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Callum Stuart 
6 days ago
Hi guys. Is there a system-wide or even database-wide setting for changing the default value in Table Design, specifically for fields assigned number data types in Table Design view, in the General tab?
Currently my system (Access 2016, Win10) defaults the default value of a Number field to 0, I would like to change that to NULL, as universally as possible, if at all. Thanks!
Kevin Yip
6 days ago
This needs to be done with VBA.  The code looks something like below.  You need to use something called ADO (ActiveX Data Objects), which you need to enable in the VBA editor's references (see picture below).  Then you run a simple SQL statement as shown to change the default of a field.  This is the only way I know how to do this other than having to manually do it in table design.  If you have lots of tables that need this, then this is a good way to automate the process.  You can even automate the creation of tables with a "CREATE TABLE" SQL statement.  Of course, changing table structure when the table already contains data could lead to data loss.

A system-wide setting would not be practical because a table has tons of settings.  It would be impractical to have a mile-long option screen to set defaults for every single table settings.
Kevin Yip
6 days ago

Kevin Yip
6 days ago
Also, the syntax of that SQL statement is not straightforward.  A long integer field in table design is referred to as INTEGER in the SQL.  An integer is called SMALLINT.  A single is called REAL.  A double is called FLOAT.  If you use SQL Server, they should look familiar.
Scott Axton
6 days ago
So basically, the answer is no.  That is a part of Access and there isn't a setting to allow you to change the behavior for new fields or databases.
Callum Stuart
6 days ago
Thanks for the info. Given the fact that I was merely trying to avoid pressing F6, DOWN, DOWN, DOWN, DEL, as I was forgetting maybe 1 in 3 times when making FK fields, I'll hard agree with Scott and come back to Kev's method when I don't get confused by the most basic of SQL SELECT statements, they're still basically dark magic to me.
Scott Axton
6 days ago
Callum if you want a little intro to SQL check out the SQL with Access.
Don't worry about it tons right now though.  You are on the right path following the courses.  
As your knowledge level increases, the Access SQL Seminars will be of benefit to you down the road.
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