An investment in knowledge
pays the best interest.
-Benjamin Franklin
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   Windows  Learn how to use Microsoft Windows
   Internet  Web browsing, Email, chat, downloads, tricks!
   Microsoft Word  Write & edit documents with Microsoft Word
   Microsoft Excel  Create spreadsheets & charts with Microsoft Excel
   PowerPoint  Make presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint
   Microsoft Access  Build databases with Microsoft Access
   FrontPage  Construct web sites with Microsoft FrontPage
   HTML  Design or edit web pages with HTML
   Visual Basic  Program with Microsoft Visual Basic
   ASP  Dynamic web sites with Active Server Pages
   QuickBooks  Manage your business with QuickBooks
   Photoshop  Create & edit professional-quality graphics
   Microsoft Outlook  Send & receive email, date calendar, contacts
   Digital Photography  Learn about cameras, editing pictures, more!
   SQL  Enhance your databases with SQL
   Other Courses  A listing of other courses, coming soon.
   Seminars  Complete beginner to advanced seminars
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Free Upgrade
Most of my courses offer FREE upgrades to the most recent
version of that software title. For example, if you purchase
the current Microsoft Access courses, you will get a
free upgrade to the Access 2010 courses when they become
available. Click here for complete details and estimated release dates.


Student Interaction: 599CD Free Demo Lessons

Richard on 1/1/2007:  We have over an hour of FREE sample lessons available that you can view right here. Each sample lesson shows you a different video from our courses, including Windows, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, FrontPage, VB, ASP, QuickBooks, Photoshop, Outlook, and the Internet. You can watch our free sample lessons on our web site by visiting the DEMO page.
leroy diaz on 12/2/2007: are you still working on vb103, and when will it be complete so i can view it.
Richard Rost on 12/9/2007: I'm working on it now. I hope to have it finished very soon.
Earl Broyles on 12/31/2007: Do you have plans of teaching Microsoft Project in the near future?
Richard Rost on 1/5/2008: It is on the list, but it probably won't happen in the NEAR future. I've got SO many other classes I need to finish first - and I need to release updates for Office 2007 on everything else (Word, Excel, etc.) I'd be surprised if I'm able to do anything with MS Project until at least summer 2008.
Don Moore on 1/9/2008: I need help with Quicken 2008. Unable to get it from Intuit (of course)
Shawn McCarthy on 1/10/2008: When might courses for Server 2003 be available?
Thank you

Richard Rost on 1/10/2008: I have one OLD QuickBooks class online, but nothing for Quicken right now. I am planning on a new course for QuickBooks and hopefully a Quicken class - but they probably wont be out until March or April 2008 at the earliest.
Richard Rost on 1/10/2008: Administering Windows Server 2003 courses are on my list. Right now, however, there are a LOT of other courses I need to finish first. I really hate to put a speculative date on it, but I'd say March or April 2008 at the earliest.
Don L. Moore on 1/10/2008: Sorry to hear that Quicken is not yet available but want you to know how impressed I am to actually get a quick feedback. It is a rarity in this current tech world.
 Thomas on 1/30/2008: When selecting a lesson via internet, is it available to view one time or is it available for a period of time (ex. 24hrs)
Richard Rost on 2/2/2008: Once you purchase one of my courses - either on CD-ROM or via the Internet - you can ALWAYS come back and watch it later. There is no expiration date.
Robert Wilkin on 4/10/2008: Do ypu have a CD on selling on E-Bay?
Herbert Hildreth on 4/13/2008: how about a course on Microsoft Office 2007?
Richard Rost on 4/16/2008: Robert, I do not have a video yet on selling on eBay. I need to work on the Office 2007 material first. Then, perhaps this summer, if I have time I'll put together an eBay CD.
Richard Rost on 4/16/2008: Yes, Access 2007 is coming very soon. I still have some 2003 classes to finish first (hey, not everyone has upgraded - NOR SHOULD YOU YET!) But yes, I won't be ignoring my AC2007 customers for too much longer.
  on 4/16/2008: i have many of your courses.where do i find computer basics like cut copy,& paste,etc.thanks.
Richard Rost on 4/18/2008: I cover Cut, Copy, and Paste (CCP) in a couple of different courses, depending on what you're using it for. For example, to CCP plain text, I show you how to do that in Microsoft Word 101. I also teach it in Excel 101 for spreadsheet cells. If you want to CCP whole files and folders, I show that in Windows 120.
Ramon Salvo on 4/20/2008: I am interested in ordering the Excel Data Analysis pack.
Is the seminar better?
Could I use PayPal?
Please respond by e-mail.

