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Welcome to the Message Forums. Here you will find discussions on all of the different topics that I teach. Feel free to post any questions you might have in the relevant Forum. While everyone is free to browse and read the Forums, only my students are allowed to post and comment in most of the regular Forums. If you're not a student yet, consider becoming one. Until then, you may only post in the Visitor Forum.

Comment List    Rules for Posting

  Microsoft Access Forums Last Post Last Comment
Microsoft Access - General Access Forum 14 hours 17 hours
  Access Developers - Access Developer Student Forum 3 days 5 hours
  AccessDev.NET - Microsoft Access Developer Network 7 days 7 days
  Access Template Marketplace - To Share Templates 26 days 25 days
  Other Popular Forums Last Post Last Comment
Microsoft Excel Forum Microsoft Excel 11 days 11 days
Visual Basic 18 days 4 months
Active Server Pages 17 days 16 days
  General Info Last Post Last Comment
General Discussion 3 months 10 days
Customer Service 10 days 15 days
  Other Forums Last Post Last Comment
Terminal Developer 15 days 2 months
Alex (Avatar) Alex's Tips Forum - Supplemental Projects, Databases, Videos 7 months 7 months
Tech Help - Bronze TechHelp Members Forum 23 days 23 days
Windows (8) Windows 16 days 16 days
HTML Internet No Posts 2 years
Word (2013) Microsoft Word 3 months 4 months
PowerPoint (2010) PowerPoint 2 years 3 years
FrontPage FrontPage 3 months 3 months
HTML HTML 4 years No Comments
QuickBooks QuickBooks 7 years 2 years
Photoshop Photoshop 11 years No Comments
Outlook (2010) Outlook 7 months 3 years
Digital Photography Digital Photography 8 years No Comments
  Non Member Forum Last Post Last Comment
VF Visitor Forum No Comments No Comments
  PRIVATE Forums Last Post Last Comment
Moderators Access Veterans - PRIVATE 8 months 8 months
Moderators Moderators - PRIVATE 6 days 6 days

By far the most popular Forums are Access and Excel. I will update the rest of them with proper logos and details when they start getting used. I haven't taught any of those classes in years, and there haven't been any new comments in a while, but I'm going to be updating many of them soon (Word, PowerPoint, Windows, ASP, VB, etc.) so when I do, I'll update these.



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