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Microsoft Access Forum
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Read Microsoft Access Forum by Eric M @ 1/15/2020
In the Developer 2 class, you use docmd.gotocontrol. So far I have been using .setfocus. I know there is many ways to do the same thing so can you explain the difference/advantages/disadvantages of the two?
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Read search as you type glitch by Toporan G @ 12/29/2019
Everything is going ok with the search form as long as you don't use the SPACE key. The text box bellow our listbox that records the keystrokes is recording 32 (ASCII for SPACE) but the actual SPACE is not inserted into the searchbox. As you may have understood, I'm interested to search inside a name (i.e. for corporations name) that includes spaces inside. Any suggestions?
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Read Decision Tree by Perry S @ 12/23/2019
Is it possible to build a decision tree in access?
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Read Keep running balance by Aryeh B @ 12/17/2019
I have students who pay a certain rate per hour of tutoring and make payments from time to time to cover their charges. Up until now I have been using a separate Google Sheet for each student like this:
Date   Hours   Payment   Balance
11/3/2019  1.00      -30
10/11/2019 1.50      -$75.00
11/17/2019 1.00      -$105.00
11/24/2019 1.00      -$135.00
11/24/2019  $135.00     $0.00
11/28/2019 0.50  -$15.00
But I want to split it up into separate Student and Activity tables in one Access database. The problem is keeping a running balance. What I would do in my old database language would be to keep  a balance field in my student table and update it  as I save each activity record, and mark that record as posted, so if if I have to go back and make a correction, it won't double post. If I would have to make a correction later I would read the original amount into a holder variable, check it against the new amount and change the balance field in the Student table by the difference bet. the new amount and the old amount. Is this the best way to do it Access? Can you think of a simpler way? Do you already have a video that covers this?

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Read Month to date sum by Darrell B @ 12/16/2019
I am looking for the same but year to date
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Read calandar to record test results by jannette j @ 12/3/2019
i need to have a way to put the calandar in access that I can input test results.
here a picture that i need to display in access.
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Read Macro by Normand G @ 11/19/2019
Hello Richard, I installed the Access Table on the server and we have 5 computers that gets the data from that server and the Macro does not work in one of them, but works fine the the other 4.
We all have Microsoft Office 2013.
Can you help out?
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Read Command button to open form and show specific data by Vicent M @ 11/14/2019
Help please!
I have created a command button to open a form and show specific record to display but it doesn't work as I expected.
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Read Command Button by Sara P @ 11/10/2019
Hi, I am getting this error, happened twice now in databases. Can't find much on the internet about it, can anyone help?

Undefined function 'AppLoadString'

I am in the early stages of a new database and have hardly any code. Only what Richard has taught me regarding a login page ;-)

Just trying to make a button with the wizard. I already copied all the tables and forms to a new clean database but it did the same thing. Was working but now suddenly not.

Solution would be very appreciate.
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Read Viewing ACCESS Report real time on Android Phone by Lisa T @ 11/6/2019
I have a small relational database with 7 tables, a few forms and reports that we use as a project management tool to track jobs.  The project managers would like to be able pull up the installation schedule on their phones for viewing only - no data input.  Is this possible?  What is the best way to do this.  To make it more complicated they have androids.  Has anyone done this before?
Thank you in advance for any help.
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Read Combo Box Issue by Sue S @ 11/1/2019
I set up a customer table and a vehicle table using the training provided from Work Order class.  I want to add new vehicles that fill in the customer combo box and even though I had tested this before and it worked, it is not now.  I followed instructions in setting up the Combo Box on a new record in adding the Customer ID in the Default via a =FORMS!CustomerF!CustomerID but addition of new vehicle is not working.  Please advise?
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Read data in a single form to two tables by Les S @ 10/30/2019
Is there a way to set up a form as to when information is entered in a field it populates in two different tables?
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Read 2000ish record in DB by Mohamed Hashem T @ 10/7/2019
Hi all,
I am tring to build a database for an IT vendor where I exported the Partners database ( 2000ish record) I also exported another list of Partners( 450 ish record) purchased the last 4 Qs.
I am trying to link those tables together. As per Access Expert 1 the instructor was adding the Contact ID to the Customer ID manually and obviously I wont be able to added in a 450ish records 1 by 1. How to create the relationship.
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Read OLE Object by Dan C @ 10/3/2019
I have office 356, and when i try to drag and drop a bmp file into the OLE box on a form all i get is an icon no photo. can someone please tell my this does not work the same as is does in the lesson.
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Read Microsoft Access Forum by Joseph M @ 9/26/2019
Is there a way to programmatically assign a table name to a table created by a make table query? I would like to be able to append a date to the name of the table for easy reference. I thought I heard Ric say there is a way of doing that and he would include it in a future class. Has he done that yet?
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Read Combo Box by Mohammad H @ 9/25/2019
my database is a bit different than the example you shown. I have some companies who are my clients and there are some employees working in different positions within these companies(clients). One client can have many employees whom I want to create a contact history. now I created two tables one for companies and the other for their employees. How to create a combo box showing both company name and its employee on the contact history form. I cannot figure out this.
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Read Drag and drop the edge of a window by Eric M @ 9/24/2019
Since my office computers were updated I have noticed it is extremely hard to resize anything in access.

Move you mouse to the edge of a form click and drag to make it wider?

Seems simple enough.

BUT... since the update it is almost impossible to get the pointer on the exact spot where the mouse pointer changes to the double arrow so you can click and drag.
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Read Up and Down Command button Picture by Eric M @ 9/24/2019
I would like a command button that when clicked, the arrow changes direction up and down.  and then based on the direction, it does something.

Currently, I make this work by placing two buttons directly on top of each other so it appears as the same button and has the code.

Private Sub Qa14SortDB_Click()
    Qa14SortUB.Visible = True
    Me.Qa14SortDB.Visible = False
End Sub

Private Sub Qa14SortUB_Click()
    Qa14SortDB.Visible = True
    Me.Qa14SortUB.Visible = False
End Sub

Can this be done with one button?

If so, how does on change the direction using VBA.  And then how do you sort a field from the direction of that arrow?
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Read Many to Many relationship by JR @ 9/19/2019

This one is a hard nut;

I want to fill out a Workshop order.
I use a WorkOrderTable and a EmployeeTable

This order will be received by one empoyee, it will be designated to one employee, and it will be signed out by one employee when the workorder is done.
(The "one" employee can be different persons from the EmplyeeTable)

So how I put up a relationship with these conditions?

(I believe I must have a junction table, but how do we connect these?)

Thank you
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