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Tue 2/20
Microsoft Access ForumConvention by Dennis O: I appreciate your help with my questions, however, your answer does not answer my question. I must be asking the wrong questions. That being said, your answer may work on another idea I was going to work on after I fix this question. Let s see if I can make it clearer. Form 1 Members information. Form 2 Registration to convention. Let s say that in 2016  more...
Mon 2/19
Microsoft Access ForumCopy Macro by Barry B: In lesson 3 of Expert 22 it covers placing the combo box in the form footer and then using a button with a macro to send the information from the combo box to the fields in the form. I have a situation were I need to do just that and I have followed the instructions but it will not work in the database I am building. No error of any kind, it just does nothing. It  more...
Mon 2/19
Microsoft Access ForumFilter by Jonathan T: Hey guys I'm stumped! I'm slowly but surely building my database and i've reached a point of no return and now I've got a serious issue! My form all of a sudden is only displaying 35 out of the over 240 entires in the table! Please help me fix this. I'm wanting to show itto the board of directors tomorrow but can't if it won't work!! Reply from Alex Hedley:  more...
Sun 2/18
Microsoft Access ForumMicrosoft Access Forum by Carolyn L: I am on Beginner Level 6. I am trying to use the input mask for SS#. I chose that from the drop down menu and clicked next, next and finally finish. On the last screen, I chose to show the dashes but when I go to input the SS# in the SSN field it gives me a message that the field is too small to accept the amount of data you attempted  more...
Sun 2/18
Microsoft Access Forumparameter query by Roderick K: thanks - had to use to "OR" parameter. Reply from Alex Hedley: Sorry, I didn't mean and as AND in a Query, I meant having two, bad use of words!
Sun 2/18
Microsoft Access ForumMicrosoft Access Forum by Susan W: Thank you.
Sat 2/17
Microsoft Access Forumparameter query by Roderick K: beginner lesson 5 parameter query. Is the a way to enter two parameters. Like "NY" and "OH"? Reply from Alex Hedley: You could create two inputs [Input1] and [Input2]
Fri 2/16
Microsoft Access ForumExporting with format by Virginia M: thank you for your reply, but I found out the problem. Perhaps this was wrong to do but I created one Invoice and from that I copied to create Deposit Invoice and Grooming Invoice (of course I changed what needed to change) however there was a misspelling in one of the field names and as soon as I corrected the misspelling it is  more...
Wed 2/14
Microsoft Access Developer 4Microsoft Access Developer 4 by Kenny N: Thanks so much for the tip on the Dim statement! I never realized I was inadvertently dimming my variables as variants because I was not writing out my variable types individually. That explains some mysterious error messages I have been getting when trying to pass variables to subs and functions!
Tue 2/13
Microsoft Access ForumLaunchCD function by Joni M: I am also having problems using this function ever since I switched to Office 365. Reply from Alex Hedley: What issue are you getting?
Tue 2/13
Access Imaging SeminarLaunchCD VB by Joni M: I believe the last part should read "LaunchCD = Trim(... not rim
Sun 2/11
Microsoft Access 321321 Sample by Kim Beaul: I can not download the sample files - the password I am using doesn't work. I am using the password from My Courses Page Access 321 Dynamic List Boxes, Multi-Select Reply from Alex Hedley: The download page states "The password is the same as the INSTALLATION PASSWORD for the  more...
Sat 2/10
Microsoft Access 320For access 2013 2016 and Office 365 which version by Gioia Heiser: For access 2013, 2016 and Office 365 which version DAO library should we use? Reply from Alex Hedley: Which versions do you have available?
Sat 2/10
Access Split Database SeminarAccess Split Database Seminar by Joya: I am also interested in this.[See below] Currently I split a database and about 5 employees are using the one FE.accde file. We haven't had any issues, but let me know if you are aware of any. Did you ever make this seminar? That might work better for me. THANKS! The mini seminar you mentioned here:[However, if you have the  more...
Fri 2/9
Microsoft Access ForumMicrosoft Access mdb by FRED TARNELL: I am 75 yrs old. I have been semi retired for over 10 yrs. I want to get up to date on Access 16. I have a .mdb that I can email someone. I tried opening and converting according to MS. No luck. I want to pay someone to open and convert to MS Access 16. Reply from Alex Hedley: Try creating a blank new db in 2016 so an  more...
Tue 2/6
Microsoft Access ForumConvention by Dennis O: I am not sure if I have a cartesian query which is joining 3 items per attendee, one for each year? However, I did notice that I have a "copy of MemberF" I no longer use this one but I added more to this page that I am using. If I delete this copy could that be the answer to the multiple entries? If the member was at the 2016, 2017, 2018 convention it is listed  more...
Tue 2/6
Microsoft Access ForumConvention by Dennis O: This is what I found out. The new entry is in the "MemberT". The new entry is also listed on the "MemberListF". The Record Source is "MemberSortedQ". When I open the Master Roster (Main Menu)and select the new entry, it opens to a blank form with a (New) Member ID.If I fill this form again, it will set up a new ID. Will list it on the Main Menu Master List but  more...
Tue 2/6
Microsoft Access ForumRandom Seed value by Richard S: In Expert 26 on the Random number lesson, is there any reason to not use the RND() function as the seed ? Something like Rnd(rnd()) ? Thoughts ? Till later, Rick S. San Antonio, TX
Mon 2/5
Back in the SaddleData Replication by Adonis B: Yes, offline usage is necessary due to the amount of queries that run within the application to access the data. Some forms-reports take longer than a minute in running all the queries before actually displaying something if all the tables are online (ODBC SQL server). Because of the number of queries on the database, user will have to work with this  more...
Sun 2/4
Back in the SaddleDeveloper 4 by Mac W: Waiting on Developer 4 Reply from Alex Hedley: It's been released. See the outline.

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