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Word 2007 Basic 1 is Finished
By Richard Rost   Richard Rost on Twitter Richard Rost on LinkedIn Email Richard Rost   12 years ago

I have finally finished recording Word 2007 Basic 1. What is "Basic 1" you might ask? Well, I've decided to change the way I categorize my courses. Instead of 101, 102, 103, etc. I've decided to change them to:


So, Microsoft 2007 Basic 1 (or B1) is the first beginner Word course, which will be followed by Basic 2, 3, etc. and then Expert 1, 2, 3, and so on for Advanced and Developer.

Why the change? I've decided to make some fairly radical changes to the WAY I teach some of my classes. I want the Basic courses to be tailored to the first time or novice users who just want to learn one simple way of doing things. The goal for the Basic courses is to just get productive with the application.

For example, in Word 101, I teach you several different ways to cut, copy, and paste text using the mouse and keyboard. I show you four or five different ways to open and save documents. When I started working on the new Office 2007 courses, I realized that a first-time Word user doesn't care about all that. They just want to learn ONE good way to save and open a document.

So the Basic courses will focus on ONE way of doing things. I'll save all of the options, tips, tricks, and timesavers for the EXPERT lessons. The Expert users are the ones who want to go beyond the Basics. You want to learn all of the different ways to copy and paste text. You want to learn all of the different options for saving and loading documents. You already know how to use Word, now you want to become more proficient with Word. So the slogan for the Expert lessons is, "show me the details."

The Advanced and Developer courses will be for those 5% of my students who want to go even further with the application. This generally involves programming (macros or VBA) and other developer-level techniques. This is where I personally have a lot of fun, and I can't wait to rip Office 2007 apart with you - to learn what's under the hood.

I've found through all of the surveys that I get from new customers that the old numbering system of 101, 102, 201, etc. is sometimes confusing. Students don't often know where to start, or what course they should move to next. Hopefully this will help.

Plus, it's easier to read "Word 2007 Basic 1" than it is to try and figure out "Word 2007 101". Don't you think?

Anyhow... I just finished Word 2007 B1 tonight. It took me over 10 hours to record about an hour worth of video - not counting the many hours I spent researching and developing the outline to find JUST the right combination of features to cover for a novice user.

The beginner lessons are the most challenging for me because the videos have to be PERFECT. I need to make sure I speak clearly and slowly enough to be understood. Those of you who have taken some of my seminars and advanced classes before know how I can sometimes get going to start talking real fast or moving the mouse around like a crazy man. I don't know how many times I've caught myself doing this while recording Word B1. "Retake!"

So, here is the outline for this new class. I hope to have it posted to the Web site for download / viewing online tomorrow. I still have to record the "intro" and "review" lessons, but that only takes a few minutes.

Oh, and of course, those of you who purchased my old Word 101 course during the FREE upgrade window (November 2007 to today) will get instructions on how to redeem your free copy.

Take care.

Word 2007 Basic 1 Outline:

1. Word Interface 1 (4:07)
Starting Word
Parts of the Word Interface
The Ribbon Changes with Window Size
Title Bar
Maximize, Minimize, Restore Down
Close Button
Office Button

2. Word Interface 2 (4:07)
The Ribbon
Ribbon Tabs, Groups, Buttons
Help Popup Menus for Each Command
Command Buttons
Drop-Down Menus
Command Button Groups
Dialog Box Launcher Buttons

3. Word Interface 3 (4:30)
Quick Access Toolbar
Status Bar
Views Buttons
Zoom Controls
Scroll Bars
Document Area
Mouse Pointer
Insertion Point (Cursor)
Moving the Cursor

4. Entering Text 1 (4:28)
Writing a Business Letter
Spell Check on the Fly
Ignore Misspelling
Word Wrap
Correct a Misspelling
Spelling Suggestions
Press ENTER only at end of Paragraph

5. Entering Text 2 (4:48)
Tab Key to Indent Paragraph
Wrong Word Form: to, too, two
Grammar Check on the Fly
Backspace v. Delete Key
Keyboard Shortcut: END Key

6. Editing Text 1 (4:22)
Splitting a Large Paragraph
Show Hide Paragraph Symbols
Hard Return
Making Two Paragraphs into One

7. Editing Text 2 (3:39)
Creating a Bulleted List
Adding Words to Custom Dictionary
Letter Closing

8. Editing Text 3 (4:42)
To & From Addresses at Top of Letter
Insert Blank Lines at Top of Document
Up and Down Arrow Keys
Inserting a Line Break with Shift-Enter
Return Address
Insert a Horizontal Line with -----
Spelling Ignore v. Ignore All

9. Formatting Text (7:39)
Select Text with the Mouse
Floating Mini Toolbar
Bold Text using Mini Toolbar
Bold Text using the Ribbon
Align Text Right
Center Text
Changing the Font with the Ribbon
Live Preview
Changing the Font using Mini Toolbar
Changing the Font Size
Grow Font and Shrink Font Buttons
Changing the Font Color

10. Using the Clipboard (5:59)
Cut, Copy, and Paste
Copy Text to the Clipboard
Paste Text from the Clipboard
Difference Between Cut and Copy
Undo and Redo

11. Saving & Loading Documents (8:08)
Saving Your Document
Save Button on Quick Access Toolbar
Close Word and Reopen Your Document
Recent Documents List
Open Button
Favorite Links - Documents
Select and Type Over Text
Save As a Copy

12. Printing & Emailing Documents (7:52)
Office > Print
Print Dialog Box
Selecting Your Printer
Page Range: All, Current Page, 1-10
Number of Copies
Quick Print
Print Preview
Send Document via Email

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