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Courses - Active Server Pages 103
Description: Basic ASP 103
Running Time: 76 minutes
Pre-Requisites: ASP 102
We use Standard ASP on a Windows Server. We also use Microsoft FrontPage 2003 for our Web editor. You can use any server or Web editor compatible with ASP.

 Click here for the Teacher's Outline

Major topics covered in this class:

  • Formatting Numbers
  • Math Functions
  • Generating Random Numbers
  • String Functions
  • The Response Object
  • Redirecting To a Different Page
  • Different Types of Form Fields

In this class you will learn how to format numbers of all types. You will learn how to format currency values, percents, and more. You will learn just about every ASP Math function there is (absolute value, int, fix, exp, hex, etc.) You will learn how to generate random numbers which is essential later on for creating random rotating banners.

You will learn about all of the different Text String functions so that you can convert to upper or lowercase, determine how long a string is, chop off the left or right side of a string, search within a string, and more.

We will study the Response object in detail, and you will learn how to use the Buffer (clear, flush, etc.). You will learn how to end execution of a script immediately, and how to specify how long the user's browser should cache your page. You'll learn how to redirect the user to a different page or web site. This comes in handy if, for example, an invalid password was entered.

Finally, we'll study all of the different HTML form field types such as drop-down lists, check boxes, text areas, option buttons, etc.

More importantly, you'll learn how ASP deals with these values when they're submitted.

Again, there aren't a lot of fancy screen shots to show you from this class, but there's a lot of great, solid ASP material covered in this 70+ minute tutorial.


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 Click here for the Teacher's Outline

Student Interaction: Active Server Pages 103

Richard on 8/20/2008:  ASP 103 covers Formatting Numbers, Math Functions, Generating Random Numbers, String Functions, The Response Object, Redirecting To a Different Page, Different Types of Form Fields See the complete outline here: /site/courselist/asp/asp103/
Benjamin Berks on 5/21/2010: From ASP103, Video #2:

Question: Do the trig functions use degree # or radian #s?

Reply from Richard Rost:

Oooh... it's been a while since I've actually used any trig functions in any of my code. If memory serves, I think all of the ASP/VB functions use values in RADIANS. You can use the following to convert to degrees:

Dim PI
PI = 4 * ATN(1) ' 3.14159-ish
degrees = radians * 180 / PI

And to go the other way:

radians = degrees * PI / 180

Wow... it's all coming back to me now. :)

Benjamin Berks on 6/2/2010: For ASP103, video section 4 on response.redirect.

If I redirect to another website, does this simply respond with a command for the client browser to pull up the refering website? Or does my server pull the refering website and serve it to the client?

Reply from Richard Rost:

If you use response.redirect you're basically telling the browser to go to another page. The other web site doesn't get pulled into YOUR server. Everything happens in the client's browser.

MUBEEZI MICAH on 12/7/2012: Dear Richard,

I have so far seen no significant difference between access VBA and ASP.
However, with the string function (Time index 4:00), does it mean we can not write something like;
Dim X as string?


Reply from Richard Rost:

You don't specify a data type in ASP. Just:

Dim X

Strange, I know.


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