATE: everything appears to be back online now. Fingers crossed.

According to various news sites, it looks like our Internet Server Provider (ISP),, is DOWN right now. From what I can gather from the various news sources, they are experiencing a DoS (Denial of Service) attack which takes down Domain Name Servers.

Basically, how this works is that every time you type in a name into your web browser (like or your browser has to go out to an Internet "phone book" called a DNS server. That DNS server converts the name to an IP address (like The IP address is the "actual" address of where your web site is located.

Hackers can set up something called a DoS attack which usually enlists the help of thousands of computers (usually with PCs that have been taken control of by the hacker in something called a BotNet) to flood a company's DNS server with garbage traffic. The DNS server can't cope with the flood of incoming requests and crashes.

This explains why GoDaddy's servers are down - but SOME of us (including me) can still access I don't use GoDaddy for my DNS. I use a different web service called BulkRegister where I have all of my domains registered.

In any case, I'm very sorry for anyone who cannot connect to the web site or cannot watch their videos right now. I just switched everything over to GoDaddy over the past few weeks so this REALLY sucks right now. I switched to them because I've had my videos hosted on a GoDaddy server for the past 4 or 5 years now and have NEVER had a problem like this. I figured they would be a good solution to move ALL of my web sites over to.

I'm hoping that this is just an isolated incident and that they'll get everything fixed and up-and-running soon. Not only am I losing money (of course) but I'm sure that many of you who are trying to watch your lessons are getting frustrated just like I am.

Now, in case something like this happens in the future make sure to check my Twitter, Google, or Facebook pages for updates. I always post important messages there too. And as always you can email me at if the customer service form on the web site is down... like it appears to be now.

Thanks, GoDaddy. Now FIX THIS!

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