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4/18/2008 6:16:16 PM
Where Did The Combos Go?
By Richard Rost   Richard Rost on Facebook Richard Rost on Twitter Richard Rost on Google Plus Richard Rost on LinkedIn Email Richard Rost

I get asked this question at least once a week by people who have been loyal customers for years. "Where did the combo package deals go?"

I used to have several "combo" packages available for a discounted price. For example, you could buy my Excel Beginner Combo (101, 102, 103, and 104) for one set price at a discount.

But then I would always get people who would say, "I purchased Excel 101 by itself to try out your courses. Can I get a discount on the Combo package without Excel 101?" So I would have to manually put an order in for them.

Now what I've done is to have the web site automatically give you a QUANTITY DISCOUNT based on the total of your order. This new quantity discount is actually BETTER than the old combo package prices.

This also helps people who only buy Excel 101 and then come back and want more classes... they don't have to contact customer service to get a "deal" on the combo package.

So, the new system is better for all of my customers, and better for me - less work for everyone, and a BIGGER discount the more you buy.

Enjoy! Keep learning.

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Where Did The Combos Go Comment from joseph @ 6/12/2014
If I buy the download version.  Can I play the version without connecting to the internet.

Reply from Richard Rost:

Yes. Once you buy a course, you can watch it online or you can download it to play offline. Once you've downloaded it to your PC, you can watch it wherever/whenever you like (on a plane, for example). See FAQS.
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which CD i should order Comment from Jason Lo @ 12/21/2013
I would like to learn the "Check Register" form with income, exp, subtotal and balance, Which CD should i order
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Question Access to get the right lessons Comment from Ben Chua @ 9/16/2011
Mr. Rost,

I can create tables, forms, queries, reports and I also understand the relationships.

But My problem is working on retrieving information from tables/queries to be automatically entered in a form. Creating Job Quotes for example, how do to show the datafields in the form by clicking one field for example a TDJob number. Also using multiple tables.

What would you suggest I should get?
302? 301?

Another one I am doing is to track the number of hours that a CAD operator uses his/her time for a particular Project of Job.

Reply from Richard Rost:

Ben, I believe you are looking to learn event programming. Specifically, if you want to select a value (say a job number) and have the rest of the information about that job automatically populate in the form, you need an AfterUpdate event. It's not that hard. I have a video in the tips section that shows how to do it... and I cover this in my Access 303 class. So, yes, to answer your question, you should probably start at Access 301. That's where I start to cover advanced topics like VBA.
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word 2007 Comment from Richard Rost @ 7/27/2009
Evelyn, all of my beginner tutorials are still (and will always be) just $5.99. However, as I move up into the intermediate and advanced tutorials, I have to raise the price because there are fewer students at each level.

Many people just don't need the more advanced training. The majority of students, for example, learn all they need to know about a topic (let's say Microsoft Word) in just my 101 beginner lesson.

Only about half of the people who buy 101 buy 102, and then half again for 103, and so on. So as we get up into the advanced lessons, only a small fraction of the people who started with 101 are still left.

So, in order to make developing the advanced tutorials profitable, I have to raise the price. I only raise it a little bit each lesson (Word 102, for example, is only $9.99).

For some topics like Microsoft Access, however, I have lots of good advanced lessons. Yes, the price is much higher than my basic training, but you're not going to find GOOD developer-level training of this caliber ANYWHERE outside of a classroom, and that kind of training costs thousands MORE than mine does.

With regards to the Word 2007 Upgrade Seminar, the cost is $29, however it's over two hours long (most of my classes are only about an hour) and it does cover beginner through intermediate topics. It's well worth the price if you're just looking for something to show you all of the differences between Word 2000/2003 and Word 2007 without having to purchase all of those different levels of training.

Now, I really wish I didn't have to base the cost of my tutorials on how many students I expect to purchase each lesson. I wish I could give them all away for $5.99 each. However, I am running a business, and I have to price my tutorials based on their worth. If I don't make enough revenue on my tutorials, then there won't be any 599CD around at all to make more. :(
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word 2007 Comment from Evelyln McElwain @ 7/26/2009
I have been teaching a computer class for the past 8 years and have been using your 599CDs as an excellent guide, especially your digital camera CD.  I am now teaching word 2007 and can use your new CD as a guide, but find it much too expensive.  Whatever happened to the $5.99 CDs?
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graph Comment from Richard Rost @ 4/1/2009
Admar, once you've made bar and pie charts, making line charts is just as easy. I wouldn't waste the time showing my students how to use EVERY type of chart (because there are LOTS of them) but if you finish this lesson, I'm sure you can figure out line charts.
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graphs Comment from Admar @ 3/26/2009
I have just discovered you. It appears that all xl graph's are bar or pie. I am searching for a program that will produce line graph's. It appears that this is not it. Correct?
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EXTRA HANDLING AND POSTAGE Comment from Richard Rost @ 2/3/2009
Joshua, you can always download your courses from our web site or watch them online in your web browser. Both are excellent options if you have a high-speed Internet connection. We do ship to South Africa, but you're right - the cost is higher and the wait is a few weeks.
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EXTRA HANDLING AND POSTAGE Comment from Joshua Myles @ 2/3/2009
Hi Richard
I am in South Africa and was wondering about the shipping of the CD disks to me when I purchase. Is there any other way I can receive your courses. Shipping from the States would be quite costly and a lengthy waiting period for delivery.
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Brief description of training Comment from Richard Rost @ 1/20/2009
Kathy, you can find ALL of the course outlines and complete descriptions of each course at
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Brief description of training Comment from Kathy Boyette @ 1/11/2009
Could you put a link to a brief description of the courses you teach? Some of the categories I am at different levels, and would like to tailor my purchases to what I need rather than the whole enchilada.
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Comment from Richard Rost @ 5/24/2008
OK guys, I just created the Customer Loyalty Discount program, so now you have no excuses. :)
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Comment from Julius Bratton @ 5/21/2008
I agree with Robert. I am in the process of purchasing your entire classes on Access. I have been working with access ever since Access 97. I have always have trouble with the VBA portion. I have just purchased 301 and 302 to get a feel of your style of teaching. I think you are excellent in the way you teach. I will be purchase in the next couple of weeks your entire Access Classes. I have enjoyed these 2 courses very much.
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Comment from Richard Rost @ 4/29/2008
You're right, Robert. A system that rewards customers for purchases over the long-term would be preferable to just giving a "one shot deal" on a single order. Perhaps I should build something in to the UserAccount system that gives you a discount based on your total purchases made over the lifetime of your account.
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Comment from Robert Bernhardt @ 4/24/2008
For a person like me, who has purchased almost all of your courses, and now I am in the advanced stage and most expensive stage of your courses, the automatic discount is not a big enough of an incentive. As an example, I am considering purchasing VR 104 thru 202 and Access 310 thru 313 , a list price total of $221.90. When I go through the order process the automatic discount is 25%, or a net total of $166.42.
In my opinion the discount should be weighted more heavily in favor of total dollar amount instead of some total amount of courses purchased in order to qualify for the maximum 50% discount. If I got the 50% discount I would make the purchase.
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