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WalkThru - Passwords
If you purchased purchased your courses directly from our Web site, you should have given us your email address, and you should have been asked for a password to use with your account. This password is all you should need to log on to your account, watch your videos in the online theater, or download and install courses in the video player.

If you did not purchase your courses from us directly, but instead purchased them from a different web site or retail location, please contact customer service to set up your account password.

All of our courses also have an individual installation password associated with them. This is a long, alphanumeric text string that looks something like this: 725TGFS625376GSSF. As long as you have your personal account set up, and you're online, you should never need to type these in.

There are a couple of reasons why each one of our courses are locked with a password. Mostly it's because we ship out CDs that come with dozens of different courses on them. Sometimes people only purchase one or two courses that are on that CD, so the rest of them are password protected to prevent unauthorized access to them. If you order, for example, Excel 1 and 2, you might get a CD with 10 different Excel courses on it. This way you can access just the courses you purchased, and we don't have to send you 10 different CDs.

As long as you're connected to the Internet, however, and you're running our Video Player software, you should never need to type in these big long passwords. The Video Player software takes care of that for you. It looks up your account based on your username and password, and provides the course installation password automatically.

If, however, you have a situation where you need to install your courses OFFLINE (perhaps on a laptop at a remote location with no Internet access) then you can always get the individual course passwords and type them in. They can be found on your Account Information page next to each course. They are also emailed to you when you first place your order.

If you have any questions about these passwords, please contact customer service.

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