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Keep a form in the back Upload Images   Link  
Terry Heaton 
12 days ago
Hi Richard. I have a main form that sits in the back and cover the whole screen. It does have some functioning button that open other form on top. Those forms do not cover the whole screen. The main form at that point becomes a background. However, any time I or employee accidentally click on the background (main form) all other form disappear and the only way to get them back is with the ribbon (which I do not want them to have access to.)

docmd.RunCommand.acCmdSendToBack will only work when the form is in design mode. Is there any way to bypass or ignore the click event or even to force to form to stay in the Background
Adam Schwanz
12 days ago
It does that even you right click it, go to position, put send to back. Then take the front form right click it, go to position, bring to front?
Terry Heaton
12 days ago
Adam, You don't get an option to send anywhere from the main form's context menu (Main Form is borderless and not resizable by design) for the most part the main form acts like a Background - except for buttons that open other forms. Those open windows are designed to cover all button on the main form. This has worked for along time until I decided I wanted to open a Contact (Rolodex) form at any time (from a button on the main form). When I click on that button the customer form or any other form for that matter disappears. For security reason I do not want to teach employees how to use ribbon bar
Kevin Yip
12 days ago
In form properties set "Modal" to Yes, and the form will always be on top, even if you click on the background or anything else.  Only after you close the form can you click anything else.

If you can't use modal forms, setting focus on the forms hidden on the back will bring them back in front:

Richard Rost
5 days ago
If you have a form in the background that you don't use for user interaction but you need it for functionality or values, then open it hidden. You can still use it in your code. I've got a video coming up on this soon.
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