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Access Business & Contact Database
By Richard Rost   Richard Rost on Facebook Richard Rost on Twitter Richard Rost on LinkedIn Email Richard Rost   2 months ago

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Introducing the ABCD

The Access Business & Contact Database (ABCD) is designed to be a professional, full production-quality database to cover all of your information management needs. I have been building and teaching Access databases for over 25 years. Now, I'm finally building a solid, professional database system that you can use to run your business.



I will record videos showing how the database was built, but mostly so that you can understand the construction and be better equipped to make any modifications or additions you may need. This will be marketed as a finished database without the need for any enhancements, but, of course, one of the main reasons to use Access is so that you can easily make changes. The videos will be a quick run-through of how each feature is built, as I'm building it. I will be using advanced features like SQL and VBA from the start, so you may want some SQL or VBA Developer Lessons under your belt if you're going to try to follow along.

ABCD Part 1: Core Database

The first release is the ABCD Core Database, which is now available along with over three hours of video. This is the "heart" of the database and will include tables, forms, and everything else needed to track people and organizations/companies called Entities, which are at the heart of the database. Unlike the simple databases I've built in my classes, each person will be able to have multiple unlimited phone numbers, addresses, and email accounts associated with them. And of course, these will be properly normalized one-to-many relationships. 

Something new I'll be building in the ABCD Core that I've never done in any of my classes is something called a Helper Data table. This will replace having dozens of small tables in your database to store things like name prefix (Mr., Mrs., Miss), suffix (Sr, Jr, III), gender, marital status, relationship type, phone number type (cell, home, work), and so on. Instead, all of this "helper" data will be stored in a single table. This will make our database more organized and keep the overall number of objects in our database to a minimum.

ABCD Add-On Modules

After the Core package is finished, I will be releasing new Modules on a regular basis. These will be designed so that you can pick and choose which features you want and don't want in your database. Install only what you need. Some of these will include:

  • Contact Management
  • Groups & Lists
  • Letter Writer (Bulk Email, Print)
  • Task Management
  • Schedule & Calendar
  • Importing & Tracking Leads
  • Orders, Quotations, Invoicing
  • Recurring Memberships
  • Employee Time Tracking
  • Inventory & Barcoding

Plus, the ABCD will eventually have full enhanced search capabilities, split database options, possible cloud-based data storage, and full security to lock the database down. I'll be adding these and a lot more features - pretty much everything I've covered in my classes - to the system, eventually.

I'll even be adding custom Modules for specific vertical markets like insurance (tracking clients, leads, policies), automotive (vehicle & fleet maintenance), schools (students, attendance, grades), budgeting, and lots more. 

Your Feedback

The ABCD Core Database package is now available. I will be releasing new modules on a regular basis. You can see the list of features that are scheduled for development on the Coming Soon page. I would very much like your feedback on what features you think should be available. If you have a specific interest for your business type, let me know. 


ABCD Template Link 
Timothy Smith        
2 months ago
Hi Richard,

Is the ABCD Template included in the MYOLP Developer?

Just wondering.  Thank you
Richard Rost        
2 months ago
No. It's a separate product. The Developer lessons are designed to TEACH you how to program and use things like recordsets, VBA, etc. I take more time covering each example in several ways. The ABCD is NOT a teaching database. The goal is to build a fully-functioning real-world database. I'm recording the build so that you can see how it was constructed so that you can more easily customize it yourself, but I don't spend a lot of time covering concepts. However, Learning Connection members do still get 50% off ALL of my Templates and Seminars.
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Entity Types Link 
Richard Wilson       
2 months ago
HelperT is a great solution.  Now I hope in later lessons you will consider the means by which various T's can be consolidated into an EntityT.  I have one Database in which I have Contestants, Teachers, Schools, and residents of the town all in separate T's.  And some of them are in more than one T.  I see a myriad of problems.  Hope you have the roadmap that avoids them.
Richard Rost        
2 months ago
Sure. Just make a field called EntityTypeID. That itself could be stored in the HelperT. This would allow you to distinguish between customers, employees, residents, etc. I am going to be creating a grouping and classification system coming up very soon where you can add people to one or more groups. That will most likely be in Part 2.
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Pricing Link 
Bertram Denham    
2 months ago

Liking the information supplied so far.

But, how many modules are there going to be and at what cost?

If someone wanted the whole collection, what is the total outlay going to look like? Read More...
Richard Rost        
2 months ago
I have no idea. There are literally dozens if not hundreds of different modules that can be added to this database. Just take a look at the huge list I've already compiled. I'm going to work on the most popular ones first, like contact management. Then I have special requests from a few clients who have paid for modules they're interested in, like insurance sales and budgeting. My goal is to keep each module around $50 with a 2 to 3 hour build time, but some may be shorter and some longer. Depends on the complexity. This is something new, and I don't have everything mapped out ahead of time. So, fasten your seat belt and enjoy the ride. :)
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ABCD Cloud Solution Link 
Antony Lee       
2 months ago
Hi Richard,

I would be really interested in seeing a cloud based solution and how to deploy it.

Also what are the possibilities of accessing elements of the cloud DB with a tablet.
Richard Rost        
2 months ago
First it will be uploading data to the cloud so that people can use the Access front-end with an SQL Server Online backend. That's relatively easy to do. After that, I'll be building a web-based portal for the database so people can use their web browsers to view/edit data.
Bertram Denham   
2 months ago
Is an SQL Server online backend faster than a sharepoint tables backend, which I find very slow...?
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ABCD Link 
Ron Anderson        
2 months ago

This sounds like something I could use for my small service company. It would be nice to have a custom design program tailored specifically to my type of business. I'm looking forward to seeing this program develop. Read More...
Richard Rost        
2 months ago
Sounds good. The Core Database will be posted today along with about 2 hours of video on how it was built. I've already got two clients who want custom modules built. One will be for insurance sales. The other budgeting. Let me know what specifics you'd like to see added. That's the whole point of this database: a simple package that has all the features EVERYONE needs, with add-ons for specific business types.
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Core Database Completed Link 
Richard Rost         
2 months ago
I've finished the Core Database with over 2 hours of video to go with it. Details posted tomorrow.
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