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Microsoft Access Forum
By Richard Rost   Richard Rost on Facebook Richard Rost on Twitter Richard Rost on Google Plus Richard Rost on LinkedIn Email Richard Rost

This forum is for the discussion of Microsoft Access.

Access is my personal specialty. Have questions? Comments? Want to discuss how to do something? Post it here. Also, I get a LOT of questions sent to me in Email from people around the world. I'll post the interesting ones in here. Feel free to comment on them.

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Read Filtering Subforms on Main Form by Stephen K @ Fri 3/9
Hi guys,

I have a continuous subform on my main form. In the subform, i have set up a textbox and search button in the subforms footer. Behind the search button is a macro that looks up the text of the content in the textbox and filters the form accordingly.
The filter works perfectly for the subform when its not in the main form. Here is whats in my Where Condition:

[ItemNumber] Like "*" & [Forms]![RegisterF]![ProductListF].[Form]![RegisterSearchBar] & "*" Or [ItemDescription] Like "*" & [Forms]![RegisterF]![ProductListF].[Form]![RegisterSearchBar] & "*"

Please help

Reply from Alex Hedley:

Can you explain what the names of each form are?
So the [RegisterF] is the Main Form?
The [ProductListF] is the SubForm?
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Read How to filter a listbox through partial text in a by Stephen K @ Thu 3/8
If anyone is reading this and went through all hell to get this done, heres what to do:

1. Make a continuous form, and set it to whatever query needed
2. Place a textbox in the header
3. Create a button and exit the wizard. Make this button the default button in the property sheet and go to the other tab, there you will see default, select yes
4. Behind this button, on the property sheet, go to the Event tab
5. You'll see on the click option. click the "..." button to the end. it appears when the mouse hovers over the field
6. Go to macro builder
7. If youre using access 2007 like me, it looks nothing like access 2010 so i was tearing my hair out. Under the action column, click the drop down box, select ApplyFilter
8. Now here is where you will have the change the parameters to match your database. In the "where condition" field, enter:

[ItemNumber] Like "*" & [Forms]![ProductListF]![RegisterSearchBar] & "*" Or [ItemDescription] Like "*" & [Forms]![ProductListF]![RegisterSearchBar] & "*"

Item Number and ItemDescription are the two fields i am typing in partial text to search for records.

ProductListF is the form this is happening in.

Now save all of that and exit macro builder. Save the form, open and close.... Thank me later...
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Read Error 2950 by Stephen K @ Thu 3/8
Hi guys,
Im using Access 2007. Everytime I try to use the action set value, i get the error message 2950. The problem is my database is in fact in a Trusted Location folder.
So what gives?

Reply from Alex Hedley:

Error message when you run a macro that calls a VBA function in an Access 2007 database: "Action Failed Error Number: 2950"
MS Article

Did you try both suggestions?
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Read Average Length of Service by Laura H @ Wed 3/7
I have created a subform which lists all employees working on a particular job. One of the fields in the subform is length of service (text box - calculates length of service from hire date). Is there a way to show the average length of service for all employees working on the job on the main form?

Reply from Alex Hedley:

Access Expert Level 11 covers the AVG function.
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Read Balance Due by Dennis O @ Tue 3/6
I am trying to find out what lesson covered topics like invoice. If their is a balance due, it will show "Balance Due $" and when the invoice is paid, the Balance Due no longer shows up on the invoice. I'm trying to have some tickets designed that these tickets will appear on the report but if that ticket was to be voided the word "VOID" will appear over the printing.

Reply from Alex Hedley:

Checkout the outline for Access Expert Level 10
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Read Macro Builder by Stephen K @ Mon 3/5
I can't seem to find the If action in the macro builder. Im using Access 2007.

Reply from Alex Hedley:

Access 2007 was quite buggy, might be worth upgrading.

MS Article: Working with Macros and Expressions in Access 2010

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Read How to filter a listbox through partial text in a by Stephen K @ Mon 3/5
Thank you sir. I was able to use the ApplyFilter action in the macrobuilder to get this done. I applied this macro to the search button and it works like a charm. It took me literally 2 months to figure this out. If anyone needs help, ill be glad to help out.
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Read Report by Mitchell B @ Mon 3/5
I made a report for a class sign n sheet.  It has all the people in the class, but need extra blank rows for walk-ins to sign.  How would I do that?

