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Bruno Segers 
10 months ago
Hey guys,

Is there a formula or VBA code in Excel that can indicate in a cell how many pages of the so many pages in a specific sheet consists of?
Don't give me any comment to put it in de footer of header please. That i now how to do it.
Bruno from Belgium.
Bruno Segers
10 months ago
This code does show the correct number of pages, but when printing, it stops its function on the following pages. Is there anyone who can help me further? I have attached the print preview and file.

Option Explicit

Sub Pagenumber()
    Dim xVPC As Integer
    Dim xHPC As Integer
    Dim xVPB As VPageBreak
    Dim xHPB As HPageBreak
    Dim xNumPage As Integer
    xHPC = 1
    xVPC = 1
    If ActiveSheet.PageSetup.Order = xlDownThenOver Then
        xHPC = ActiveSheet.HPageBreaks.Count + 1
        xVPC = ActiveSheet.VPageBreaks.Count + 1
    End If
    xNumPage = 1
    For Each xVPB In ActiveSheet.VPageBreaks
        If xVPB.Location.Column > ActiveCell.Column Then Exit For
        xNumPage = xNumPage + xHPC
    For Each xHPB In ActiveSheet.HPageBreaks
        If xHPB.Location.Row > ActiveCell.Row Then Exit For
        xNumPage = xNumPage + xVPC
    ActiveCell = "REV 1 - Strona " & xNumPage & " - " & Application.ExecuteExcel4Macro("GET.DOCUMENT(50)")
End Sub
Richard Rost
10 months ago
Hi Bruno. It's been a while since I've done anything like this with Excel VBA (Access is my forte). However, if memory serves you can calculate the number of printed pages in a Worksheet with:


Also, please review the Forum Rules. I don't allow the posting of external links.

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