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Why I Charge for Lessons
By Richard Rost   Richard Rost on Twitter Richard Rost on LinkedIn Email Richard Rost   10 months ago

I received this comment today on my YouTube channel. While I sympatize for the guy, I get this kind of thing all the time. So I'm posting this here so that I can forward people to this page in the future.

Dear sir, I have been following your tutorials for about 3 or 4 months and I found them really helpful and now the thing I would like to say is why don't you begin Access step by step course, which will be very useful and beneficial for many of us. Hope to get the answer soon. Your hard work and service is admirable and unforgetable.
Thank you very much for the kind words. I've been building a "step by step course" since 2002. I advertise it literally at the end of almost every one of my other videos. Its starts here: and goes on for HUNDREDS of hours! :)
I saw all the courses, but dear sir, they aren't free, are they. I live in a country where people don't have access to online courses. If I must say, I need free courses. Hope not to get upset. I am forced to say so, because I don't have much money to buy online courses. As I have watched your videos, they are really amazing. I got so much of them Thanks.
I understand your situation, and I do sympathize. Please try to understand my situation: this is my full-time job. I make tutorials for a living. I need to pay my bills too. I'm not getting rich doing this by any means, but I love what I do and I can't complain. However, I need to get compensated for my time, and if I had to get a "real job" there would be no time for me to make these tutorials. At all. So please feel free to enjoy the free videos I post on YouTube. Share them. But I have to use them to promote my other "paid" courses. I do receive a little bit of money from YouTube due to ad revenue, but it's nowhere near what I need to survive. Hopefully, some day, my channel will become popular enough where all I have to do is post free videos here. I'd love that! Until then, I've got puppies to feed. :)

Now, I understand that in some countries, even the $1 for my Beginner Level 2 course is a lot of money. I get that. However, I can't just give away ALL of my lessons for free. I love helping people, and I wish I could just do nothing all day but share my knowledge and make videos for free for everyone... but I can't. I really wish I was independently wealthy, or at least made enough money posting free YouTube videos so that I didn't have to charge people a dime. Unfortunately, that's not the reality of the world.

Maybe if I start posting videos of my puppies doing crazy things instead of wasting my time with Access and Excel videos. Hmmm...? People do love cute puppy and stupid cat videos. Right?



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