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be sought for with ardor and diligence.
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Volume Discounts

All of our courses are sold on a PER USER basis. Sharing our courses with other people is NOT permitted. However if you are an organization that has multiple users to train on the same subjects, we offer significant discounts based on the number of students you have. The more people you wish to train, the higher the discount goes.

Here's how it works. The first student pays full price for the courses. You can find the current pricing for all of our courses on our Online Order Form. After the first student, additional students receive a discount based on the total number of students you need to train for this course. The discounts are as follows:

Students Discount
1 0%
2 to 5 50%
6 to 10 55%
11 to 20 60%
21 to 50 65%
51 to 100 70%
Over 100 75%
So for example, let's say you have 10 students that all need to be trained on Excel levels 1, 2, and 3. The normal cost for Excel 1 is $5.99. Excel 2 and 3 cost $9.99 each. Student 1 pays $25.97. Students 2 through 5 get a 50% discount, so they each pay $12.99. Students 6 to 10 get a 55% discount, so they each pay $11.69.

The total cost for all 10 students is: 25.97 + (12.99 x 4) + (11.69 x 5) = $136.38.

If you decide that you need to add more users in the future, you will automatically be placed at the discount level from previous purchases. So, let's say you need to train 5 more users on Excel Level 1. Since you've already purchased 10 licenses, these new users become students 11 to 15 and get a 60% discount, paying just $2.40 each.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: I've purchased a course for myself. Can I transfer my license to another person?

A: No. Our courses are purchased on a PER USER basis. You may not share your courses with any other people, sell them, or transfer the license to anyone else. Please be sure to read our complete TERMS OF SALE.


Q: Do you offer site licenses where I can pay one price for any number of users in my company?

A: Generally, no. Unless your organization has at least 1000 students you wish to train, we do not offer site licenses.


Q: Do I get multiple accounts for each of my employees, or one company account?

A: Each of your employees will receive their own individual logon account and password. We track logons, and it's not possible for the same user to be logged on twice. We require the user's full name and email address to set up an account for them.


Q: Can my employees take their courses home with them?

A: Yes. Remember, the license is PER USER. We don't care if a student watches his courses on his work computer, home computer, laptop, or even his smart phone. A student can log on anywhere he wants and watch his courses right in a web browser, or download and install the courses on his home and work computers. As long as he doesn't share the courses with another user, he's not in violation of our license agreement.


Q: Can you ship me multiple copies of the courses on CDs for my employees?

A: While we strongly recommend that you have your users watch the courses online, we can also ship you CDs. We can either send you a single CD that you can then copy and distribute to your users (up to the number of licenses you have purchased, of course), or we can ship you multiple CDs. Our current (Feb 2012) shipping and handling cost for customers in the USA is $4.95 for the first CD plus $2 for each additional CD (subject to change based on increases in postage costs, of course). Foreign customers will be charged according to the shipping rates for your country.


Q: I have a coupon for a discount on your courses. Can you apply this to my volume purchase?

A: Of course, however our discounts are never cumulative. We're happy to apply whichever discount is greater to your purchase. Since we almost never issue coupons that are more than 50% off, chances are the volume discount shown here will be the better one. This will generally result in you receiving the discount for the first student, and the rest of the students will be priced accordingly.


Q: Your web site offers an automatic quantity discount if I purchase multiple classes. Do I get this discount with a volume purchase too?

A: Again, just as with the last question, any discounts we offer are never cumulative. If the web site offers you a quantity discount for purchasing multiple classes, that discount will never exceed 50%. So again you will get that discount for the first student, and then the rest of your students will receive the normal volume license discounts shown above.


Q: Do volume discounts apply to your handbooks?

A: Yes and no. We are happy to extend the volume discount to the electronic (PDF) versions of our handbooks, but we cannot offer discounts on the printed handbooks. Most of the cost of the printed books are beyond our control (printing, shipping, etc.). If you require a large volume of printed handbooks, we can probably work out some kind of a discount for you, but it will have to be on a case by case basis.


Q: Do you accept purchase orders?

A: Yes, we will accept purchase orders from government, educational, or Fortune 1000 corporations on NET30 terms. We will not process your order until we have received an original signed PO and have verified it with your accounting department. Contact our customer service dept for our mailing address. We will NOT accept purchase orders on any order where our materials cost exceeds $100 (printed handbooks, multiple CDs, postage, etc.). These costs must be paid up front.

Once your account is set up with us, adding new students or courses is easy. Just send us an email with the users' names and email addresses and we'll add the accounts for you. We can bill you at the end of the month for any new users.


Q: If I purchase a computer book, I can pass that around my office to as many people as I want. Why can't I do the same with your video CD?

A: First, keep in mind that our video courses are MUCH better than learning with a book. Yes, you can share a book and pass it around from person to person. However, think of our video lessons as if you're going to see a movie in a theater - or even attending a computer class in a school somewhere. You can't just pay for the movie (or class) once and have a bunch of people watch it.

Sharing our courses is simply not fair to us. A large company with 500 employees could theoretically buy one copy of our courses and train hundreds of people. We don't want that to happen. That's why we strictly sell our lessons on a PER USER basis. That's the licensing model we've chosen for our business because we feel it's fair for everyone involved. If you're going to benefit and learn from our lessons, we should be compensated... just as if you were attending a classroom-based computer course. You will still find, however, that our courses are very reasonably priced even without the volume discount.



If you have any questions that weren't answered here, or you'd like for us to put together a custom quote for your organization, please Contact Customer Service.

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