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Access Seminars

Seminars are lessons that cover a specific topic, or have a singular goal, such as learning how to search for information in your database, or work with SQL. They do not necessarily fall into line with the regular sequential courses. Check the specific Seminar page for more information on what's covered, and if there are any pre-requisites.

New Releases

Access Survey Seminar

Learn how to build surveys & questionnaires in Google Forms for anyone to fill out. You will then see how to collect the responses using Microsoft Excel and directly into Microsoft Access. We will then build lots of queries, forms, and reports to analyze and summarize that data.


Access & SQL Server Seminar

In the Microsoft Access SQL Server Online Seminar, you will learn how to connect multiple users to an online SQL Server database using either Microsoft Access or a simple Web browser as a front-end. This will allow anyone, anywhere in the world with an Internet connection, to use your Microsoft Access database, or view your data in their browser.


Time & Billing Seminar

The Time & Billing Seminar is over 5 hours. Keep track of the billable hours you spend on each customer. Build a timer that you can start and stop as you are working for them. Watch the billable hours click up. At the end of the month, generate invoices for all of your clients with one press of a button, and you can batch print or email them out. Also available as just a template.


Barcode Inventory Seminar

The Barcode Inventory Seminar is over 11 hours long and covers everything you need to know about scanning and printing barcodes with Microsoft Access. You will also learn how to manage inventory with rentals, products, and individual unit serial numbers. Also available as just a template.

Check Register Seminar

The Check Register Seminar is over 5 hours long and covers everything you need to know to build a database in Microsoft Access to manage and maintain your checking, credit card, and other accounts. Also available as just a template.

Access 2019 for Beginners

Everything the absolute beginner needs to know to get up and running with Microsoft Access in about 30 minutes. Build basic tables, queries, forms, and reports.


Easy Access POS Seminar

An easy to use and fully customizable Point of Sale system built completely in Microsoft Access. Currently in development with the Access Developer students. You can participate in building this database by enrolling in Access Developer 14.
Coming Soon
Popular Seminars
Search Seminar

Learn just about everything there is to know about searching, sorting, and filtering in your Access databases. We'll cover everything from basic find & replace to advanced query parameters, working with NULL values, custom SQL forms, and lots more.
Email Seminar

Learn just about everything there is to know about sending and receiving Email with Microsoft Access - with and without Microsoft Outlook.
Loan Amortization

Learn how to calculate monthly payments, a complete loan amortization schedule, and generate reports such as an aged accounts receivable.
Relationship Seminar

Learn just about everything there is to know about relationships in Microsoft Access. We will build eight (8) different database projects so you can see how to set up good relationships between your tables.
Calendar Seminar

Manage your appointments in Access. Create printable monthly calendar reports and more, right from inside of an Access database. 
Mailing Label Seminar

Add mailing labels to your database. Enter individual labels manually, add directly from your customer form, insert blank labels on top of the sheet, delete all labels with one click, duplicate labels, print all active customers selected to get your mailing list. More!
Work Order Seminar

Although the title of this course says "Work Order Seminar," it's much more than that. You will learn everything you need to design a database to run a service-oriented business. Learn everything from work orders and scheduling to invoicing, job costing, and more.
Genealogy Seminar

Do you want build a database for Genealogy? This 8-hour seminar will allow you to track your ancestry, build a graphical family tree, and lots more. Also available as just a template.
Access SharePoint Seminar

Do you want to share your Microsoft Access database online with other users? In this seminar, I will teach you how to set up a SharePoint database, publish your tables to it, distribute your database to other users, and lots more.
Payables Seminar

Design a database to manage the accounts payable and bill payments for your small business and personal finances.
Security Seminars
Access Security Seminar

Learn how to properly secure your databases. Control and monitor everything your users do. Manage the "work flow" of your database
Split Database Security Learn how to set up a database with multiple back-end files: one that every database user can access, and another for sensitive information, such as financial data, that only a small, select group of users can access.
Data Encryption Seminar Lock down the data in your tables so that nobody can see your private information. Scramble & encrypt sensitive data to keep it from prying eyes. This is a good solution for securing data without the need for an expensive database server platform. Works great with the techniques taught in our Access Security Seminar.
SQL Seminars
SQL Seminar Part 1 Learn how to program using the SQL language to greatly enhance your Access databases. Learn the basics of SELECT queries, WHERE conditions, and ORDER BY clauses.
SQL Seminar Part 2

