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1/21/2015 12:01:00 AM
Updated Production Schedule
By Richard Rost   Richard Rost on Facebook Richard Rost on Twitter Richard Rost on Google Plus Richard Rost on LinkedIn Email Richard Rost

Updated Production Schedule
Updated 21 January 2015

This is a guide to what's coming up next, in order of release. Don't ask me for dates, as I never give them (Why? Click here for an explanation). You can find more information or pre-order these courses by clicking on the links below. Your credit card will NOT be charged until the course is actually released.


I just finished Access Expert 28 and the Advanced DateTime Seminar.


Right now I'm working on a special project for a client who wanted an Asset Tracking Database in Access. If you'd like to contribute any ideas, let me know. I've got a few days of development left still. See this blog post for details.

After that: update to Windows 8 Level 1 to cover the Windows 8.1 changes, followed immediately by Windows Level 2. If you've previously purchased Windows 8 Level 1, you'll get a free upgrade to the new 8.1 version when it's available. I've had my Windows 8 Level 1 class available for a very long time now, but never got around to making Level 2, so there are a TON of people on the Waiting List for it, and I'm going to satisfy you all very soon. Yes, yes, I know... the Windows 10 preview was just released, but it's still several months away from wide distribution and boat-loads of people are still using Windows 8, and asking me for lessons.


I really need to get out the Beginner Level 1 lessons for Office 2013. These will essentially just be re-recordings of Word 2007 Level 1, Excel 2010 Level 1, Access 2010 Level 1, PowerPoint 101, Outlook 101, and possibly new lessons for OneNote and Publisher, although I'm not married to that idea. I know that most of you reading this DON'T need them, but I see that most of my competitors already have 2013 lessons out and I need to do so as well. These shouldn't take very long to make, and I'll give FREE copies to everyone who has purchased the previous Level 1 lesson for those. I'm not making any firm date commitments on these. I'll record them as I have time.


Of course, my goal is to release one new Access class every two weeks. I think this is the perfect amount of time to allow me to produce a custom lesson, and yet give all of you time to digest the previous one. There is still a LOT of material to cover, and Access is - by far - my most popular topic. I've got a couple more lessons in the Expert series to cover (have to finish the Function Guide) and then it's on to the Advanced series with macros and events. I'll be adding an Access class between the other releases, as often as possible.


Several months ago, I started work on a Personal Finance Seminar to handle things like tracking bank accounts, importing data from your bank's web site into Access, checking for duplicates, assigning categories for expenses, and so on. I started this project in early April so I could use it for my own finances to prepare my taxes. I finished the core of it, but it needs some embellishments and polishing. I'm going to try to have this out soon. Tax season is almost upon us... AGAIN, and I know that a lot of you would probably benefit from this seminar as well.

WAITING LIST RESULTS as of November 2014:

As you know, I like to use the WAITING LIST as a means to guide what I work on next. Here are the most popular topics ranked IN ORDER on the Waiting List. This order hasn't changed since June.

1. Access 2013 vote
2. Windows 8 vote
3. PowerPoint 2013 vote
4. Outlook 2013 vote
5. Excel 2013 vote
6. Visual Basic 2013 vote
7. Word 2013 vote
8. Expression Web vote

Here is the list of Seminars, in order:

1. Distributing Your Application (to people who don't have Access, use Runtime) vote
2. Barcode & Inventory (printing and scanning barcodes, inventory control) vote
3. SQL Server (using Access with SQL Server) vote
4. Personal Finance Seminar (importing bank data, check register, budgeting, etc.) vote
5. Access Web Apps vote
6. Invoicing (a quick seminar on JUST making orders and invoices) vote
7. Distributing Front-End Updates (getting updates to your users easily) vote

Like I said, I generally use the Waiting List as a guideline, but it tells me what all of you are interested in. I will say that there are FOUR TIMES as many people interested in Access 2013 as there are the #2 items on the list, Windows 8. So that's one of the reasons I've been working so hard to get all of the Access 2013 lessons out. LOTS OF YOU WANT THEM! So if there's something YOU want to see made into a lesson, VOTE FOR IT!


I have had several additional requests from customers to build a particular seminar NOW because they need it FAST. If this is the case, I am willing to move up your project to the front of the development line. If it's something that I feel I can re-market to the rest of my students, I will charge you a one-time fee of $500 to move your project to the front of the queue. This is in addition to whatever the final cost of the seminar might be. So, if you're really in a hurry, and you really need a database built, consider this option. Contact me for details.


Excel has surprisingly few people signed up for it on the Waiting List. As of right now we only have about 40 people signed up, whereas Visual Basic has twice that, and Access has over 400 people waiting for the next lessons. So you see where my priority has to be right now. YES, I'm definitely going to throw a bunch of advanced Excel lessons in there, but I probably won't get to them until this summer... unless people VOTE FOR EXCEL on the Waiting List.


And, of course, as a disclaimer, NOTHING listed above is set in stone. These are ESTIMATES ONLY. The tutorials I release may change at any time depending on demand, need, customer interest, or even just my whim. I like to keep you guys "in the loop" as best I can, but remember that things may change.

