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Pending Approval Pending Approval

What does Pending Approval mean?

Here at Computer Learning Zone, I strive for the absolute highest standards in my Forums, and with commenting in general. I want my site to be social, and I want people to participate, but there's nothing worse than Forums filled with garbage comments. Therefore, every post and comment has to be approved by a human editor, usually Alex or me. 

Posts with nonsense, spam (obviously), really bad spelling and grammar, or off topic will either be edited or deleted. I will not waste my time responding to them, and won't bother my other students and subscribers with having to read them. I personally hate when I go to a Forum or Group that I enjoy on another site and I have to weed through 20 spam posts to get to the good stuff. 

Non-students (people who have not purchased any of my lessons or signed up for a membership) cannot even post on my site. This is to keep my standards high. There are plenty of other forums in which those people can post. This site is for MY students ONLY. Heck, you can enroll in one of my classes for One Dollar. If that's too rich for you, sorry. It's not about the money. It's also to hold people accountable. It's easy to be a "keyboard warrior" and post crap when you can use a fake identity. It's harder to do that once you've had to pay for something and I know who you are. :)

I love... love... LOVE helping people. Even if it's for free. If I was independently wealthy I would probably still do this for free. I love Access and I enjoy teaching. I hope it comes through in my videos. But I ask for a higher standard than most sites for the quality of material. I hope you agree.

Fortunately, I haven't had to delete any posts here due to quality in a LONG time... ever since I stopped letting non-students post. Before that it was BAD. I get tons of spam posts on my YouTube channel comments. I probably delete at least half of them. They need better spam controls. 




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Richard Rost 
11 months ago
This is an example of some garbage posts I have to deal with on my YouTube channel almost every day. I wish they would improve their comment management tools. I love YouTube but they have some work to do for creators. Read More...
Pete Santiago
11 months ago
Agreed! You have a value to give - teaching (Free or Paid) and we have a value to give (money and accountability to learn).  Trade-off of values between teacher and student.  I have a learned a lot from your free youtube and lessons on your web-site.  Non-sense should be blocked/banned.  Thank you for all that you do!
Richard Rost
11 months ago
Thanks, Pete.
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