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Welcome to the Microsoft Excel Forum. Excel is one of the more popular topics here at Computer Learning Zone. This forum is for everyone to read but only students (paid customers) can post here. If you'd like to become a student, you can watch Excel Beginner Level 1 for free, and then purchase Level 2 for just $1.00 here. After you create a logon, you will have full access to the Forums.

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Page 1 5 Upload Images   Link 
Bruno Segers 
40 days ago
Hey guys,

Is there a formula or VBA code in Excel that can indicate in a cell how many pages of the so many pages in a specific sheet consists of?
Don't give me any comment to put it in de footer of header please. That i now how to do it. Read More...
Bruno Segers
39 days ago
This code does show the correct number of pages, but when printing, it stops its function on the following pages. Is there anyone who can help me further? I have attached the print preview and file.

Option Explicit

Sub Pagenumber()
    Dim xVPC As Integer
    Dim xHPC As Integer
    Dim xVPB As VPageBreak
    Dim xHPB As HPageBreak
    Dim xNumPage As Integer
    xHPC = 1
    xVPC = 1
    If ActiveSheet.PageSetup.Order = xlDownThenOver Then
        xHPC = ActiveSheet.HPageBreaks.Count + 1
        xVPC = ActiveSheet.VPageBreaks.Count + 1
    End If
    xNumPage = 1
    For Each xVPB In ActiveSheet.VPageBreaks
        If xVPB.Location.Column > ActiveCell.Column Then Exit For
        xNumPage = xNumPage + xHPC
    For Each xHPB In ActiveSheet.HPageBreaks
        If xHPB.Location.Row > ActiveCell.Row Then Exit For
        xNumPage = xNumPage + xVPC
    ActiveCell = "REV 1 - Strona " & xNumPage & " - " & Application.ExecuteExcel4Macro("GET.DOCUMENT(50)")
End Sub
Richard Rost
39 days ago
Hi Bruno. It's been a while since I've done anything like this with Excel VBA (Access is my forte). However, if memory serves you can calculate the number of printed pages in a Worksheet with:


Also, please review the Forum Rules. I don't allow the posting of external links.
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Set Focus with VBA Upload Images   Link 
Cecil Leforce 
2 months ago
I need help with this code to set focus. I would like for it to set focus in column B when the code runs. Thanks

Sub New_Formatted_Row_With_Formula()
Dim rActive As Range

Set rActive = ActiveCell
Scott Axton
2 months ago
Cecil Leforce
2 months ago
I would like for it to set focus in the first cell of the new row that it adds. Also where do i put the new code at in here?
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Forecasting Venue Upload Images   Link 
Walter Hamilton 
2 months ago
I have an excel spreadsheet that lists all of our programs with the Period of Performance (PoP) Start, PoP End, Funded Amount, Invoiced Amount, and Funded Remaining.  I'm trying to forecast monthly revenue over the remaining PoP.  I'm currently using the following formula: Read More...
Walter Hamilton
2 months ago

Walter Hamilton
2 months ago
As you can see from the screenshot, several of the rows have one too many out months with values in them.
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Where is Beginner 1 Upload Images   Link 
Miosotis Moses 
8 months ago
I wonder why i get the rest except beginner lesson 1.i know basic but i love to have all the instructions
Richard Rost
8 months ago
You never purchased it. Most people don't buy Level 1 because it's FREE. However, I'll add it to your account just so you have it in your My Courses list.
Miosotis Moses
8 months ago
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Excel Video Embedding Upload Images   Link 
Richard Lanoue 
12 months ago
I've had some luck embedding a video on spreadsheets.  Is there a way to control the dimensions?  If I anchor it to the very top of the columns, it looks small.  If I don't anchor it to the top, it's very big.  How can I get a medium size screen?
Richard Rost
12 months ago
I'll be honest, I haven't done much with this. I've included LINKS to videos on YouTube in my spreadsheets before, but it seems like such an inefficient way to store video. Since most people are "connected" today, a link to a YouTube video works perfectly.