Reply from Alex Hedley:

Access Expert Level 32
  - Insert Blank Mailing Labels at Top
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Read Microsoft Access Forum by Ken N @ Fri 3/2
If you still need to solve this problem, make sure the field length has enough characters, 9 for the SSN and 2 for the dashes.
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Read Raceing Lap Speed by Jim O @ Fri 3/2
I keep getting an #Error msg.
This is an Unbound popup form.
What I have so far,

formula =Sum([Miles]/[Time])/24

Unbound [Miles] formated as General Number, 3 decimial places

Unbound [Time] formated as n:ss".000"

Result {Speed] formated as general number 2 decimal places.

Jim O

Reply from Alex Hedley:

You would need them bound to a value in your table or how would it get the data?
Another option is to use DOMAIN Functions like DSUM etc to get the value.
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Read LaunchCD by Gina D @ Fri 3/2
Hi Richard,
I've purchased the Imaging Seminar and copied the LaunchCD however I get the following error message:
"Compile Error:
         The code in this project must be updated for use on 64-bit system.
Please review and update Declare Statements and then mark them with PtrSafe attribute."

I am not a VB code person so this is not making sense to me. I have Access 2016.

I hope you can just send me an updated code to copy and paste.

Kind Regards

Reply from Alex Hedley:

Access Open Other Programs Seminar
Student Interaction

You could do the same but for the function that is causing problems.

#If VBA7 Then
Private Declare PtrSafe Function ShellExecute ...
Private Declare Function ShellExecute ...
#End If

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Read MySql by George S @ Wed 2/28
MySql databases can easily be converted to Access databases and Vice Versa. However, It is not really a stand alone database like Access. It is basically a Database Management system much like Microsoft's SQL management studio. It really would not work with this course.
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Read Creating Employee Vacation Database by John S @ Wed 2/28
Our employees accrue hrs based on this rate:
2018 Accrual Rate: 160/12 = 13.33 hours/month or .7655/hours per day (160 hours/209 working days in 2018)
How do I create a query that will use this rate? Also how can i apply this rate to automatically add to the employee's hrs?
Accrued hrs must be used within the year or they are lost.They start over every year based on their tenure;0-1=0hr;1-3=40hr; 3-5=80hr; 5-10=120hr; 10-99=160hrs.
Hope this makes some sense.

Reply from Alex Hedley:

Access Expert Level 25 covers "calculate Overtime Pay"
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Read Unkown function Date by John M @ Tue 2/27
I have been doing some studying on recordsets, lessons 320-329. When I try to open the PCSales DB in Acc. 2013 I get "Unkown function 'Date' in validation expression or default value on 'orderT.OrderDate'", also on the DueDate field. What has changed from 2003 to 2013/2016

Reply from Alex Hedley:

Tools | References
Are there any references missing?
Debug | Compile
Try again.
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Read Raceing Lap Speed by Jim O @ Mon 2/26
I want to creat a popup to return lap speed for auto racing shown as MPH.
I am not having any sucess so far. I can run the formula in Excel but would like to do it in Access if possible.

Enter Miles 3.45, Time 1:25.567 (1 min:25.567 seconds) return MPH
In Excel
C25= lap distance (mi) and C26 = lap time (min, seconds.000)
2.3 mi at 1:14.0 = 111.857 MPH

Any suggestions?

Jim O

Reply from Alex Hedley:

Do you have the Columns as Field Names in Access?
Table: lap distance | lap time

=SUM([lap distance]/[lap time])/24
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Read How to filter a listbox through partial text in a by Stephen K @ Mon 2/26
Hi guys, just as the subject states. I have a list of products in my table and i want to create a form that will allow me to search through my table by entering keywords into a textbox and the listbox shows me records that match whats in that textbox. What would be even more helpful is if someone can direct me to the lesson that Richard conducted which explains this entire process.
Thanks as always!

Reply from Alex Hedley:

Access Search Seminar
covers this in great detail.
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Read Conditional look up in combo box by Liz J @ Sat 2/24
Hello, May I ask which lesson covers how to update combo box lookups (where one combo box determines the options in another) on a form, please? Thank you.

Reply from Alex Hedley:

Cascading Combo Boxes
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Read Date Picker for Parameter Query by Stephen K @ Sat 2/24
Can you add instructions on how to do that, or even refer me to the lesson where it covers this?

Reply from Alex Hedley:

Microsoft Access Parameter Query

Get a Value from an Open Form Field
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Read Date Picker for Parameter Query by Stephen K @ Sat 2/24
Thank you kindly!
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Read Search with Q and gp tp record by Mary F @ Fri 2/23
Thanks Alex
Is there lessons on these steps. I have several from 599cd.

Reply from Alex Hedley:

Access Tip: Open Form to Specific Record
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