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Welcome to the Microsoft Excel Forum. Excel is one of the more popular topics here at Computer Learning Zone. This forum is for everyone to read but only students (paid customers) can post here. If you'd like to become a student, you can watch Excel Beginner Level 1 for free, and then purchase Level 2 for just $1.00 here. After you create a logon, you will have full access to the Forums.

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Number of Students per Month Upload Images   Link  
Ronald Ramsey 
18 months ago
put together a monthly report noting the number of students seen for service each month. I've tried to keep an accumulated total of special education students listed for the month and the year. I don't know how to maintain accurate figures. EX: Each month students received Gen Ed and Sp Ed in Gen Ed C3, Sp Ed E3. I want to accumulate total for C3 and E3 in C15 and E15. How do I accomplish this?
Richard Rost
18 months ago
I'm not following, Ronald. Can you please be more specific?
Ronald Ramsey
18 months ago
Yes. As a school social worker I needed to maintain records on the number of students I serviced and whether they were general education students or those in special education. I developed a spreadsheet to list the number of Gen Ed Students, let's say in E3 and the Sp Ed Students in, let's say G3. At the end of the month I needed to have the total number of Gen Ed Students seen that month, let's say the cumulative total was kept in E21 and the total number of Sp Ed Student for the month was tallied in G21.  I want each entry into E3 to be  automatically added to E21 and the same with G3. I was never able to figure out how to automate that process. As a result, I had to manually insert those monthly figures. I hope this helps. Thanks Rich
Richard Rost
18 months ago
OK, you're confusing me. Are you talking about a list of items in COLUMN E, and in COLUMN G? Because when you say E3 you're talking about a specific CELL.
Ronald Ramsey
17 months ago
Sorry Rich
No, it's not a list. Each month I put the number of Gen Ed students in E3. That number is automatically shown in E21. At the end of the school year E21 has the cumulative value of the number of students that were input each month in E3. It's the numerical value. The same is true for Sp Ed in G3 and cumulative value in G21. It's like a running total but the values in E3 and G3 are not saved when a new value is input. I hope that clarified what I am saying.
Richard Rost
17 months ago
So is this adding done by a macro or using multiple sheets? Or is that what you're asking me? Lol. You want to type in a value in one cell and then after editing have it add to another cell's static value without using calculations?
Ronald Ramsey
17 months ago
Sounds like a macro is what I am asking about. Maybe this helps: In Jan I enter 5 in E3. Then 5 shows in E21. I enter 7 in G3, and 7 shows up in G21. In Feb I enter 3 in E3 and E21  changes to 8. I enter 5 in G3 and G21 changes to G21 changes to 12. In Mar I enter 10 in E3 and E21 automatically changes to 18. I enter 3 in G3 and G21 becomes 15, and so on. At the end of the year in June E21 will show the total number of Gen Ed students seen and G21 will show the total number of Sp Ed students seen. If a macro does that addition, I would appreciate guidance on its construction. Thanks Rich. You are indeed a fantastic instructo r:)
Richard Rost
17 months ago
Yes, I could show you how to build a macro to do this, however you lose ALL history of what went into that number. If you make a mistake, UNDO might not retrieve your old value (sometimes it doesn't with macros). You're better off putting the values in a column and then SUMming it up at the bottom. If you want to put the new value on a different sheet, you can. This way you've got a history of Jan, Feb, Mar, etc. on Sheet1, and then on Sheet2 you can have your summary value. Does this sound more like what you want, or do you still want a macro?
Ronald Ramsey
17 months ago
Yes! You've got it. I understand that I would lose a history of values placed in the cell but I would still like to see that macro if that's ok.
Richard Rost
17 months ago
OK. I'll add it to my TO DO list. This would actually make a neat TechHelp video.
Ronald Ramsey
17 months ago
Hey, great! Glad I could add to your workload lol.
Richard Rost
17 months ago
That's what I'm here for. :)
Richard Rost
17 months ago
Here you go, Ronald: Worksheet Change TechHelp
Ronald Ramsey
17 months ago
Thanks Rich. That is what I want. By the way, the numbers for the target value are drawn from another source so I have the history of each entry. It also sounds good to put them on another sheet with the date they were entered. Thanks again. I really appreciate your taking time to do this. If you don't mind my saying, may God continue to bless you abundantly.
Richard Rost
17 months ago
You are very welcome, and thank YOU for the kind words. Glad to help.
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