Supercharge your Access databases with the full power of SQL. This seminar will focus primarily on action queries to manipulate the data in your tables, but lots of other topics are covered as well. Learn the one type of query you need to use SQL for: UNION queries. Tons of examples.
SQL Seminar Part 3 This seminar is all about manipulating the structure of your Access database - building and modifying tables and queries with SQL commands. The techniques in this seminar are especially useful for the administrator or developer who has to support remote database files. You can now update them (add a table, change a field, etc.) with simple SQL commands.
Other Seminars
Registration Seminar Learn how to protect your Access database so you can give or sell it to others, and they will be required to register their copy of the database with you. This prevents theft and piracy, and protects your intellectual property.
Asset Management Seminar Learn how to build a database to manage your assets. You will learn how to create grouped assets (with unlimited grouping levels), track locations, owners, values, and keep a complete log of changes to the asset's history.
DateTime Seminar Learn how to count the number of work days between two dates, determine if a date is a week day or a weekend day, calculate holidays, time stamp edited records, use event timers in your database to create popup notifications for reminders, generate recurring appointments, and calculate the number of a particular weekday (Friday) in any period (January). Lots more.
Open Other Programs Learn how to open external files and programs from Access. Load Word for documents, Acrobat for PDF files, etc. Open Google Maps directly to specific addresses. Lots more.
Fiscal Year Seminar Learn how to perform fiscal year calculations and summaries in Access database queries and reports.
Imaging Seminar Learn how to work with images and other objects (OLE, pictures, etc.) in your Access datbases. Learn how to work with images and other objects in your Access databases. Learn how to use images without having to store them in your database.
Web Database Seminar Share your Microsoft Access data on the Web. Build a web-based interface for your Access database using HTML and ASP (Active Server Pages).
Web Sync Seminar Use Access to pull data from Web sites, or publish your data back up to the Web.


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Rajashree Natarajan 
36 days ago

I am building a medical insurance database in my existing DB. This is for billing purposes. For eg, I have to bill an insurance for a patient on the day of visit. There are many CPT codes (procedure codes) with its prices. Now the insurance pays me the contracted rate and the rest has to get adjusted. Sometimes there is a balance which is charged to the patient and sometimes its $0. Now the same patient can have multiple insurances, so I have to bill the primary and then bill the balance to the secondary. Read More...
Scott Axton
34 days ago
My opinion is that you should not try and cherry pick your knowledge by jumping into this seminar or that one.  Many of the Seminars contain some pretty advanced concepts that you just have to have the base knowledge for.

The Seminars are not intended to be stand alone programs that you plug into your database.  They usually contain lots of related information to a specific subject that are more in depth than Richard can cover in a 20 - 30 min. TechHelp video.

Instead,  your time and money really would be better spent following in the courses, one at a time, in order.  Richard teaches you the "How and Why" of doing certain things in MS Access. There isn't any course that does exactly what you asked above.  This really is a case of you have to learn how to crawl, then walk, before you can run.
Once you have the base knowledge you can apply what you have learned to solving nearly ANY database problem you are working on.
Richard Rost
33 days ago
It's difficult for me to say, because I don't know your level of knowledge with Access. I see you've only completed my Beginner lessons, so I would say definitely finish the first few Expert levels and make sure you understand relationships WELL. If I were to build something like this, I'd probably submit the bill to the primary insurance, then record their payment, then COPY the invoice to send to the secondary insurance. This is going to require knowing how to copy a record with all of the dependent child records. Definitely a Developer-level topic. I cover that in Developer 24.
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Best Seminars Upload Images   Link  
James Hopkins 
5 months ago
Hey Richard, I working on my company's database. So, I wondering what is the best Seminars to take for a "Lawn & Landscaping Maintenance Servicer". I am wanting to build a database that I can do 'Billing, Scheduling, and Securing Data' for our database system to manage the business.
Adam Schwanz
5 months ago
The Access Security Seminar is probably my favorite seminar. I gained so much from it. Id suggest that one at the least for securing data.
Scott Axton
5 months ago
James -
One of the first seminars I purchased was the Access Work Order Seminar.

"You will learn everything you need to build a database to run a service-oriented business using Microsoft Access."

Be aware this isn't one for a total beginner - in my opinion.  It is super detailed and Richard goes into the topic at great length of what you need and does even go into a bit of VBA programming.

That being said, I can totally 100% recommend this for what you just described.  It is probably one of the more comprehensive classes out there.
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Checkbook Register Seminar Upload Images   Link  
Russ Phillips 
2 years ago
Are you going to make a check book register seminar if so when do you think you will have it ready.
Richard Rost
2 years ago
You know, Russ, one of my YouTube Gold members just asked me a couple days ago if I could show how to reconcile a check book, so I was going to do a simple check register as a TechHelp video, and then for the Extended Cut show how to print checks.

I cover how to do a simple check register in Access Expert 29. I cover how to print checks in Developer 5. But a lot of people want to learn how to do these things and don't necessarily want ALL of the rest of the material in those classes, so I can make a quick, short how-to TechHelp video that covers the basics.

I've been thinking about a full seminar on the subject too. I would include things like tracking multiple accounts, downloading and importing your bank statements, putting expenses in categories, etc. If you can think of any other features you'd like to see, post them here.

As far as WHEN? I don't know. The quick TechHelp videos, very soon. It's a Gold Member so he's on top of the list. The seminar? Not sure. I've got a few other things on my plate first.
Richard Rost
2 years ago
Alex just reminded me that I already recorded 3 hours of a Bank Seminar that I never released back in 2019. That covers mostly downloading and importing transactions from your bank. I'm going to review it soon and perhaps publish what I've got so far.
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