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Vista Users: Cannot Install Courses
By Richard Rost   Richard Rost on Twitter Richard Rost on LinkedIn Email Richard Rost   13 years ago

I've just discovered another problem with Vista and my courses. Gotta love Microsoft.

Here's the problem: people using Vista are able to install and run the Video Player. They're able to log on to their account and DOWNLOAD a course through the Player, however once it's finished downloading, they're unable to INSTALL it.

The reason: Vista is not allowing my video player to create a folder for the course to go in because of its overly draconian security. Each course (like Word 101) goes into its own folder on your system under the 599CD folder. Vista says, "uh... no" when my program tries to do something simple like create a folder.

The fix: when you run my Video Player, instead of just double-clicking on the desktop shortcut, RIGHT-CLICK on it and select "Run as Administrator." This will give the program the necessary permission to create the course folder.

Of course, I never realized this because when I use my Vista machine, I always use the Administrator account. Yes, I'm a geek and I like the extra control the Admin account gives me. I hate all of the Vista warning messages. "Normal" user accounts run with limited permission to prevent viruses, spyware, etc. from creating havoc on your machine.

I'm working on a fix for this now - but in the mean time, if you're planning to download and install any courses, you must run the program with Administrator access.

Thank you again, Microsoft, for a real great new operating system. You're really making it easy for software developers.

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Richard Rost 
12 years ago
Chuck, that is correct. This is one of the major reasons why I created the Online Theater so people who don't have rights to install software on their PCs can log on and watch the videos over the Web.
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12 years ago
It won't work correctly under XP either if your work doesn't allow ADMIN rights, which ours doesn't, so in order to study on my lunch hour I need some other way to run from a removable drive or fool the player into being able to point to the physical location of where my licensed courses are at and not default to my documents folder, which for us is on a network share that we will never have admin right too....
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Gregory Damron 
13 years ago
Vista is fine. I fixed it also by selecting running install under XP compatible.
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