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By Richard Rost   Richard Rost on Twitter Richard Rost on LinkedIn Email Richard Rost   11 months ago

Access Appointment Database for Scheduling

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Build a database in Microsoft Access to track your appointments (calendar, tasks, to-do list items, etc.). We will build the needed table, queries, form, and a printable scehedule report. 

Gabriella from St. Petersburg, Florida (a Platinum Member) asks: I need a simple database to track my upcoming appointments. I've been using Outlook, but I'd like to use Access so I can eventually tie appointments to customers. Can you help me?

Silver Members & Up

I'll show you how to set the end time to one hour after the start time, add buttons for add an hour, 15 minutes, or whatever interval you like to the appointment. We'll make a combo box to select what data you'd like to see in the form and report (recent, future, or all appointments). Then we'll add the customer data to the system so you can assign an appointment to a client.

Gold Members & Up

This is the first time I recorded an extra BONUS video for Gold and Platinum members! This video is based heavily in VBA coding and we'll do some really cool stuff. We'll build in conflict resolution, so the system will warn you if you try to add an appointment that overlaps another one. Then, we'll make the database tell you when the next available open appointment slot is! Really helpful!

Silver Members and up get access to view Extended Cut videos, when available. Gold Members can download the database template from class plus get access to the Code Vault. If you signed up on YouTube you have to contact me so I can set up your account here on my web site. If you're not a member, Join Today!


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Please feel free to post your questions or comments below or submit them via the TechHelp page.


Separate Fields Upload Images   Link  
James Hopkins 
5 months ago
Hey Richard, I am was wondering if you have the "Date" and "Time" in two different Text Boxes. How can you do the Checking of the Availability of Time?
Adam Schwanz
5 months ago
I haven't watched this one yet so don't have much context to the question, but just throwing out that you can add two text box fields together. In this case DateField + TimeField and get a Date WITH time result.
Richard Rost
5 months ago
Adam is right. If you have the date and time in two different fields, just add them together to create one DateTime field, which is how I usually recommend you store date/time values to begin with. :)
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Cascading Combo Boxes Upload Images   Link  
Brent Davis 
8 months ago
Can you have cascading combo boxes on a continuous form?  I have watched your video on cascade combo boxes and I can get the combo boxes to react properly but when I select the second combo box the values on all of that combo box change to the current selected value. Example first combo box is for the company, XYZ Company. The second combo box is the individual, John Doe. I select XYZ Company and on the next combo box, John Doe and John Doe populates for all the individual names for each record under the individual. Please help!!
Richard Rost
8 months ago
Nope. Sorry. Once you requery the 2nd combo box, it will requery all of them. That's a limitation of Access. You can work around it with DLOOKUP and hiding fields. I have this on my list for a future TechHelp video. Someone else recently asked about it too. Hang in there.
Brent Davis
8 months ago
Thanks for the information Richard!  I will work on this and look forward to your TechHelp video. As always, thanks for all your assistance!! You do a fantastic job with your lessons and I learn something every time I watch! Have a great evening!!
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Appts Access to Outlook Cal Upload Images   Link  
Elaine Heltman 
11 months ago
Wonderful lesson, as always.
How do I now export my new appointments (in my case, deadlines) to my Outlook Calendar? Thank you.
Richard Rost
11 months ago
You know, I've done a lot in my courses with Access and Outlook together as far as email goes, but I haven't touched the Calendar. Probably because I don't use it myself. I use Access for business stuff and Google Calendar for personal stuff. If there's enough interest, I'd be happy to make a lesson on this.
Elaine Heltman
11 months ago
Thanks. I hope there's enough interest!
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