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-Nelson Mandela
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Wed 12/6
Back in the SaddleBack in the Saddle by satish n: Please Complete Asset Management Seminar Reply from Alex Hedley: What items did you want covered? - Asset Management Seminar - Student Interaction
Tue 12/5
Access Open Other Programs SeminarThis ShellExec method is not working on my end for by Juan Diaz: This ShellExec method is not working on my end for pdf files. Reply from Alex Hedley: If you double click on a PDF what app opens? If you check in Control Panel what is the default program to open PDFs?
Sat 12/2
Microsoft Access ForumSQL Select Statement with Access VBA by Brad J: I'm attempting a simple SQL select query and would like to initiate it by running the VBA DoCmd.RunSQL command, but after trying a variety of different approaches, it appears that VBA SQL does not support the Select command. Is this the case? Reply from Alex Hedley: RunSQL expects an ACTION to be  more...
Thu 11/30
Back in the SaddleBack in the Saddle by Brandon J: I am all in favor of this! It would be nice to learn how to use crosstab queries in more advanced ways and learn how to build reports completely in VBA so a crosstab query can be used as the reports record source and be updateable.
Thu 11/30
Back in the SaddleBack in the Saddle by Richard R: Seminar idea: a solution for pivot tables and charts since they've been removed from Access 2016
Thu 11/30
Back in the SaddleBack in the Saddle by Richard R: Seminar idea: updating user FRONT-END database files automatically on database start.
Wed 11/29
Microsoft Access ForumCombo Box Updating One Record of Source Table by Jackie M: The field is unbound. The selection in the combo box populates 4 additional fields on the form from a single table. I am setting up a customer form to select a customer to be used when the contact button is selected. Much like the example provided in the tutorial. I have stepped through the  more...
Wed 11/29
Microsoft Excel ForumMove Row by Toine v: A have a schedule for my employs and when this work is done a put a value in een cel saying it is done. Then a want to move the whole row to a second sheet. All the others rows under this one will move up one row. Can this be done? Reply from Alex Hedley: How about trying this with the Macro Recorder, then you can look at what code is produced and amend  more...
Tue 11/28
Microsoft Access ForumSQL Query Creation by Brandon J: Hello sir, I have the following statement: CREATE VIEW PartNumberQ (PartNumber) AS SELECT PartNumber FROM PartNumberT I keep getting the 3290 error when I try to run this code. Is there something wrong with this syntax? I can use CREATE TABLE without issue. Thank you, sir. Reply from Alex Hedley: Access doesn't  more...
Tue 11/28
Microsoft Access ForumParking Citations by Carl W: I having a hard time building a data base that will house Parking citations. I want to be able to see how many citations each employee has. Can you point me in the right direction. Reply from Alex Hedley: Which courses have you taken? What have your tried so far? more...
Tue 11/28
Microsoft Access ForumYes No field auto filled by Karen R: I've listened to the free tutorial for AfterUpdate and it's really helpful. It doesn't cover how to make it work for a Yes/No check box though. My combo box is WorkTypeID and when Safety Check or Vehicle Service are selected, I want the Yes/No box for ServiceSheet to be automatically ticked. In after update for WorkTypeID and  more...
Mon 11/27
Microsoft Access ForumValidation rule Access by Phill I: Thanks Alex for the advise cheers Phill
Mon 11/27
Microsoft Access ForumCalendar by Masih O: Hi! I want to make a report with only seven list boxes to display 7 days of the week. Do I have to change the codes or is it enough to make a weekly form first and then a report from that? Do you have any addendum to the weekly calendar? Regards Masih Ostad Reply from Alex Hedley: Just add 7 boxes instead of the full month, just get the data for the  more...
Mon 11/27
Microsoft Access ForumOpening a Blank Record by Karen Rolstone: Hi Alex, Can you kindly elaborate. I already use on open as a default for my Main Menu and don't want to alter that. I've looked online and just can't work out what to do. Many thanks. Reply from Alex Hedley: If it's on open it will always do it, swap that code to the buttons on the other forms you wish to open a new  more...
Sun 11/26
Microsoft Access ForumSearch not exactly but close by Otto: I understand that this works for characters. But how could I search for numbers that are close but not exact? Reply from Alex Hedley: Do you have examples
Sat 11/25
Microsoft Access ForumAccess Pivot Tables by Brandon J: I believe what you're saying is use either a table or query to get the necessary data from Access, then export that to Excel and have it perform the Pivot Table analysis? I'm trying to produce a scrap part matrix for a manufacturing facility. I tried using a crosstab query in Access, which works fairly well, but it does not give totals on  more...
Fri 11/24
Microsoft Access ForumAccess Pivot Tables by Brandon J: Hello sir, I believe these were removed in Office 2013. That being said, have they been completely removed? Can one be programmatically built? If not, what would be an alternative method that would replicate a pivot table in Access? Thank you sir, Brandon Jackson Reply from Alex Hedley: You could use Access as a  more...
Fri 11/24
Microsoft Access ForumValidation rule Access by Phill I: Yes it's a custom form that pops up after a double click, similar to a calculator. This data base has two options for entries. Option one via keyboard option two via the pop up . Reply from Alex Hedley: So the value you input is then passed back to the form so it isn't bound to the Table and the validation. You'll likely have to  more...
Thu 11/23
Microsoft Access ForumYes No field auto filled by Karen R: Hi, Just wondered if it is possible to autofill a yes/no field on a form based on the results of a combobox? I thought maybe an IFF condition in my query? Many thanks. Reply from Alex Hedley: You could use an AfterUpdate.
Thu 11/23
Microsoft Access ForumOpening a Blank Record by Karen R: This worked perfectly. However, when I built a new form(LicensingInspectionsListF) based on an aggregate query to view all records from the data in my original form (LicensingInspectionsF) the command button to open a selected record, now defaults to a blank record on LicensingInspectionsF. If I set the data entry property back to Yes on  more...

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