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Microsoft FrontPage Forum
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This forum is for the discussion of Microsoft FrontPage. If you'd also like to discuss general web design here or Microsoft's new program, Expression Web, that's fine too.

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Read Database by Charles @ 4/20/2016
I have FrontPage 2002. My problem is that SEND TO DATABASE is greyed out.

I have done all of these:
*i am on a live web site
*I have enabled ASP pages
*I have installed FP Server Extensions
*I do not have an AUTHORING tab

Any ideas?

Reply from Alex Hedley:

Depending on who you are hosting with I don't think FP Server Extensions are supported anymore.
I'd just write the code to update the recordset manually.
You can get Visual Studio Community edition for free which will allow you to build the website.
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Read Adding a Date Field to my Page by Ron @ 1/10/2016
Hi again,
In addition to my last reply here is what I see in FrontPage 2000 HTML tab after I pasted what you suggested in your message:


<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=windows-1252">
<meta name="GENERATOR" content="Microsoft FrontPage 4.0">
<meta name="ProgId" content="FrontPage.Editor.Document">
<title>New Page 2</title>

<body bgcolor="#FFCC66">

<p><form action="#"></p>
<p><input type="text" id="Day" name="Day"></p>
<p><input type="text" id="Month"
<p><input type="button" onclick="generatelink(); return
false" id="generateLink" name="generateLink"
value="Generate Link" class="button"></p>
<p><div id="generatedlink"></p>
<p><a id="link" href="">Open App</a></p>

<p> </p>

<p> </p>



Reply from Alex Hedley:

You don't need all the p tags.
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Read Adding a Date Field to my Page by Ron @ 1/10/2016
Hi Alex,
I am using FrontPage 2000.
I copied the string you had on your message and pasted it in a new "test"page, saved it as an html file. I then previewed it and all that was displayed was the string that I had copied and pasted copied from your message.

Reply from Alex Hedley:

There is probably a view in FP that is source or design,
Paste it into Source inside your usual
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Read Adding a Date Field to my Page by Ron @ 1/8/2016
Thank you Alex,
As I am not well versed in HTML language, I just copied the HTML info from you message and pasted it in a new page just to see what would come up. Actually nothing happened except that all the HTML language was displayed.
As I said I am not too knowledgable in this filed and wonder if that was what I was supposed to do

Reply from Alex Hedley:

Are you saving the page as a .html or was it .txt?

You would likely need a base HTML page made with the html, body tags etc.
You can see how to do this in either the FrontPage or HTML courses or even the B1 of my HTA tips.
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Read Adding a Date Field to my Page by Ron @ 1/6/2016
I would like to place a field on my front page where one would just enter the date and month  (no year) and click on it to see what happened in history that day. I will have 365 individual html files, one for each day of the year. Each file would be between 300 and 800 KB.  I would have a titled line such as: Today in History. Below that I would have another line that says: Enter date and month (no year). I would like a field below that to input that date & month. Then if one clicks on that field, (or even better when it is finally entered) up would come the history html file I created. How can I do this?

Reply from Alex Hedley:

If the files already exist and are static you could build the URL dynamically,


<form action="#">
  <input type="text" id="Day" name="Day">
  <input type="text" id="Month" name="Month">
  <input type="button" onclick="generatelink(); return false" id="generateLink" name="generateLink" value="Generate Link" class="button">

<div id="generatedlink">
    <a id="link" href="">Open App</a>


<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
function generatelink() {
    var day = document.getElementById("Day").value;
    var month = document.getElementById("Month").value;
    var link = "http://yourserver.com/" + Day + "_" + Month + ".html";
    var a = document.getElementById("link");
    a.href = link;
    a.textContent = link;          
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Read Adding a feature to an existing website by Ron @ 1/6/2016
I want to add a feature to an existing website when one enters a date, say, in a small square menu and once clicked up comes a historical blurb for that date.
How can I do a very simple thing like this?

Reply from Alex Hedley:

You will need to create a Parameterised Query that takes in the value from the Form and returns a list.
See this Tip.
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Read HOW DO I TURN IT OFF by Graham @ 12/7/2015

I rested my hands on my keyboard and have somehow turned on a view mode that shows all the code commands in little yellow boxes and for the life of me I do not know how to turn this view mode off.  

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Read Need a web design app for Windows 10 by Barbara Childs @ 8/14/2015
I've always used MSFrontPage2003 when designing websites. Now I need to find a new WYSIWYG program that will be compatible with Windows 10. Any suggestions? I'm sure lots of folks will be asking this same question. Thanks everyone!

Reply from Alex Hedley:

Have you seen the new Code app from MS?

Expression Web Free, Info.

You can get free versions of Visual Studio.
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Read Adding file link defaulting to drive letter not we by frank @ 7/17/2015
Thanks Alex,

Sorry, I don't use Front Page that much.
It is 2003. The person I'm working with is looking at a folder list with in FP.
Which says it is her z:\ drive. When she selects a file and add's it to the web site the link is for the Z drive instead of the URL.
She said up until about 3 weeks ago when she added the file a URL link got created instead of the Z drive.
They have to go to the site and find the correct link and modify the published file in order for the users to access the file.

We have a pretty large company and she is getting bounced around, seems the knowledge base for Front Page is pretty low.
I ended up with her case, which is pretty much out of my scope, but offer to see if I could get an answer.

