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Date Time Clock Picker Template

Microsoft Access Time Picker Clock Template

This is a video walkthru of my new Microsoft Access Date and Time Picker Template. The purpose of this video is to show you all of the features in the template.

You can purchase the template for your use at the link provided below. If enough of you want to see how this database was built, I would be happy to record a detailed lesson video, but for now it's available only as a template.

I do cover how I built the Calendar Control Template in my Access Calendar Seminar and the techniques are very similar.

This database uses ONLY Microsoft Access to provide you with a popup calendar date picker form and a popup time picker form. I hate external objects (DLLs, COM objects, etc.) Microsoft removed the built-in calendar control in Access 2010, and they replaced it with a simple date picker popup in the control. Some people (including me) want more control over that date popup. So, a few years ago, I created my Calendar Control Replacement (see link below).

Walk-Thru Video

Watch the following walk-thru video. You'll see all of the features included in this template. You can use this as a popup form, or embed it inside of your other forms. And of course, it's completely customizable and you get the full source code when you purchase the template.


Purchase Now

You can purchase your copy of this tutorial by clicking on the button below. You get the full editable database template:

Order Now

Learn How This Template Was Built

Please note that this template does NOT come with any training or instruction. The database is well built and documented, however if you want to learn HOW to build something like this, take my Calendar Seminar. It will show how to construct something along the same lines. If enough people are interested in exactly how I built this Date Time Picker Template, then I'll record a separate instructional video. Contact me and let me know.

Customize For Your Needs

If you would like to discuss customizing this database for your needs, please see my consulting page for details on rates and other information.


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Joe Hood 
6 months ago
Hello Richard,

I purchased your Date Time Clock Picker since the Microsoft Date Picker is simply not very good. I was able to figure out most of what you did, although some if it is still above my knowledge level. That said using your template I was able to make an awesome form that allows our Tech's to remotely enter their time on their work orders. They use I-Pads with an RDP connection to access the database and our ability to enlarge the calendar and time picker form was critical to making the new form user friendly. I will continue on with my lessons and hopefully will fully understand how you built it in the near future. Your efforts are very much appreciated. Read More...
Richard Rost
6 months ago
Thank you for your endorsement, Joe. Yeah, some things like this are easier to just build and show you how to use them. Explaining it all is a lot of work. :)
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Despina Karayanni 
7 months ago
Hello Richard,
I used this module (the analog clock), together with the calendar control module, in the appointments single forms (in the form DatepickerF) and they both appear wonderfully! However, I didn't manage to use them in continuous forms (e.g. the contact subform (customer w contacts-the parent form). Actually, what calendar control module did was that it filled in all the empty records with the same date that I had chosen for just a specific cell. I didn't make any attempt with the clock (cause I thought that I would face the same problem). Do you have some piece of advice upon this matter? Thank you very much in advance.
Despina Karayanni
7 months ago
Hello again,
I abandoned the embedded version, which produced the aforementioned problem in the continuous form contactF and I tried the popup version.
The popup version of the date picker (mydate2), together with the analog clock in the continuous form contactF,  and it worked O.K. However, as a subform (the CustomerContactF is the parent form) it doesn't work. Both modules give a message that they can't find the ContactF. Furthermore, I get the following debug messages:

1) for the date (mydate2) I get:   RDate = Nz(Forms(ReturnForm).Controls(ReturnField).Value, 0)

2) for the MyTime1:    RTime = Nz(Forms(ReturnForm).Controls(ReturnField).Value, Now())
  MinuteHand.Top = DLookup("LineTop", "HandInfoT", "HandValue=" & myMinute + 100)

How can I define the path of the returnform and the settings for the timer mytime1?
Thanks you very much again.
Richard Rost
7 months ago
OK, I took some time today and reviewed the template. It would take a MAJOR rewrite of the SelectTime function to allow the Time Picker to return a value to a subform. In fact, it would probably be easier to just write an entirely new function. I would suggest just hard code the location you want to return the value to into a copy of the popup timer form.
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Date Time Clock Picker Template Upload Images   Link  
John D 
20 months ago
Love it! I am going to buy it
Richard Rost
19 months ago
So how's it working for ya?
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