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Kevin Robertson 
2 years ago
I am attempting to connect to my database using ASP.Net in Expression Web. I am using the following code:

dim conn
dim rs
conn = server.createobject("ADODB.Connection") ("StoreDSN")
rs = server.createobject("ADODB.Recordset")
rs.activeconnection = conn ("SELECT ProductID, ProductName FROM ProductT")
while not rs.eof
  response.write (rs("ProductName"))
end while

When I navigate to the page I get the following result:

Repeating for every record in the database. Any ideas?
Richard Rost
2 years ago
I've never liked using DSNs. Try this instead:

DatabasePath = "/full/path/to/your/database/whatever.mdb"
set Conn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
Conn.Open Server.MapPath(DatabasePath)

You shouldn't need the rs.ActiveConnection line.

And remember you don't need parentheses around statements that aren't functions and don't return a value. For example:

response.write rs("ProductName")

You don't need parens around that because you aren't returning a value from it.
Kevin Robertson
2 years ago
Thank Richard, finally got it working. Initially ran into the same problem until I made the followong change:

response.write (rs("ProductName").Value)

Set is apparently no longer supported, so had to leave it off.
Tried without the parentheses and got on error message.
Compiler Error Message: BC30800: Method arguments must be enclosed in parentheses.

Thank you once again and keep up the great work you are doing.
Richard Rost
2 years ago
Well that's news to me. I have done very little with ASP.NET. A few pages here and there to do specific things not supported in Classic ASP (like file uploads).

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