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By Richard Rost   Richard Rost on Twitter Richard Rost on LinkedIn Email Richard Rost   14 years ago

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Windows 11 Preview Upload Images   Link  
Richard Rost 
11 months ago
Microsoft released a preview of What's New in Windows 11. Are you guys planning to upgrade? It doesn't look like anything major was added, but it's a nice, clean, fresh interface. And of course they always fix (and break) things.
Kevin Robertson
11 months ago
I plan to upgrade. I think the Snap Layouts are really neat. Might take a while to get used to the centralised Taskbar though.
Richard Rost
11 months ago
I just hate when they make MAJOR revisions to things you're used to and don't give you any way to revert back. For example, Office 2007 and the Ribbon. HUGE interface change. No way to get back to the old File/Edit menus (without a 3rd party add-on). Windows 8 with the full-screen tile startup screen designed for touch devices. If you're going to do that stuff you need to give people an EASY way to revert back to what they're comfortable with. Businesses especially are going to balk at upgrading because now it means retraining people. I mean... I don't complain about that because training is kinda what I do... but I understand the hesitancy.
Adam Schwanz
11 months ago
Yea, I'll be holding out for at least a year until I hear enough reviews and make sure our software is compatible :). Unless it turns out to be like Windows 8, then I'll be skipping out on it entirely again.

I know you can revert the taskbar now but I hate that they're doing it because it probably means by Windows 12/13 (unless we just randomly skip numbers again, poor 9) it'll be the "norm" and probably won't be able to revert it anymore. I've spent around 25 years with it down in that corner and that's where I want it to stay LOL.
Juan C Rivera
11 months ago
Resistance is futile prepare to be assimilated we are Microsoft!

Live long and prosper
Richard Rost
10 months ago

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