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You are always a student, never a master. You have to keep moving forward.

-Conrad Hall
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Customer Testimonials

These are testimonials from actual customers. Thanks for all the kind words.

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Really Impressed Upload Images   Link 
8 years ago
Fully with you Yvon, Richard is the best, great teacher, great explanation of subjects (My Interest is Excel and Access). Have not looked back since listening to Richard Rost. Regards Selby
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Really Impressed Upload Images   Link 
Yvon Ouellette 
8 years ago
Hello Richard. I'm really impressed by the quality of your teachings. Until this morning, I hadn't even heard of MS Access. I had started to learn Excel so I could set up a database for an online business I want to set up eventually. When I heard that Access was the best way to go, I attempted to learn it by looking at several YouTube video tutorials. But they all left me confused and discouraged---until I came across your tutorials. You have a gift for explaining complicated subject matter in a way that is easy for us to follow and understand. I'm currently watching #9 of your MS Access 2010 for Beginners - Level 1 series. I fully intend to purchase whatever advanced course you have to guide me into developing a good solid database for my business. In every industy there are those who take so much pride in their work, and who care so much about the experience of their customers, that they end up delivering an absolutely outstanding product. You're among these people. Thanks again! Yvon Ouellette, Ontario, Canada. Read More...
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Simple but powerful Upload Images   Link 
John, Stamford CT 
8 years ago
I like the way you explain things simply, but powerful. Additionally, the way you create our mindset that we are Access developers from the start.

Also, simply love the way you mention where relevant advanced concepts that will be covered later. Read More...
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My Appreciation thank you so much Upload Images   Link 
8 years ago
I have been online many years, stumbling in the dark. Guess what!!! it's not so dark any more.  I do regret it took me so long to find your system.
Happy New Year and beginnings....
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Straight to the lesson Upload Images   Link 
9 years ago
You're the best! I have compared your computer teaching vs. these people or other areas of my interest of Learning Access and other apps. "Microsoft Access 2010 Bible", "CBT Nuggets", "Lynda Access Teaching", Jeff Conrad's "Microsoft Access 2010 Inside and Out"; these people went too much blah blah blah. You go straight to the lesson instead of repeating "Four scores and seven years ago ...our father brought a ..." Read More...
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Your style is so enjoyable Upload Images   Link 
9 years ago
Dear Richard,

Periodically I have received an invitation from you to answer a quick survey on how I have enjoyed your videos. I believe I have answered once, but I know I have ignored others. Not because I have had no opinion, but because I felt a quick survey was an inadequate answer! Read More...
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Best Courses Upload Images   Link 
Ted S. 
9 years ago
Richard, I have retired over 7 years ago and have taken your courses years before that. I have been recommending your courses even up until today. They are the best, informed and easiest courses to learn and nobody has yet to beat your prices. I was a former technical instructor and had access to many other courses offered and yours was the one I liked and recommended the most. Best wishes, Ted
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Teaching style is nice and clear and concise Upload Images   Link 
Karen Gee 
9 years ago
Richard:  My spreadsheet experience before taking your course of "Excel 2010 Beginner-Levels 1-5" is mostly a style of 'self-taught' and I wasn't aware of the many shortcut or style techniques for time saving and enhancing the look of large spreadsheets. I have a more comprehensive understanding of all the basic functions now. Your teaching style is nice and clear and concise. You make learning Excel fun! Thank you! What's next for this student? On to the Expert level! Read More...
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Testimonial Upload Images   Link 
Steven Schuyler 
9 years ago
After having purchased 4 of your seminars (Work Order, Security, Accounts Payable, and Data Encryption), I had a past client come to me looking for revisions to his database that I made for him about a year ago. Read More...
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Testimonial Upload Images   Link 
Wayne G 
9 years ago
I have gotten several emails asking for feedback on the classes I've purchased. To sum it up, the classes and seminars are nothing short of perfect. I am getting EXACTLY what I need out of them, although there is so much information that it takes me a while to assimilate it all - and keep up with my day job. I consider this a great problem to have ;-) Keep 'em coming. I'll keep learning.
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