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Sun 2/4
Back in the SaddleDeveloper 4 by Mac W: Waiting on Developer 4 Reply from Alex Hedley: It's been released. See the outline.
Sun 2/4
Microsoft Access ForumMicrosoft Access Forum by Susan W: I just realized my second question was similar to my first.The reason I was getting that message (?NAME)was because the field EmployeeID had an extra space in the Employee Form which was not in the Employee Table. d Reply from Alex Hedley: Have you added a space in the Field name i.e. "Employee ID" not "EmployeeID". Try not to  more...
Sun 2/4
Microsoft Access ForumCombo box Search by Naser A: I put the combo box on the page header of the Form. It appears only on design mode but does not show up in Form View or Layout mode. Reply from Alex Hedley: Put it in the FORM header not the PAGE header.
Sat 2/3
Microsoft Access ForumConvention by Dennis O: I'm not sure. Can you refresh my memory. Where can I go to find out how to write a Cartesian query? I may not because you mention one for every year. Reply from Alex Hedley: Access 223
Sat 2/3
Back in the SaddleBack in the Saddle by Ray W: I thought Richard was back in the Saddle? Reply from Alex Hedley: D4 has just been released, D5 is in production.
Sat 2/3
Microsoft Access ForumMicrosoft Access Forum by Susan W: I did not have the all the necessary fields listed in my table. I do have another question, though. I have an employee form and a customer form, both with EmployeeID fields. However, one is working correctly with the ID # showing, but the other has #Name? in the EmployeeID field instead of the number. Both seem to be set-up the same  more...
Sat 2/3
Microsoft Access ForumConvention by Dennis O: Another new thing going wrong. Last 2 years every time I add a new member to the data base and when I bring it back at another day, it works. Now, I fill out a new persons data under the member T. however, this time when I go back I can't open it. The data shows on the table but not on the form. It gives me a blank form. How can I trouble shoot this. Reply  more...
Sat 2/3
Microsoft Access ForumConvention by Dennis Owens: I hope you can help me with this. I hope I gave you a better example as to how this is laid out. Again as I process the 2018 registration it is still adding the member info. It now shows 3 of 3. but in the table data, it's listing them only one time, the way it should be. Reply from Alex Hedley: Do you have a cartesian query which is joining 3 items  more...
Sat 2/3
Microsoft Access ForumCombo box Search by Naser A: As per Beginners' Level 8, Lesson 6 I have created a Combo box to search a particular record in the header but while run the Form nothing appears on the top. Please help. Reply from Alex Hedley: Is there and AfterUpdate event on the combobox?
Fri 2/2
Microsoft Access ForumImporting HTML table by Janet G: I'm wondering if it's possible to import an entire table from a website that one must scroll thru to view it within the webpage itself (much like this box I'm typing in). So far Access will only import 49 rows of a > 1500 row table. Reply from Alex Hedley: Does it give any errors?
Fri 2/2
Access Tip: Salary HistoryAccess Tip Salary History by Carolyn L: Thank you.
Fri 2/2
Access Tip: Salary HistoryAccess Tip Salary History by Chris B: Good to hear you again, buddy. Regards Chris
Tue 1/30
Microsoft Access ForumSMTP email generates ATT00001 bin by Jean-Pierre G: Hi, I use the SMTP email to mass emailing. Each email has 4 attachments but a 5th one is generated. The name of the file is ATT00001.bin. Any idea of the cause of the problem? Thanks, JP Reply from Alex Hedley: Is this not the exchange causing the problem?
Fri 1/26
Microsoft Excel ForumEmail Data Collection by Sandra M: Since Access stopped having email data collection, I tried using Google forms to collect our school's students schedule. The forms work very well to ask and collect the data, but I am having a hard time importing the data into my Access database tables. Though Google forms provides a spreadsheet with the data, I can't match the  more...
Thu 1/25
Microsoft Access ForumMailmrege run from a macro by Richard S: Hi folks, Is it possible to run a Mail Merge by way of a macro ? The Mail Merge based on a Query and works just fine, but would like to execute same from a Macro or Command Button. Thoughts ? Hope all is well & till later, Rick S. San Antonio, TX
Thu 1/25
Access SQL Seminar Part 2Remote copy for data entry by Adonis Briceno: Richard,.... On you lesson 23-1, "Remote copy for data entry", you said that to explain how to edit remotely a database so the changes can bu uploaded and updated to the main server-database required programming (minute 2:38 to 3)... on which video you explain this process?
Thu 1/25
Back in the SaddleData Replication by Adonis B: Hello Alex Hedley... I saw to my previous comment you answered with AccessExpert 23, but in that very lesson Richard explains at minute 2:30 onward he talked about the remote editing of data, on remote databases, for these data to then be uploaded and updated to the main/server database, you said that it required programming therefore was a subject  more...
Wed 1/24
Microsoft Access ForumMicrosoft Access Forum by Susan W: I think I know what I did wrong, thanks. Reply from Alex Hedley: What was it?
Tue 1/23
Access Database Security SeminarSplit database by Travis Butler: Alex, The issue is the Make Table and Append Queries. In the wizard, I designated the location of the back end. How can I designate that location with VBA, SQL or Macro? On my AdminF, I can select via a table which BE to link-Primary or Alternate (for on the road laptop). The make table and append queries transfer the on the road changes to the  more...
Tue 1/23
Microsoft Access ForumLeaving Dirty Record in Expert 22 macro by Richard S: I noticed that each record added by the cool macro presented in Expert 22 (Lesson 3) left a "Dirty Record". In the lesson, Rick would move to another record to resolve the "Dirty" condition. What would be the best way to have the Macro do this automatically ? I really enjoy the lessons... much  more...

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