 Phil Gooselaw on 4/20/2008: Richard,
I ordered both Photoshop 202 and 203 some time ago and at that time, it was stated that 203 was in the process of being developed. Since that time, it hasn't been completed and it's "still in the process"...Do you have any prospect of completing this in the near future?? Your other courses are great. I'm going to do your Frontpage / Web Design courses soon... Regards.

Richard Rost on 4/21/2008: The Excel Data Analysis courses are Excel 220 through 224. I would say that these five courses are MUCH better than the seminar. The seminar was recorded many years ago and only briefly touches upon a WIDE range of subjects. It was designed to get someone up and running quickly with Excel. The Data Analysis pack covers many good topics IN DEPTH, including data lists, data entry forms, subtotals, and most important of all, PIVOT TABLES. Yes, we accept Paypal as a payment method. When you place your order online, the web site will list that as one of the payment options.
Richard Rost on 4/21/2008: Photoshop 203 is next. I just finished the Word classes that were on the pre-release list, and I'm working on Photoshop right now. I expect to have it finished by the end of the week.

  on 5/19/2008: this is totally awesome, thank you! How can I learn extended info (e.g links, forms, panes freeze/unfreeze)
Richard Rost on 5/24/2008: Of course I cover topics like hyperlinks and forms in my more advanced FULL FrontPage courses.
 jagadish on 6/15/2008: how can i upload my photographs on web ?
Richard Rost on 6/17/2008: Jagadish, the easiest way to upload your photographs to the web is to find an image-hosting service such as PhotoBucket or ImageShack. You can set up a free account at one of these web sites and they have very easy tools to allow you to upload and share them with friends and family.
nigel on 9/15/2008: Your courses really are excellent BUT, most of the VB course seems centered on user forms, combo boxes etc.

i would like to see more VBA that is centered on excel itself. I don't want to advertise but if you look at MR Excels message board, 90% of the problems people are trying to solve have nothing to do with userforms.

Could we have some courses that solve some of these type of problems?

Richard Rost on 9/17/2008: Nigel, my VB course is just that... for developing programs in VISUAL BASIC. Now, if you're looking for a course on EXCEL VBA, then yes I agree that's something that I need to develop. I haven't touched on Excel VBA at all in my EXCEL classes. Oh, and yes, I have spent some times on Mr. Excel's web site. It's very good. I love Bill Jelen.
Marty Martindale on 1/7/2009: Dear Richard.
Happy New Year! I need to learn Dreamweaver. Will you be teaching it anytime soon?


Richard Rost on 1/20/2009: Marty, I do plan to cover Dreamweaver in the future. I have to finish the Office 2007 tutorials first.
Marion on 3/10/2009: Richard, you should reverse the sort order of these comments. Show the latest at the top - otherwise people think they are old when they see the 2007 date at the top
Richard Rost on 3/11/2009: Marion, I've thought about that, and my rational before was that I wanted to show the comments in order that they were made... but we'll try it your way for a while and see. I'll switch them.
Elia Gore on 4/8/2009: Office 2007 is getting a lot of attention nowadays.What happened to our beloved Microsoft Office 2003? Is there a slight hope that advanced lessons in (Word,Excel Access)will be introduced in near future. I am looking forward to watching them. Thanks.
Richard Rost on 4/8/2009: Elia, I am going to finish up the beginner to intermediate Office 2007 lessons and then make some advanced 2003 tutorials. Hang in there.
Connie Duran on 4/9/2009: Hi there,

I really need to learn this Vista program!! Do you have anything for me??? Also would like a CD about Basic Computing. I have forgotten most of what I learned back when we still had WorkPerfect 5.1. Ah, what did they have to change??

Richard Rost on 4/9/2009: Connie, start with my Windows 101 tutorial which is about basic computing (hardware, software, etc.) Then move up to my Windows Vista 101 and 102 classes. You can find all of the details on my Windows page:
Marina Stein on 5/13/2009: Richard,
Are you planning to work on SQL course.
If you do - when?

Richard Rost on 5/18/2009: Marina, I cover SOME basic SQL in my Access classes, but I do not have an SQL (Language) or SQL Server specific course YET. It is close to the top of my TO-DO list, however, but I really can't give you a date.
Tim Bromund on 5/29/2009: As with Marty's comments above in January. I'm looking forward to some dreamweaver courses. with MS no longer supporting Front Page, some web hosts are no longer supporting/carrying FP server extensions. I have Dreamweaver and have played with it a bit. It seems like it is a more powerful program, but it isn't nearly as intiutively user friendly as FP was. Whenever you can get some Dreamweaver training sessions up that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Richard Rost on 6/11/2009: Microsoft just renamed FrontPage to "Expression Web." It's still essentially the same product (with some upgrades) and does everything that FrontPage did.
charles on 6/4/2010: do you have any courses on Open Office? And will it conflict with Microsoft office ?

