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Customer Testimonials

These are testimonials from actual customers. Thanks for all the kind words.

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Reading My Mind! Link 
Chris Hull   
19 days ago
What I liked: Great explanation of so many topics. I often found myself thinking of a follow-up question that ended up being answered in the next few minutes. It was like Richard was reading my mind! Read More...
Richard Rost    
19 days ago
Thanks for the survey, Chris.

I studied mind reading from 1987 to 1994. LOL.

Seriously though - I've taught this class SOOOOOO many times, I know exactly what questions are coming up as I talk about each topic. With Microsoft Access it's even worse. Haha.

Unfortunately, the old Theater doesn't have video playback options. I just build a NEW player, however, and I'm slowly migrating my courses over to it. That player allows you to change the playback speed, size, and lots of other options.

Plus, I'm working on something new that I'm tentatively calling the "Learning Assistant" that I'm going to try for new Beginner classes. It will allow you to choose what direction your training goes in. So, for example, if you want a lesson on VLOOKUP but you really don't care about it, you can move on to the next topic. However, if you LIKE it, you can continue to dig deeper into it with more options. This will allow you to take a depth-first approach on topics that interest you, and just a breadth-first approach on things you don't want to learn as much about. Like skipping around in a book. This is coming.

I thought I did a pretty comprehensive job of covering most of the commonly used functions. Sure there are a lot of really specific financial functions and such that I just glanced over, but honestly I'm not really a finance guy. I know EXCEL and programming, but I'm not super into those weird financial areas myself. I only know stuff I've done: balance a checkbook, take out a loan, mortgage a house, pay taxes, etc. When it comes to super-high-end finance, that's all out of my league.

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Testimonial Link 
Michael Poblet    
31 days ago
Ive been a virtual student of Richards for several years now.  I started my journey looking to understand Access.  Before taking the classes I had never used Access and knew very little about it.  I started with the basic Beginner Access courses and slowly progressed to Expert.  The lessons progressed logically.  The lessons were easy to follow and most importantly easy to understand.  The true value of the lessons were revealed when my employer needed an updated system for collecting/gathering data.  Because of the lessons I took I was confident in helping my employer come up with a simple database using Access.  What started as a simple four table database turned into a mega 20 plus table database with countless queries, reports, and forms.  I was able to customize the database to fit the needs of my employer, making office operations substantially more efficient in multiple areas.  Ive been given several accolades for the database.  This was possible only because of Richards courses, for this I will always be grateful. Read More...
Richard Rost    
31 days ago
Thank you so much for your kind words, Mike. I appreciate that!

And yes, you will save a bunch by becoming a member. Plus I'm more likely to answer TechHelp emails from members too. What's the saying? Membership has its privileges? LOL
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Access Go To Guy Link 
Simon Baynton     
31 days ago
I have over the past few years done more courses of yours than i can count and all my knowledge of access that i have obtained has been under your instruction. I would just like to say that the combination of your courses and my learning has from the perspective of the people i work with turned me into the Access go to guy if you have a problem so you are doing a very good job in producing your courses and i would not have had this reputation without your help so i would like to thank you for that .I have enjoyed all your courses and hope you will continue to do them for many years to come, particularly the more advanced seminars.
Richard Rost    
31 days ago
Thanks, Simon, for your kind words. So glad to be of service!
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Wonderful Teaching Voice Link 
Adrienne Nash 
36 days ago
I love the pace of the video. He would introduce a concept in Access in the earlier levels and quickly reminding me where Form Properties was located.

You have a wonderful teaching voice! If I was physically taking a class with you as my instructor, I imagine you would have patience with my trying to understand the lesson. I prefer classroom settings than online classes, but you have certainly changed my mind!
Richard Rost    
36 days ago
Thank you, Adrienne. I'm glad you enjoy what my kids call me "radio announcer" voice. :)
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Explanations are spot on Link 
Jim Byers     
45 days ago
I will take this opportunity to pass on my experiences with your courses. I've finished all the beginner lessons and found that with some exceptions I didn't learn a whole lot more than what I had already picked up just by clicking on buttons and exploring or by doing a Google search. That's not to say it was a waste of time as many times I did in fact learn something new or learnt why things were done a certain way or that there was Read More...
Richard Rost    
45 days ago
Thanks, Jim. Yeah, it can sometimes be a little boring if you already know a little Access and you watch the Beginner lessons. Another reason why I need to make a crash course that covers the entire Beginner series in about an hour... which I can do if I rush through it.

There's a fine line I try to walk between not going TOO slow, but yet holding the hands of people who have no idea how to use Access. That's why they're BEGINNER courses. :)

But yes, that all changes in the Expert series. I appreciate you recognize WHY I do things the way I do. It's just from my experience from teaching Access for 26 years. I know what usually makes that lightbulb go on. LOL

Thank you for your kind words!
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