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Access Expert 5

Welcome to Access Expert 5. Total running time is 1 Hour, 17 Minutes.

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"But I Don't Send Letters. Can I Skip This?"

This is one of those levels that I get emails about all the time. "I don't send letters," or "I never use reports," etc. First of all, please read this: Skipping Levels. This is a perfect example of one of those levels there is a lot of good, important information in it, regardless of the topic. Expert 5 teaches you about dirty records, getting a value from an open form, refreshing form data before opening a report (or another form), embedded macros, and a lot of other cool stuff. The contact letter report is just the "sample project" for that lesson. There's a lot of good material wrapped inside that. So, if you're a Learning Connection member or want to skip this as your free TechHelp Gold Member lesson for the month... the answer is "no!" Watch it!


Please feel free to post your questions or comments below. If you have a questions about a specific lesson, please specify the lesson number and the time index in the lesson where the issue occurs. Thank you!

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Comments for Access Expert 5
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58 daysLetter designCallum Stuart
3 monthsParameter ValueArvind Singh
8 monthsOutlook Not AvailableRobert Lund
10 monthsCustomer TableArmand Ratelle
11 monthsProb with SQLJennifer Avila
11 monthsNo More Download Your VideoJob Kim
2 yearsEmail Button Grayed OutJeremy Erickson
2 yearsBuild EventDennis Pawlicki
7 yearsDefault Code BuilderStuart Jones
7 yearsPosting mass mail reportTAMMIE MC
7 yearsContactIDAnonymous
7 yearsContactIDLogan Cutshall
7 yearsKeyboard shortcutsMatthew Pattison
7 yearsIs it always better to leave the AutoNumber fieldJoe Beniacar
7 yearsIf the FirstName and LastName field aren t actuallJoe Beniacar
8 yearsSend the FormThomas Szypulinski
8 yearsHow does the incoming email come into the data basDerek Kong
8 yearsContactFDerek Kong
8 yearsWhich course shows how to create the contact formDerek Kong
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