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Richard Rost 
16 months ago
It's that time again. I haven't re-recorded Access Beginner Level 1 since 2013. Not a lot has changed for the user who works with Access on a daily basis and has some experience. However, for the novice user there's just enough of a difference to be confusing (Memo to Long Text, for example). So it's time for an update. Plus the old class was recorded with much lower quality video and audio than I use now. Best of all: everyone gets a free upgrade! Lesson 1 was just posted. Recording these beginner classes takes a LOT of time because they have to be "perfect." It's not like a TechHelp video or even my high-end Developer lessons where I can just sit down and ramble off nonsense for half an hour. One minute of a Beginner lesson takes about 10 minutes of real time. LOL. Enjoy. Share with your friends and colleagues!
Richard Rost
11 months ago
Lessons 10 and 11 posted today. Sorry it's taking so long to re-record these. It's slow work, and of course every time I re-record this class (4th time now) stuff gets added to it. I just keep learning better and better ways to teach this material. :)
Richard Rost
11 months ago
Well, it's only taken 5 months, but Access Beginner 1 for 2019 (Access 365) is now finished. Just in time for Office 2021 to come out. LOL.
Adam Schwanz
11 months ago
LOL, like you said every time you record it you get better and better at teaching it.

By 2030 you're gonna have people doing VBA in beginner 1 :).
Richard Rost
11 months ago
Bahaha. While I might get better, I'm not a miracle worker. I leave that to Mr. Scott. :)
Scott Axton
11 months ago
I hope your not talking about me.  I'm no where near being a miracle worker!
Richard Rost
11 months ago
Ha ha... I didn't even catch that. No, it was a reference to Scotty from Star Trek. Miracle Worker.

Scott Axton
11 months ago
Well at least I'm in good company...

One to beam up....

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