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Updated Production Schedule Comment from Daniel @ 4/11/2014
Please i will like to buy some of your product but am in Ghana (West Africa)where can i purchase it? Daniel

Reply from Richard Rost:

Right here on the web site. I don't have any retail outlets (yet).
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Updated Production Schedule Comment from Mars @ 9/29/2013
I'm looking forward to your course with the personal finance and importing data from bank accounts with categories. Will definitely buy that one. I'm excited now
Show Just This Thread        Post Reply
Updated Production Schedule Comment from John Lanigan @ 8/2/2013
Interested in getting the windows 8
material, as soon as it's available.
Thanks (Great Stuff) John Lanigan

Reply from Richard Rost:

I'll post on the site news as soon as it's ready.
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Updated Production Schedule Comment from James Fisher @ 7/7/2012
Hi Richard.
Thanks for the update Richard. Is the Sharepoint seminar hight on the list as you very kindley said you'd push up the order for me?. I'm please SQL server is hight on the list

Reply from Richard Rost:

Yes, indeed, James. I forgot to put the seminars on the web site list. I just updated it.
Show Just This Thread        Post Reply
Updated Production Schedule Comment from James Fisher @ 6/11/2012
Hi Richard. I'd like to see the sql,Sharepoint seminar. Yes I will be voting for thease classes. Please would you include some learning material on error trapping and how to eal with errors. I kind of know the basics. Thank you
Show Just This Thread        Post Reply
Updated Production Schedule Comment from Jmaes @ 6/8/2012
How much longer until Access 4 and 5 are realeased?

Reply from Richard Rost:

Working on it now. I've had some unexpected delays, but I hope to at least have 4 out this weekend.
Show Just This Thread        Post Reply
Updated Production Schedule Comment from James F @ 6/6/2012
Hello Richard. Thank s for the update. Do you have a projected completion date for the Search and Sort seminar?.
Will this still be covered in 3 parts

Reply from Richard Rost:

No, and probably. :)  No, I do not have a date for the seminar yet. I'm still trying to get through Access 4 and 5. Yes, the seminar will PROBABLY be in 3 parts, MAYBE just 2. I haven't decided yet because it's still in outline form. I have to see how long the videos for part 1 are first.
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Updated Production Schedule Comment from David @ 12/29/2011
Hi Rick

I have not yet, but expect very shortly to purchase Access tutorials from you.

I will also soon be very interested in the processes necessary to bring an Access database "to market". ie How to commercialise a software product. For instance how to exclude source code and only to ship an object version.  How to exclude other features of access which are necessary for development (eg Navigation panel, Properties etc. etc.) from a shipped product.  And how to place an Access product on the market for sale etc etc

Might such tutorials as this fall within your ambit?



Reply from Richard Rost:

I do talk about most of these things in my lessons, yes. The database we build in my numbered classes (101 to 329) is built with end-user distribution in mind. I talk about encrypting your database and securing it for release in my Security Seminar.
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Updated Production Schedule Comment from Mimi @ 11/8/2011
I would like to see either lessons or seminar in creating an Access database for web if possible.

Reply from Richard Rost:

Wow. I can't believe I haven't added this to the Waiting List yet. The best way to get an existing Access 2010 database online for a limited number of users is to use a Sharepoint server. I will be making a seminar on this in the future. If you'd like to vote for it on the Waiting List, click here.

Of course, if you want to make a publicly accessible database with an Access back-end database powering it, I still recommend my Web Database Seminar and ASP.
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Updated Production Schedule Comment from Bill Turner @ 10/23/2011
PLEASE Rick try to get to the Windows 7 Beginner 1 - 5 courses soon. Have been waiting patiently for months and it keeps getting put back on the list. Need to find my way around on Windows 7 and desparately need your courses. Thanks  Bill Turner.

Reply from Richard Rost:

OK, Bill. I'll do my best.
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Updated Production Schedule Comment from Ramon Salvo @ 9/16/2011
Photoshop courses are too complicated.  IMHO, needs simplification or further categorization.
Show Just This Thread        Post Reply
Updated Production Schedule Comment from jimmy @ 6/11/2011
i think that it's will be a good idea to make some photoshop courses,  (and of curse  add a few tips in you tube for advertisement) and then you will be able to see if there is a demand for photo shop courses, i supposed that most of the  potential customers are passive and they are not voting in the vote list
Show Just This Thread        Post Reply
Updated Production Schedule Comment from jimmy @ 5/17/2011
thanks for your excellent courses...
but please try to stand on your scheduled times, (or to let us know if there is any delay  and to give a update your schedule)....
best regards
Show Just This Thread        Post Reply
Updated Production Schedule Comment from Delaware @ 4/15/2011
I would use make few hours of tutorials about definitions.  Modules are comprised of related task routines.  Components include data structures, utilities, Microsoft messaging, etc.  Then move to issues of coupling and granularity.  I find the detail is based on the sample project in 599CD series.  More study of standard(s) and/or definitions and very basic impementations in real world programs  would be good basic tutorial material.  Only that it would have less practical reference for a video.  The first tutorial would be on layers of design, and structured programming concept.  Title is Wind powered technology, used in new Space shuttle air bag.
Show Just This Thread        Post Reply
Updated Production Schedule Comment from Alex Hedley @ 2/24/2011
Has the Access Seminar been put on the backburner?
It was on the schedule for a while but now has gone?

Reply from Richard Rost:

It's on the side burner. I'm actually working on Excel Expert AND the Access seminar at the same time. I'm still in the research gathering phase for the Access seminar right now... making an outline. Gathering notes (i.e. stealing ideas from other books). LOL
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