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Access Database Security Seminar
By Richard Rost   Richard Rost on Facebook Richard Rost on Twitter Richard Rost on Google Plus Richard Rost on LinkedIn Email Richard Rost

Learn how to properly secure your Access databases. Control and monitor everything your users can do in the database. Manage the complete flow of data into your database.

- 1. Preview of topics covered
- 2. A step-by-step Lesson Plan
- 3. Complete Walk Thru of the completed database

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Course Link: Access Database Security Seminar
Keywords: access database security seminar
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ACCDE issues Comment from todd K @ 3/19/2018
I found the issue and fixed it, thanks.

Reply from Alex Hedley:

What fixed it, sharing may help others with the same problem.
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ACCDE issues Comment from todd Kaplan @ 3/14/2018
Rich, I am using Access 2016. I not able to create an ACCDE file. It gives me an error. When aski9ng the Google machine, one forum tells me to compile the VBA code in debug, if there are no issues, it will allow the creation of  an accde file. When I try this, i get an error to compiling with the use of Form_Current. Did this change in Access 2016?

Reply from Alex Hedley:

What line in Form_Current is highlighted?
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accde Comment from Valerie @ 9/20/2017
What is the difference between splitting a database and creating an .accde file?  Don't you split the database when you create an .accde file?

Reply from Alex Hedley:

An accde file encrypts the database as one file, this stops people from getting into the VBA etc.
Splitting doesn't encrypt it just separates.
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accde file not working Comment from Shallena Ayers @ 4/17/2017
When i create an accde file nothing in my database works any longer.  When i open the database my login window pops up but when i push the button to login nothing happens. if i leave the login boxes blank and push a button nothing happens.  if i right click on the login box i have an option to close... when i choose that the login box closes and my database is available but nothing in it works other than to look at it... i can open tables and forms etc from the Navigation Pane but nothing inside the tables, forms etc works.  Everything works fine before creating the accde file.  I am using access 2013.  What is happening here? I follow exactly what you do.  Thanks in advance,

Reply from Alex Hedley:

Try adding it to a trusted location. Beginner 2 covers this.
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Make ACCDE Button Comment from Chris Thompson @ 1/28/2017
Using Access 2010, I don't seem to have the Make ACCDE button on my ribbon; but I thought I would share where it is found:

FILE> SAVE & PUBLISH> then in the opened main window under Save Database As, it is listed under the Advanced heading.

Reply from Alex Hedley:

Did it used to be on the Ribbon, I used to go to the place you listed second.
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ACCDE Comment from Anonymous @ 6/3/2016

After I created an ACCDE file, everything is fine except that I cannot work with the records. I can't Add/Delete, its like if its in Read-Mode only. I want to sell my work to somebody who can work with it smoothly.


Reply from Alex Hedley:

Did you add your own save buttons?
Does a continuous Form not have the record selectors along the bottom?
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ACCDE Comment from Bonnie S @ 5/27/2015
Alex, thank you for your reply to my questions. I appreciated you saying I did need to compile the database before making the ACCDE file. Re my second question: You asked if I was unlocking the database and leaving it open for others. I only unlocked it because I could not replicate the actions that Richard was getting in the video (as Admin signing in to the ACCDE file, and at Lesson 36 @ 9:35, he commented "notice for me I ve got all my full menus because of the db properties in the admin button we created. I could not get that without unlocking the db. However, I would immediately do what I needed to, then relock it.  I understand that the normal place to continue development is with an unlocked development copy. I was simply trying to follow the video.  

These courses are the best!

Reply from Alex Hedley:

Can you add some logging to the unlock methods and then lock the db, then when you try and unlock it does it log your new messages.
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ACCDE Comment from Bonnie Staib @ 5/23/2015
Richard, I have just finished working through your outstanding Security Database. In a rating of 5 starts, it gets 10!  I do have two questions on the later lessons.
In Lesson 32 re ACCDE file. I am working with Access 2010 which may be why I have had this experience. I had repeated difficulty in making the ACCDE file. Finally, after searching the web for clues, I compiled the database first, then tried to make the ACCDE file and it worked then.  Have any other of your users found it necessary to compile before creating the ACCDE file in Access 2010?
Question 2. In Lesson 36, at 9:35 you logon and make a comment that says  notice for me I ve got all my full menus because of the db properties in the admin button we created.   I see that in the video. But when I logon as Richard 123 my menus are limited and if I show the DBW I still can t work with the forms (or even queries) even if I unlock the database without exiting. I can create links but I still have limited menu and no working ability with queries and forms.
What will work: at this point I unlock the database, exit and return. Whoever next returns   no matter what their permission level   sees the navigation pane and can access objects and use full menus. When I as an admin open the db, I can work with it and then lock it again. Then the ACCDE file will work fine for others without giving them access to full menus and nav pane.
Does this behavior surprise you?  Anyone else have this problem?  Thanks so much for such superb teaching!  Bonnie

Reply from Alex Hedley:

It's been while since I've done it but I thought compiling the db was covered, maybe this is in another one. You're right though, you need to before it'll work.

Are you unlocking the db then creating the accde as that would leave it unlocked for everyone.
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Changing the extension accde Comment from David @ 2/11/2010
In the process of trying to figure out my last post (MS 2003 Vs MS2007),  I changed the encrypted Service.accde to a .mdb, and I noticed the tables could be imported into a blank database. However the forms & modules were shadowed out.  Is there anyway around this or is this another limitation to MS Access?

And for my previous post...
I think I should have saved the Service.accdb file to Access 2003 first before encrypting the database in 2007.  When trying to open the database in 2003 the MainMenuF only shows the service and exit buttons aftering logon.  The table defs were not linked.  Please advise because my users use both 2003 and 2007.

Reply from Richard Rost:

Once you ENCRYPT your database file (make an MDE or ACCDE) you effectively LOCK the forms, reports, macros, and modules. This is designed so you can give your database to others and not risk them getting hold of your "design" code. You'll need to use your original ACCDB or MDB file.
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