I appreciate any help you can offer.


Reply from Alex Hedley:

It's been a while since I've used FP so can't remember the process needed off hand.
I tend to put documents I need in a folder on the server then link to them using a relative ref
href="/doc/file.pdf" etc

MS Articles
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Read Adding file link defaulting to drive letter not we by Frank @ 7/15/2015
When a file is selected from the Z drive with in Front Page 2013 and the link is posted. It is being posted as z:\ instead of the HTTP:// link of the website. Is there a setting that changes the behavior?

Reply from Alex Hedley:

Do you mean FP2003 or are you using Expression Web (FP replacement discontinued) or Visual Studio Express/Web Developer Express?

Are you uploading the file to the webserver first?
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Read sito frontpage by gianfranca @ 3/30/2015
c'  forse un progamma che sostituisce frontpage ??  io ho un sito costruito con frontpage 2003 con il quale io mi trovo benissimo ma che ha molte cose che per i siti attuali mancano ( ricerca, carello) io ho provato ad usare altri programmi, ma mi trovo malissimo non c'  nulla che funzioni come frontpage che abbia queste cose, ho chiesto varie volte ce c'  una versione nuova o delle integrazionida fare ma mi dicono che non eistono e che front page ormai   fuori produzione e che tra poco i siti fatti con questo programma non si potranno pi  utilizzare   vero??

c ' perhaps a progam that replaces frontpage ?? I have a site built with frontpage 2003 by which I am fine but has many things for the sites current shortage (research, basket ) I have tried to use other programs , but I find myself very badly there ' nothing that functions as frontpage to have these things , I asked several times c and c ' or a new version of integrazionida but do not tell me that eistono and that front page now discontinued and that soon the sites made ​​with this program will not be able to use more real ? ?

Reply from Alex Hedley:

Have you heard of Expression Web?

Download it Free,
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Read Microsoft FrontPage Forum by gianfranco @ 1/21/2015
I'm using Explorer 11. I can not use Compatibility Mode,because it is blocked, as it is part of Win7 installed.
Here you can see two views of the problem and also how I set the Browser Compatibility.
Greetings and thanks for the interest
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Read Microsoft FrontPage Forum by gianfranco @ 1/20/2015
I have a site made with FP 2003. It is clear using Google Chrome. If I use Internet Explorer I see overlapping images and also the texts. Why? thank you

Reply from Alex Hedley:

Which version of IE are you using?
You might want to put it into Compatibility mode.
It's likely to do with the CSS used on your page and the Browser's Default.
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Read MS Front Page errors by oldzac @ 12/11/2013
My front page 2003 is showing its age with a number of faults showing up, especially when changing from "design" to "preview" formatting, font colour etc.
I am using Win 7 32bit. Should I risk re-loading the original CD. What will happen to my data (files).
What happens if I change to Expression web? Can I continue to use what I have built up over about 8 years.
Your thoughts would be much appreciated,
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Read Microfort Frontpage 2002 how do I by Graham @ 12/10/2013
I have built my web site in Frontpage and uploaded it in FTP using FileZilla. I have a number of sub domains associated with my web site. I want others to be able to amend text and upload to specific pages within each sub domain. How can I use say Word to create an htm page that can be uploaded to the sub domain and update what is on the site? How can I place a column within a frontpage page that can be updated by someone who does not have the frontpage programme?
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Read Embedded Youtube locks it up by Kevin Thompson @ 7/8/2013
When editing with an embedded youtube, locks up while trying to open page file from server.  After a minute says "could not open..."  Problem started recently.  Ideas on a fix???

Reply from Richard Rost:

Sorry... no idea.
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Read Replacing FrontPage by Alicia Chabrier @ 4/2/2012
I sterted using a computer in my late fifties,I'72 now, it took me a long time (with 599cd's help to learn how to change my web site (a small business)now do I have to start all over again? Alicia
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Read Search Engines Finding Me by Rick R @ 4/2/2012
Onder asks: I was wondering if you could give me some advice regarding purchasing multiple domains unrelated to type of business to (main website) with high hits to be redirected to my original website for the purpose of geting traffic to increase sales or is it just as affective to simply add keywords to website for people to find me. any advice will be much appreciated.

My reply:

This really isn't a FrontPage question, it's more of an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) question, but I can give you my advice.

If you want to be found in search engines, the BEST way is to have PROPER, RELEVANT META TAGS for your site. Make sure you have good TITLE, KEYWORDS, and DESCRIPTION tags. Make sure you use your keywords throughout your pages (but not so much to appear spammy).

Try to get links from a couple of other REPUTABLE and well-trafficked sites. Participating in message forums related to your business that allow you to include links is a great way to start building traffic. That's one of the reasons I volunteer answering tech questions on several different other sites.

The search engines are on to that old trick of setting up multiple domain names and creating a "link farm" back to a single central site. The NUMBER of incoming links to your main web site aren't anywhere near as important as the QUALITY of those links. You're better off with ONE good incoming link from a high-traffic site than 1000 links from crappy ones.

Don't forget SOCIAL networking. Set up a Facebook page and Twitter feed. If your business lends itself well to VIDEO, then definitely upload a few pieces to YouTube.

Hope this helps.
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Read menu bar on web site by alan @ 2/23/2012
when I am in design on frontpage 2003 it doesnt show my menu bar which is in png format
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