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Excel 2007 Basic 2 Recorded
By Richard Rost   Richard Rost on Twitter Richard Rost on LinkedIn Email Richard Rost   12 years ago

Excel 2007 Basic 2 is finished. I just put the finishing touches on the videos and hope to have it online later this evening.

The outline is below. I've actually changed the order in which I'm covering a lot of features because they've really changed in 2007.

For example, Conditional Formatting was never really THAT great (or easy to use) in Excel 2003 and earlier. However, they've really enhanced it and made it simple to use in 2007, so I've moved it up and covered it already.

Also, my handbook team just finished a couple of more handbooks for me, so I'll post those later tonight too.

Just wanted to let everyone know that we ARE keeping busy! :)

I'm working on Excel 2003 Basic Level 3 right now, in fact.

Excel 2007 Basic 2
Running Time 1 hr, 6 min (66 min)

00. Intro (6:57)

01. Cut Copy Paste (6:53)
The Clipboard
Copy, Paste
Cut, Paste
Formula References Updated
Paste Multiple Times

02. Autofill (5:36)
Autofill a Formula
Autofill Handle
Move a Cell Value

03. Cell Formats 1 (6:48)
Text, Number
Missing Leading Zeros
Currency, Accounting
Short Date, Long Date

04. Cell Formats 2 (4:16)
Increase Decimal
Decrease Decimal
Comma Style
Scientific Style

05. Rows & Columns (6:56)
Clear v. Delete
Selecting Multiple Columns
Delete Columns
Delete Rows
Right-Click Delete
Insert Column
Insert Row
Clear Contents

06. Sheets (5:17)
Insert New Worksheet
Delete Worksheet
Rename Sheet
Moving Sheets
Copying a Sheet
Sheet Tab Color

07. Sorting Data (5:44)
Sort A to Z
Dealing with Total Rows
Select Everything First
Sort on a Different Column
Use TAB to Change Columns

08. Conditional Formatting (5:52)
Highlight Cells Rules
Greater Than, Less Than
Above Average
Data Bars
Color Scales
Icon Sets

09. Find & Replace (7:53)
Find Data
Find Next
Find All
Replace All

10. Review (3:56)

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