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Excel 2010 Expert 4
By Richard Rost   Richard Rost on Twitter Richard Rost on LinkedIn Email Richard Rost   10 years ago

The focus of this course is working with lookup functions in Excel. Topics covered include:

- Using VLOOKUP to get a value from a list
- Assiging a letter grade based on final average
- Understand range lookups vs. exact matches
- Lookup an employee's pay rate, calculate pay
- Use INDEX and MATCH for enhanced lookups
- Create cell references: ADDRESS, INDIRECT
- Calculate year-to-date sales
- Compare two lists for missing items
- Find the value in a list closest to a target value
- Lots More!

Tables in Excel Upload Images   Link 
Brenda Cannon 
7 months ago
I can't find the lesson where you go over tables.
Alex Hedley
7 months ago
Beginner 4 does DataTables / Lists
Is that what you're after?
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lookup vector Upload Images   Link 
7 years ago
Hi Richard, for the LOOKUP function, does the "lookup_vector" have to be 1st column or row (of a table_array) or could it be any column or row (more like an INDEX function)?
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IF and VLOOKUP Upload Images   Link 
al j 
8 years ago
What I am trying to do is create a dataase using Excel. A person keys in M for married, <2 years, then that person point will be 8, <5, then that person point will be 4, >5, then that person point will be 1. I just tried to use a lookup table but I have no clue to use less than equal to formula and lookup at the same time. Help!!! Read More...
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I have a situation where I need to a number rating Upload Images   Link 
al johnson 
8 years ago
I have a situation where I need to a number rating 8-1, depending on if you are married, divorced or single and your age less than 21, more than 21, and more than 35. How do you state that in a cell using a vlookup, lookup or reference? Read More...
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First Position Upload Images   Link 
Hong Yuan 
8 years ago
For Excel 2010 Expert class 7:

what if we have two people have the exact guesses? I tried it but Excel only matched the first winner's position and missed the second winner who guessed the same. Read More...
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VLOOKUP with drop-down box Upload Images   Link 
Benjamin Chua 
8 years ago
time 1:18 expert level 4 - where can you find a solution if there is a drop down box in one of the colums? by increasing the rows it is not  giving me a drop down box.

Reply from Richard Rost:
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Upload Images   Link 
Lynn Staszak 
8 years ago
I finally understand the MATCH and INDEX functions! I've never found an example to explain them as well as this training does. Thanks, Richard!
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Upload Images   Link 
10 years ago
Very, very helpful.  I like the pace, the tips, and the examples.  I also like the list comparison feature as that minimizes my need to loop in Access.  I'm also using Mac Excel 08 (Windows Excel to be used at my new job) and most of the functions translated with the exception of Insert Table (insert List on Mac) and naming a Table Range, which isn't an option on the Mac.  I'm not sure which module the drop-down list is covered in (I bought 4,6,7) as I'd like to know how to calculate functions based on the chosen list value (as demo'd in the Match & Index section of this module where users can choose courses from a class list.  On my spreadsheet, I was able to produce my drop-down course list but the match function refers to a static course row.).  Overall, I was able to follow along and create examples as you taught, pausing where needed.  Great job!
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