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Find a value in a subform Upload Images   Link  
Roger Strate 
5 days ago
I have created the Invoice database from scratch following the YouTube videos Richard posts. I have create an order form with a subform attached and would like to have the Description field in the Order form call the sub form for the product field. The following is my questions.
1.I want to have the description field call the data from the product field in the sub form and store it.
2.I want the Description to change in the order form when I go to the next line in the Product sub form so that each line of the description related to the specific line on the sub form will print on the invoice separately (does that make sense?)
3.I need the data to be saved according to each product line in the sub form so that I can see that each description coincides with each line of the sub form.
You can see that this database is a copy of your invoicing database but I created mine from scratch according to your YouTube videos. I have learned very much creating it myself and I owe you a big thank you for all the information.

I hope Im not out of line asking for this help and hope this post isn't too long.


Roger Strate
Roger Strate
5 days ago

Juan C Rivera
4 days ago
Sound like you need to watch the rest of the videos go to the index and search for invoice.  the listing will provide a videos too many to try and link on this msg. in one of them Richard shows how to set up a combo box to do what you are asking.  Follow the videos Richard also take the invoice to a steroid level with groups and discounts.  A must see if you like to play and try things out.

Best of luck and always here to help
Kevin Yip
4 days ago
Hi Roger, why do you need the description to appear in both the subform and the main form?  To adhere to proper normalization of data, each info should appear in one place only.  You can add a description for an order, but that would be for the order itself, not the subform detail.  My old job did it that way: an order description, and line-item descriptions of the order detail (see picture below), each independent of the other because they describe two different things.
Kevin Yip
4 days ago

Roger Strate
4 days ago
Hmm, that does make sense. I was concerned that there was a "description" field in the parent form and I did not know what to do with it or why the field is even in the parent form. I did not see any items listed under "Description" in the Order table and that's why I was confused. I think I will remove description from the parent form entirely or possibly use it as your order form shows to be more or less for notes defining the order. Thank you so much for your help - I am satisfied.
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