How are you embedding them? There are a couple of different methods.
Richard Lanoue
12 months ago
I go into Developer the hammer Icon select Windows Media Player.  then choose properties within the frame and brows and select the file to play.  If I position the frame to the very top, it keeps it small but if i move it away from it, the video is big.  I want to embed these because the file are training videos on how we measure parts in manufacturing.  This would aid a tester for additional instructions.  You tube  would be unnecessary and unsecure.  I can do this in Access but i'd like to know how in Excel
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Templates for Excel Expert Upload Images   Link 
Ivette Lindsay 
14 months ago

I would like to know if you have templates for expert (1 - 11). I really enjoy your tutorials and wold like to follow along using templates that I can download.
Richard Rost
14 months ago
Most of my Excel courses don't have spreadsheets because the point of the classes that you build the spreadsheet yourself instead of just looking at what I've built. You will retain information more that way. Plus none of the sheet we build in class are that complex (not like Access databases). What few classes do have spreadsheets can be found here: Student Excel Files.
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Excel open more than 10 files Upload Images   Link 
Eddy Geijselaers 
15 months ago
IKs there a setting tha  enables opening more then ten excel files at once from folder?
Richard Rost
15 months ago
Well, I just went to File > Open > Browse and opened 11 of them. So... not sure exactly what you're asking.
Eddy Geijselaers
15 months ago
Sorry about the spelling mistakes. I have cut a finger and typing with bandage.
In the file explorer I could only select 10 files and open them simultanious.

Funny story, microsoft helpdesk spend today about 2 hours on issues in Windows 10 and Office 365 (2019).
Outlook needed most of the time. Had to renew Windows 10 lisence and remove Office 2007 and Access 2010.
Allthough Office 2007 was removed while installing 365 some applications left traces.
Even Access 2010 conflict the Access 2019 version. At least at my PC.

Even my Access files which didn't open anymore are oening now without a message in Access 2019.

Sorry that I first consultat my specialist

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VBA Converter Pack for Excel Upload Images   Link 
Eddy Geijselaers 
15 months ago
Hello Richard,

My old Computers mainboard was getting deffect, so I had to buy I knew one (computer).
Recently I installed Office 2019..., guess you know what I gonna ask.
I still have old backups of Excel sheets with VBA code. For Office 2019 Microsoft has no VBA converter Pack (not yet anyway for the Netherlands) so the VBA code is deleted on opening in 2019. As one of your former students I have a backup of the original. Read More...
Richard Rost
15 months ago
There's really not a lot you can do. I know there are third-party companies that have tools you can buy to extract the VBA from Excel workbooks. I've never used one myself, so I don't have one to recommend, but that's about the only advice I can give you.
Eddy Geijselaers
15 months ago
Thanks Richard
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New Excel STOCKHISTORY Function Upload Images   Link 
Richard Rost 
16 months ago
Hey guys. Microsoft just added another new function to Excel called STOCKHISTORY. It allows you to grab the history of a specific stock and put it into your sheets. It's not that hard to use. Personally, I don't really play the Stock Market which is why you've seen very few lessons from me on the subject. Does anyone want me to put together a lesson on how to use this? Just trying to gauge the interest of my students.
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Number of Students per Month Upload Images   Link 
Ronald Ramsey 
17 months ago
put together a monthly report noting the number of students seen for service each month. I've tried to keep an accumulated total of special education students listed for the month and the year. I don't know how to maintain accurate figures. EX: Each month students received Gen Ed and Sp Ed in Gen Ed C3, Sp Ed E3. I want to accumulate total for C3 and E3 in C15 and E15. How do I accomplish this?
Richard Rost
17 months ago
I'm not following, Ronald. Can you please be more specific?
Ronald Ramsey
17 months ago
Yes. As a school social worker I needed to maintain records on the number of students I serviced and whether they were general education students or those in special education. I developed a spreadsheet to list the number of Gen Ed Students, let's say in E3 and the Sp Ed Students in, let's say G3. At the end of the month I needed to have the total number of Gen Ed Students seen that month, let's say the cumulative total was kept in E21 and the total number of Sp Ed Student for the month was tallied in G21.  I want each entry into E3 to be  automatically added to E21 and the same with G3. I was never able to figure out how to automate that process. As a result, I had to manually insert those monthly figures. I hope this helps. Thanks Rich
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