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Active Server Pages 101
By Richard Rost   Richard Rost on Twitter Richard Rost on LinkedIn Email Richard Rost   14 months ago

ASP.NET Upgrade Coming Soon!

2020 UPDATE: am currently in the process of adding lessons for ASP.NET. I expect to have them finished very soon. When they are released, you will get a FREE upgrade if you have purchased any of my ASP lessons after August 1st, 2020. In the mean time, continue to learn ASP 3.0 (or Classic ASP as it's called). It is still a robust, powerful language and is a great "first step" to learn server-side web site processing. Honestly, it does everything I need. The web site you're using right now runs on Classic ASP and I have no need to upgrade! But, there are some things that ASP.NET does make a little easier, and I'll teach you those things soon enough.

Active Server Pages (ASP) is a technology to create dynamic Web pages - pages that change for each user. You can use ASP to create customized pages for your visitors, query databases, and even build entire e-commerce solutions.

ASP 101 is the perfect class to get you started. We assume that you have at least some experience building basic Web pages. We recommend our FrontPage course as a pre-requisite, but as long as you know how to build a simple Web site (using any editor) that's OK. We also recommend our Visual Basic course first. ASP is based heavily on VB, and if you know a little bit of VB before taking ASP, it will help you - but it's not required.

ASP 101 covers: Key ASP Definitions, Components of an ASP Script, Basic ASP Commands, If / Then / Else Statements, HTML Tags in ASP Scripts, Variables & Loops, Performing Math in ASP, Processing HTML Form Input, Using the QueryString. Click here for the complete outline: ASP Outline

Which lesson will show me how to submit data from Upload Images   Link 
Alonzo Dock 
7 years ago
Which lesson will show me how to submit data from a form into a database

Reply from Alex Hedley:

ASP 301 Should do the trick.
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could not connect with the server Upload Images   Link 
9 years ago
i could not connect with the server with the like the video do you another web page to get the connection when i write <%%>  in front page can not recgnize it please help me Read More...
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Active Server Pages 101 Upload Images   Link 
10 years ago
How do I go about setting up my own website?

Reply from Richard Rost:

There are several web hosting providers you can set up an account with. Click here for my recommendations on web providers. Read More...
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Upload Images   Link 
10 years ago
If I don't have a website, is there a way I can test my webpages?

Reply from Richard Rost:

There are a couple of personal web servers available that you can install on your home PC. I haven't researched them in a while so I can't provide you with any links (check Google). However, you can get dirt cheap web hosting now for under $10 a month from many providers. If you want to set up a web site, that's the way to go. Read More...
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Mubeezi Micah 
10 years ago
Dear Richard,

I wanted to take a go at ASP. However, i cant find Microsoft Front Page on my computer. What i have is Microsoft Office Access, Word, Excel, Groove, OneNote, Powerpoint, InfoPath, Outlook and Pulisher. I checked under Microsoft Works but Front Page is not listed either. What alternatives do i have? Read More...
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Benjamin Berks 
11 years ago
I noticed that the asp commands entered are started with a capital.  For example, Response.Write has the R and W capitalized.  It is neccessary to capitalize asp commands?

Reply from Richard Rost:
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Richard Rost 
12 years ago
Wade, this is really a question for your ISP. Check with them to make sure your password is correct.
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Wade Myers 
12 years ago
I am getting Authentication Error for a log in / password form can you explain how to fix?
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Upload Images   Link 
Richard Rost 
13 years ago
I don't believe Microsoft offers it for any operating system beyond Windows 98 anymore. If you have Windows 2000 or XP Pro you should just install IIS (Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs > Windows Components > IIS). That's their full "Internet Information Server" that real web sites use. Read More...
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James WIse 
13 years ago
The address you give for a Personal Web Server from Microsft is apparently no longer current. Do you have an up to date address?
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