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Finally Upgraded to 64 Bit
By Richard Rost   Richard Rost on Twitter Richard Rost on LinkedIn Email Richard Rost   4 months ago

Well, I finally broke down and upgraded my primary PC and server to Microsoft Office 64 bit. I've been fighting it, but since that's the default installation now and everyone is getting 64 bit installed, the time has come. So from now on, every sample database that I post will be in 64 bit. 

I have a huge database that I've been slowly building and upgrading and adding-on to since 2002 when I started this business. I was dreading upgrading it, figuring there would be tons of problems. But... alas... nope. I followed my own advice and just added "PtrSafe" to my function and sub declarations. It was relatively painless. Just keep hitting Debug > Compile and Access will take you to the next instance that needs to be fixed. 

There was one minor problem, but it was in a module I don't really even use anymore. It's a set of subs that let you set and get the Windows clipboard, which allows you to copy and paste data outside of Access. That required changing a couple of Long values to LongPtr. Aside from that, nothing else needed to be changed.

So... if a crazy monster database like mine can be upgraded with little effort, ya'll shouldn't have many problems. Post em here if you do.


PowerPoint Not Crashing Upload Images   Link  
Richard Rost 
4 months ago
I will say this about the 64 bit version. It's been a week since I upgraded from 32 to 64 bit Office 365. Since then, PowerPoint hasn't crashed ONCE. Under the old 32 bit version, it would crash at least once a day. I use it for the slides for my videos (the beginning and ending slides). Usually I'll set up the slides, record a bit, minimize PP, go do stuff in Access, then come back to the slides to record the end. At least one out of three times, PP would crash. It was so bad I got in the habit of saving EVERY time I minimized it. In the week since I've upgraded, no crashes. So... looks like the 64 bit code may be more stable than the 32. Makes sense.
Adam Schwanz
4 months ago
Hope you don't jinx it.
Adam Schwanz
4 months ago

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Noticed a Bug Upload Images   Link  
Richard Rost 
4 months ago
I do think I've noticed a bug in the behavior of Access 64 bit though. When I'm in Design View of a Form, I'm seeing that the property sheet isn't always updating. I click on a text box, it says FirstName (for example). I click on a different text box, the property sheet doesn't change until I click on one of the properties. Interesting. Heading for an Office Update now... but I JUST installed this. You'd think it would be the most current version. Read More...
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