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By Richard Rost   Richard Rost on Twitter Richard Rost on LinkedIn Email Richard Rost   6 months ago

Order Entry System with Invoice Report Template

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This is the TechHelp video a lot of you have been waiting for. In this one, I will show you how to create a basic order management system for Microsoft Access. We'll build an order entry form with the related tables and queries. We'll link it to our customer database. We'll create a fully printable invoice report. This one is over an hour long and PACKED with useful tips!

Scarlett from Atlanta, Georgia (a Platinum Member) asks: I know you have lots of lessons on creating an order entry system with invoices. I don't have time to learn all of that or watch 20 hours of video. Can you show me how to put together something quick and simple? I just need to be able to invoice my customers for a few products and my labor. That's it. I plan to watch all of those lessons eventually, but I'm doing my billing now with Word and Excel and it's getting cumbersome. Help.

Watch These First...

This video is based on the databases built in these other lessons. Watch these first if you haven't already:


I'll show you how to create an order list so you can see all of your orders sorted by date and double-click on one to open it up. We'll copy the customer's address info to each order, so you know where the order was shipped or billed at the time it was placed. We'll also create a product list so you can pick a product and add it to the order with one click. This video alone is worth the cost of membership for a year!

Silver Members and up get access to an Extended Cut of this video. Gold Members can download the database template from class plus get access to the Code Vault. If you signed up on YouTube you have to contact me so I can set up your account here on my web site. If you're not a member, Join Today!

Free Download


  • Set a default value for the customer combo box on the order form here: Value From a Form
  • Create the Product Form and calculate markup, margin, sale price, etc.: Markup
  • Switch from Quote to Invoice to Receipt: Quote, Invoice, Receipt


Sequential Order Numbers:
Hiding Customer IDs:
Calculated Query Fields:
Relational Combo Boxes:
Sum Function:
Form Footer Totals:
Outer Joins:
Sorting & Grouping:
Open Form Specific Record:
Open Report Specific Record:
Query Criteria:
Forms FormName Notation:
Double Double Quote:
Sales Tax:

Feature Requests

So a bunch of people have so far asked me to make this into more of a full-featured Template, which I'm going to do. Yes, I cover more in-depth order entry in my full Expert classes, but a lot of people don't want to watch 20+ hours of lessons in different courses to add order entry to their databases. So, if you have an idea for what you'd like to see added to the Template, then post your comments below.

  • Consecutive Order Numbers per Customer
  • Obscured Customer IDs
  • Developer students are getting Inventory tracking in their classes. I'll add it to this
  • Sales tax by product / customer 
  • Accounts receivable

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Please feel free to post your questions or comments below or submit them via the TechHelp page.


Invoice Number Upload Images   Link 
Cliff Jones 
4 months ago
Richard if I want to have an invoice number on each invoice so that I could search for a specific invoice if needed. How would I go about making that happen? So maybe I would use a "Primary Key" perhaps?
Richard Rost
4 months ago
Use a Counter.
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Create an Invoice Upload Images   Link 
James Hopkins 
5 months ago
Hey, is there a that create a invoice through a "Form" that can enter the data from "Tables" and then save the data in a Table?
Richard Rost
5 months ago
I'm sorry, I don't understand your question. Please clarify.
James Hopkins
5 months ago
Sorry about that, but I was wondering if there is  a way to create a Invoice Report through a "Form" that you can enter and select the data from "Tables" and then save the data in a Table? Also, I am wondering if there is way to create a Invoice Report with both products and services displayed on the invoice together. Additional, is there way to turn "Label Field" vertical to display the"Invoice", "Estimate", and "Service Orders" on the left side of the Report? Thank you for so insight on this in advance...
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Align buttons on Main Menu Upload Images   Link 
Matt Pattison 
5 months ago
Selct the buttons and use size/spacing to align every thing pretty HAHA
Richard Rost
5 months ago

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Invoicing Member Video Upload Images   Link 
Richard Rost 
6 months ago
It's uploading now. Transfer queue says 30 more minutes to go. Plenty of time for you to watch the FREE video first!
Richard Rost
6 months ago
OK, it's ready. Enjoy! Let me know what you think.
Despina Karayanni
5 months ago
Dear Mr Rost,
Thank you for your very instructive videos on ordering-invoicing. I have a question. In our company's ordering-invoicing process, first we have to issue a quotation document, citing only the products description, without prices, and then we issue a pro-forma invoice (let's say it is the order/invoicing document), with both the product description and the prices. How can I manage to issue the quotation document, without having the products added up to the orderdetailq list? That is, In such a routine, we select the products twice (once without prices and another one with prices), thus they are added up to the order lists twice. I would very much appreciate your suggestions upon this matter. Best Regards and thank you in advance.
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