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Video Player Update
By Richard Rost   Richard Rost on Twitter Richard Rost on LinkedIn Email Richard Rost   13 years ago

I've released a new version of the Amicron Video Player - the software that I use to display my videos. There are a bunch of bug fixes in it, plus several new features:

- Some people were complaining that the course list is getting too long. There's now a new CATEGORY list that appears above the list of courses that lets you filter the course list. So if you're interested in seeing only your Access classes, just click on "Access" in the category list. Thank you to those of you who have bought enough classes to need this feature. :)

- When you click on the My Account button now, you will only have to enter your web site username (email) and password ONCE. Now the software will remember this information and save it for you. The next time you click on the My Account button, you'll be automatically logged in.

- Your username and password are now saved in the program's registration data which you can edit by clicking on the new Reg button. Only do this if you change your password or email address on the web site.

- If you are logged on to the web site, whenever you download a course your password will automatically be sent to the software for you - keeping you from having to type in big long installation passwords. This isn't new (it was around in the last version) however now even if you're installing a program off of a CD, the program will try to find your password on the web site first.

- Windows Vista users (both of you... ha ha ha) will be warned if they don't have enough permission to install courses. Since Vista is so draconian with its security measures, my software is prevented from creating new directories to download or install new courses into. You need to run my program as an administrator in order for this feature to work. Now, instead of it just NOT working, you should get an error message.

HOW do you get this new update? Just start your old 599CD Video Player and it should connect to the web site and notify you that an update is available. The program will then update itself once you approve the upgrade.

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Richard Rost 
13 years ago
Yes, of course. Don't forget you have a Customer Loyalty Discount based on the number of courses you've already purchased. Plus, any MS Office classes you purchased after November of 2007 qualify for a FREE upgrade to the new versions, when released. For any older classes, everyone who has them will get a special email from me with a discounted price when they're released... so if you bought Excel 101 back in 2005, as soon as I released Excel 101 for Office 2007 you'll get a discount notice in email.
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13 years ago
If we have purchased pretty much your entire excel xp training suite, can we get a break on the price of the 2007 training update?
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Richard Rost 
13 years ago
Bob, yes... Office 2007 lessons are in the works.
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