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Access Tip: Student Attendance
By Richard Rost   Richard Rost on Facebook Richard Rost on Twitter Richard Rost on LinkedIn Email Richard Rost   7/17/2008 10:25:20 AM

I received a really good question from a customer who wanted to learn how to track student attendance in Access. I put together a FREE Mini Tutorial for the Tips & Tricks section on how to do it with a couple of tables, a form, and an APPEND query. I also threw in just a little bit of VBA code to spice things up. Enjoy!

Access tip Student Attendance Link 
Glenda - 6/22/2014
Very helpful tutorial. Everything was working well for me until I changed the date from Date() to Forms!AttendanceF!AttendanceDate in the Append Query.  Once I did this step the date would not show in the Attendance table when I hit the go button.
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Access Tip Student Attendance Link 
Cyndee Cuddy - 3/28/2014
I just watched your tutorial on Student Attendance although helpful it did not explain how to then create a report showing the Attendance for each child with their names and not id numbers for the month. Read More...
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Access Tip Student Attendance Link 
BHARAT - 10/8/2012
thank you
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Access Tip Student Attendance Link 
Neven Miskulin - 9/18/2012
Thank so much Richard for your response.
So i'll end  up with 3 tables in total. Two which hold student data (both have PK StudentID?) and one with attendance data (date etc.and also foreign StudentID?) I am not a complete novice in access and have made test database.  I am trying to purchase your tutorials via Pay pal but with no luck. I have so many questions to ask, some are intermediate level ones. For example my biggest problem is the following. Can I make a list of duties for which the students are responsible and make a form in which a user can checks two or more boxes(duties) and runs a querry which returns the corresponding students. I am sure this can be done without VBA, I would like to stay in the limits of macros only if possible. Read More...
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Access Tip Student Attendance Link 
Neven Miskulin - 9/18/2012
I've just seen this awesome tutorial. I dont need the VBA part but: i allready have a table Students with bunch of fields: e-mail, adress, age atc. I don't know I can put the yes no field in this just doesn't seem right. So, I end up with two student tables, one that holds their general information, and one if I want to trach their attendance. How to solve this? Thanks in advance Read More...
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