If you can't explain it simply,
you don't understand it well enough.
-Albert Einstein
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Wed 9/25
Microsoft Access ForumCombo Box by Mohammad H: my database is a bit different than the example you shown. I have some companies who are my clients and there are some employees working in different positions within these companies(clients). One client can have many employees whom I want to create a contact history. now I created two tables one for companies and the other for their employees. How to create a  more...
Tue 9/24
Microsoft Access ForumDrag and drop the edge of a window by Eric M: Since my office computers were updated I have noticed it is extremely hard to resize anything in access. Move you mouse to the edge of a form click and drag to make it wider? Seems simple enough. BUT... since the update it is almost impossible to get the pointer on the exact spot where the mouse pointer  more...
Tue 9/24
Microsoft Access ForumUp and Down Command button Picture by Eric M: I would like a command button that when clicked, the arrow changes direction up and down. and then based on the direction, it does something. Currently, I make this work by placing two buttons directly on top of each other so it appears as the same button and has the code. Private Sub Qa14SortDB_Click()  more...
Thu 9/19
Microsoft Access ForumMany to Many relationship by JR: Hi. This one is a hard nut; I want to fill out a Workshop order. I use a WorkOrderTable and a EmployeeTable This order will be received by one empoyee, it will be designated to one employee, and it will be signed out by one employee when the workorder is done. (The "one" employee can be different persons from the  more...
Tue 9/17
Microsoft Access ForumEmail Seminar Send Email Without Outlook No L by John M: I built the BulkEmailF and it has worked perfectly until recently. I now receive a run-time error message as soon as the first email attempts to send: Run-time error 2147220975 (80040211) The transport error code was 0x80040217. The server response was not available I have  more...
Fri 9/13
Microsoft Access ForumAccess Calendar Seminar by John D: In the sub s1 = "Date" & X and S2 = "Day" & X x being the counter
Fri 9/13
Microsoft Access ForumMonthly Calendar Seminar by John D: Just finished videos for 2nd time and completed Monthly Calendar. All worked well except greying out boxes on Monthly Report. Code is same as video and is in detail section of report. Using Access 2016, Win 10. Can Rick take a look? Thanks John
Fri 9/13
Microsoft Access ForumLong refresh when VBA editor is active by Jan H: When I use the database as a user the refresh time is resonable and the refresh does not happen so often. However, as soon as I open the VBA editor the refresh time is long and VERY often. If I close the VBA editor, the bad behaviour continues. Is there something I can do?
Thu 9/12
Microsoft Access ForumDatabase templates by jannette j: I want to create like 3 database templates so my clients can choose what database format they would like. one with VBA code and all. I just do not know how to get started. I am trying to move more users in the plant where i work towards Microsoft Access and not so much to Excel. I thought if i can wshow them how great access is they would  more...
Sat 9/7
Microsoft Access ForumMonth to date sum by Wenyuan C: Hi, Is there any way to sum month to date value?
Thu 9/5
Microsoft Access ForumMicrosoft Access Forum by Les S: I am presently on Access Expert 4 part 3 Extended Customer forms. When I enter the address for a picture in the picture text field I keep getting Invalid control Property:Control Source and Not such field in the field list. I copied and pasted the path to the folder so I know that is correct. Any ideas on why this won't work?
Thu 9/5
Microsoft Access ForumCopy and paste by Kalyana K: Yes you can copy paste debase normal copy paste. if you need create folder and copy
Thu 9/5
Microsoft Access ForumMicrosoft Access More Users by Kalyana K: You can learn lots of things. Crate table, forms, Query, Subform, Report, Analysising etx,.
Wed 9/4
Microsoft Access ForumPrinting single report by Stacy H: Hello, is there a way to only print a single report (using a primary key) instead of having to print all reports? Other than setting pages on the print options, I would like to open a report specific to the primary key and print it.
Mon 9/2
Microsoft Access ForumMicrosoft Access Forum by Kenneth M: I'm not sure if you covered this or not, can Excel formulas be used in Access?? . For example: I have a formula of =IF('TrainingDate'="",180-TODAY()-'RegistrationDate',""). My students check into a course and are required to complete the course within 180 days. What I would like Access to do is to calculate the days between the two  more...
Thu 8/29
Microsoft Access Forumlegend by jannette j: I need to be able to create a legend for a report in MS access does any one know where i can find information.thank you
Sat 8/17
Microsoft Access ForumMicrosoft Access More Users by Marinus v: I work a couple years with Microsoft Access. And I follow this because to learn a little more. Is somebody know how I can create a database where more people can work with. I try to create a new database with the tips and tricks what I learn in this training.
Wed 8/14
Microsoft Access ForumVendor Sub Form Product list by Curtis D: When I put the vendor sub form onto the Vendor form, it show all the products, not just the ones we get from that specific vendor
Fri 8/2
Microsoft Access ForumSpeech to text by Eddie P: Anyone have any experience using speech to text for users to fill in Access forms?
Tue 7/23
Visual Basic ForumVISUAL BASIC by KELVIN W: I have Windows 10 and I cannot find Visual Basic on it. Any suggestions?

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