Reply from Richard Rost:

I do not currently have any courses for OpenOffice. I would like to add some in the future, but don't have time for it right now. What do you mean by "conflict" with Microsoft Office? They're competing products, yes, but I don't believe there are any software conflicts that will come up if you install both on the same PC. Honestly, though, I've never tried it.

Jennifer Hull on 6/13/2010: I have taught myself access and am using it for a medical database in soweto JHB. If more than one person is working at different sites on the same database, how do I integrate the data from each person? Please help.

Reply from Richard Rost:

This is certainly NOT an easy situation to deal with. Your best bet is to integrate them all together into one database... preferably a centralized, web-based database. I show one such solution in my Access Web Synch Seminar. You can always create custom import/export routines for this as well. I plan to create another seminar in the future dealing more with this issue.

Scott Hoag on 7/1/2010: I've created a mstr doc for a 37 chapter book. How do I page continuously page the book so that a change in the no of pgs in say chap 5 will be reflected in subsequent chaps
Xernan Tolentino on 11/4/2010: Hi,
I just only want to ask how can I combine 2 tables in 1 table

Reply from Richard Rost:

Temporarily? Use a UNION query.
Permanently? Use an APPEND query.

abdu on 12/30/2011: how can i create role based database security in access 2007
gm on 12/7/2012: i love your tutorials!!! keep it up! but i hope you will also cover C/C++ ...

Reply from Richard Rost:

I've been thinking about doing a C/C++ course. It's been on the WAITING LIST forever, but so far only has a handful of votes. I don't know if there's much interest in it from my current customers.

However... my son just enrolled in college and is taking a C++ course. The book they made him spend $120 on is AWFUL, so I've been thinking about putting something together geared towards college kids.


gm on 12/7/2012: =) i really hope you can cover C/C++ and also java is really great! thank you so much and congratulations Mr. Richard for a great job! I'm addicted to your Access 2010 tutorials and I'm also starting to purchase your VB 6 tutorial last night :)
Yolande Villeneuve on 2/6/2013: I would like to take Access 2010 as I took a course for 2007 then I needed Access 2010 for a project. Now I would like to know more about Access 2010.
Thank for your support!

Yolande Villeneuve

Yolande Villeneuve on 2/6/2013: To make another table from the original table in transferring the shell or skeleton as I need all the same field.
Thank you for your support

Yolande Villeneuve

rc on 4/13/2013: I made a database in access, now how I can stop people from deleting the database knowingly or unknowingly. I want people to use it but not to delete database from computer. Is it possible. Awaiting for reply,Thanks.

Reply from Richard Rost:

In a nutshell: you can't.

One of the problems with Access alone is that the users need to have rights to the database file and the folder it's in. If they can't write to that folder, then they can't work with records.

I show you how to secure your Access databases as much as possible in my Security Seminar and my Split Database Seminar.

If you need REAL security for your data, however, the only bullet-proof method is to use a database server (like SQL Server). Otherwise, just make sure you have good daily backups and if someone does something they're not supposed to, FIRE THEM. :)

Arshnoor on 8/27/2013: In a table of MS Access 2010, is it possible to lock certain fields so that the user can only see those fields but not edit it?

Reply from Richard Rost:

Nope. Your end users shouldn't be in your tables anyway. Use a form and just show the user the fields you want. You can set the LOCKED property for the individual fields, or ALLOW EDITS, ALLOW ADDITIONS, and ALLOW DELETIONS properties of the form.

Jena Fabre on 1/2/2014: when are you going to do windows 8 level 2,you are a great teacher and look forward to windows 8 level 2.please e-mail me when your finished so i can continue learning from you.thank you.

Reply from Richard Rost:

Hopefully I'll have it out in a few weeks. I need to refresh Level 1 first with the new 8.1 updates.

pmgamer18 on 1/21/2014: Your windows 8 lessons level 1 was great. My laptop died with vista and your help saved me a lot of problems.

When I bought the new laptop I had the store up load my files from my old laptop. Long story short they left my virus and firewall off.

Your lesson showed me how to find this and my new laptop was so full of malware and adware I could not link to anything.

sites were poping up in front of sites I linked to and I needed to try to turn them off.

After seeing what was wrong I went back to the store and made them fix this problem.

If I had not see your lessons I would be going nuts.

Thanks for what your doing.

ChrisNordjo on 5/4/2016: Actually i m in ghana how can i get the full program from level 1 to level 5. and also let me know the mode of payment

Reply from Alex Hedley:

You can ORDER them.
Click here for: Payment Methods


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