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1/21/2015 1:07:30 PM
Next Project Asset Tracking Database
By Richard Rost   Richard Rost on Facebook Richard Rost on Twitter Richard Rost on Google Plus Richard Rost on LinkedIn Email Richard Rost

Microsoft Access TutorialsFor my next Access Seminar, I've been working on an Asset Tracking Database for a customer. I've got 90% of the basics completed, but I wanted to put a feeler out to all of you before I finished it: what features would YOU want to see in an asset tracking database? Post your comments here if you have anything interesting or unusual you'd like to see added that might not be in your "traditional" asset tracking database.

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Code numbers for products Comment from Lisa Aldridge @ 8/15/2015
I would like to have code numbers for products that I can create to become auto number.  For example have a three letter prefix such as WPX and then 4 numbers starting at 1000 that auto number so the new /next code no is WPX1001.  Also I would like to use these code numbers as primary keys for easy look ups.  I have other ranges of products with different letter prefixes.  These letter prefixes represent different ranges of products.   I used an access program that had all these features, it was an access available in the 1990s.  Better still can you build my stock database.  I have been purchasing all your classes starting from beginner, however I seem to be running out of time to learn everything to build a stock database.
Cheers Lisa

Reply from Alex Hedley:

Have you seen the DMAX Counter Tip?
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Next Project Asset Tracking Database Comment from Simon K @ 5/21/2015
It would be good if you could discuss the challenges of getting data input into the database when the people physically handling the assets are not very motivated to keep good records
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Comment from Otto M @ 4/7/2015
We buy pipes of 6m length. Each pipe has a heatnumber and a certificate. The heatnumber is unique for a batch, but a batch can consist of several pipes. In a project we can use 1m pipe and we have to add this certificate in this project. The remaining 5m can be used in 1 or more next projects. Each project always need to contain all certificates of pipes that are used.
Could this be considered in your asset tracking database project?
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Next Project Asset Tracking Database Comment from Errol B @ 3/6/2015
All loose parts get a QR code and the package get a barcode. So you can always Track and trace What QR code (loose parts) must go in the package.

Thank you
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Next Project Asset Tracking Database Comment from Bill R @ 2/28/2015
My brother rents roll-off boxes at a variety of locations. Several times he lost them because they did not keep good records. In addition to having normal contact information, it would be helpful to have variable input reminders (30 days, 60 days etc,) to remind them or email alerts to get the money or the roll-off box.

Normal equipment data such as make, model, date purchased, purchase price, and seller contact data. Depreciation data would be helpful too.

Bill R
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Next Project Asset Tracking Database Comment from William L @ 2/15/2015
I would like to see how you would set tables up if you had Large quantities of assets with the same part number, But each part has manufacturing serial numbers to make them one of a kind. I would like to be able to track when I receive each part where I store it and then be able to pull it out of inventory and ship it to the customer.
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Next Project Asset Tracking Database Comment from Uriel R @ 1/26/2015
If you could include how to create, add and track products with barcodes and how to use barcode readers that would be great.
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Asset TrackingSeminar Comment from Chris Thompson @ 1/23/2015
Richard, Just a few things we use in our tracking database...

We track based on a "device" of which an asset number is one of the components. We affix a common tracking label (incremental unique) to each device so that when we see multiple devices beside each other, we can quickly establish which asset is which. We also keep location information as to where the device is kept physically and we also capture Serial numbers, model information, description etc. Special info regarding the particular asset is also stored such as the MAC address(es) so that we can use the tracking DB for locating a device that may be misbehaving on our network.

We also have audit capabilities where we use physical location to confirm equipment is where they should be and flag those devices that have not been found yet. We presently use manual keying of the tracking number; but will be looking at barcode for faster auditing.

Just some ideas...


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Next Project Asset Tracking Database Comment from Deon @ 1/23/2015
Hi Richard,

It would be brilliant if you could include a detailed section on how to track asset issue/returns as an online feature. The ability to charge for hiring out an asset and the credit/debit card payment management. (pretty much the way your system works)

If this request is too involved for this seminar - then perhaps a separate seminar to deal with this capability.

I have a customer who is desparate for a solution like this with the web-based e-commerce option?

As always, just to let you know the Date - Time Seminar is absolutely fantastic as is Expert 28. Thank you for this!

Enjoy the rest of your day and best regards,


Reply from Richard Rost:

I'm probably not going to include any online features in this seminar. It's going to be short and sweet. As far as an online credit card payment system goes, that is definitely a possibility for a future seminar.

Thanks for the compliments. I had a lot of fun with X28 and the DateTime Seminar.

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Next Project Asset Tracking Database Comment from simon b @ 1/22/2015
if your asset tracking database is tracking assets at a location then.

Date of asset installation
If new asset installed in place of existing the date new installed plus retention of old asset data if unit is different type.

Date asset was last serviced
by who
Asset service frequency
Assets may have multiple types of service say a 1 year check and a 3 monthly check

asset manuals , manufactures contact details and site pictures to be linked to asset.

location of asset in building to be stored in datbase.

store service reports plus details of any work carried out on asset throughout its life.

sounds like another good seminar, how is the one for the hairdresser coming along. the ability to book appointments online was of great interest to me.

keep up the good work


Reply from Alex Hedley:

I think the Hairdresser one got out on the back burner as they didn't need it anymore
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Asset Tracking Database features Comment from David Martinez @ 1/21/2015
I would love to see a few things:

1) The ability to schedule assets to be used at certain days and times (linking them with an appointment to be used during that time). For example, I coordinate a service business that delivers educational programs to facilities. It would be great if I could track assets like the vehicles we use. So if a program gets booked on a Monday from 11am-12pm, a particular vehicle can get selected to be booked with it and automatically include a predetermined transportation time (e.g. 1 hour each way for travel) and get booked from 10am-1pm.
2) A report to see the rotation of assets reserved. We have live animals that go out with our educational programming and we want to make sure they are getting rotated through appropriately. Having a report that shows how often a particular asset (e.g. a live animal) get's booked would be helpful.
3) Using employees as an asset. For this service/appointment business, I'd like to be able to keep track of employee availability and scheduling. It'd be great if I could track all of my employees, enter dates and times of unavailability (thinking of them as days and times when THAT ASSET is unavailable), and then see who is available when I need to assign a couple of them to an appointment that has been entered. Then creating reports so that each employee can see their schedules (e.g. biweekly), and one report to show the weeks appointments and who is scheduled on them along with any other assets assigned (i.e. vehicles).

Not sure what you've already included but I'm having a hard time finding out how to do this sort of stuff!

Thanks for the great work!
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